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  1. went off plan...have to start over

    Good for you for making it 2 weeks and for committing to start over right away! When I did my first Whole 30, the 3rd week was the hardest for me and I craved sugar...so I can relate. The temptation can be very challenging. Keep at it because it gets easier the long you do it.
  2. Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    My grocery bill was getting out of control so I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and started making connections with local farmers through the CSA and farmers market. My CSA has shares that range from single up to large family and they deliver to the local farmers market. Localharvest.org is a great way to find farmers and CSAs in your area or simply ask around at the farmers market. Be sure to ask a lot of questions because some farms are not certified organic because they want to be able to treat their animals if they become sick but they don't give antibiotics routinely, other farmers just don't want to deal with the hassle of becoming certified. By asking around you may be able to find grass fed meat that is almost as good as certified organic. I was able to find eggs for $1.50 a dozen simply by stopping by a local farm and talking to the family. I know the eggs are free range because I often have to stop because the chickens are in the road. I also saw on a blog that one person was able to find some local eggs on Craigslist. Now that the weather is better, I'm going to start to grow herbs in a planter box. I'm challenged when it comes to growing plants but I figure it's worth a shot!
  3. Mouth Blisters!!!

    My mom has blisters in the mouth when she was going through chemo and she used a rinse of water and hydrogen peroxide (half and half) and the blisters went away quickly and it helped relieve the pain. My acne flared up too as soon as I completed my Whole 30. I'm pretty sure it was due to corn but it's tough to say with acne because it can take a day or two before I break out. (It could also be from almond flour since I used that in a recipe.) The good thing is with 4-5 days of eating Whole 30 approved foods my acne is gone again. I'm going to separate the two potential causes to try to figure it out. Don't be too hard on yourself, just eat approved foods until you feel better and then reintroduce foods one at a time.
  4. When I react to wine, it's usually happen fairly quickly but I haven't had wine in years because of my reaction. Pollen is just becoming an issue in my area since it was snowing here on Saturday. I hadn't thought of that since I usually have only mild seasonal allergies, if any. Monday was the first nice day in a while so it's most likely pollen. I plan to avoid sulfites just in case. Thanks for your help!
  5. I don't know if it's a coincidence but I developed laryngitis after I accidentally reintroduced sulfites. I know that I'm allergic to sulfites and I have had problems with them in the past. I had a sever reaction to a sulfa based drug and I've had problems ever since. I can't drink a class of wine without having an allergic reaction but I was able to tolerate small amounts in salad dressings. I finished my Whole 30 last Tuesday and started to reintroduce foods. I started with sugar, through dark chocolate and honey, and corn, through corn chips. I didn't have any problems with either and I still haven't tried dairy or gluten-not sure if I even want to. On Saturday I went out to eat and ordered a salad with free range turkey and the house dressing. I asked if the house dressing was made on premise and I was told “yesâ€. I guess I should have been more specific because it is made using a base of manufactured vinaigrette, which contains sulfites. The next day I woke up with my eyes swollen, itchy throat, similar to an allergic reaction and I felt crappy all day. It wasn't until Monday that I started to lose my voice and I now have full blown laryngitis. Is it possible that this was caused by an allergic reaction to sulfites or is it just a coincidence?
  6. Eye twitch!!

    I've had the same problem in the past. I second the magnesium recommendation, it seems to help me. In fact that's how I know when I need to take a supplement (that and feeling shaky). I also found that stress aggravates the twitching too, so try to take mini relaxation breaks throughout the day. I would recommend a low dose of magnesium to start. Higher does can cause loose stool.
  7. Hi Nico, I haven't eaten out since starting the program but I rarely eat out. It's usually just when I'm traveling. I prefer to eat at home so I know how my food is prepared and where it coming from. I have been researching different restaurants near were I usually travel and I've been looking over their menus for different allergens to see what is safe. I agree with you though...I'm probably just worried about nothing. I'm sure it will be much easier after the first time. Maybe I'll head to my favorite restaurant in my area (the only one I eat at) for a test run. All the food there is made from scratch and they raise their own livestock and poultry, which is free range and organic. I'm sure I can find something there that fits the program. Thanks for the great advice. LouLou
  8. Thankyou everyone for all the advice. I'm going to stick it out and hope for the best. I already know dairy is out but I still worry about gluten because that seems to be in so many things. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens in few weeks.
  9. I'm on day 15 and I'm getting nervous about the reintroduction phase, so nervous that I'm actually thinking about quitting and not completing the whole 30 days. I love the principles of the program and I believe I will stick to that but I'm worried about stomach issues later when I reintroduce foods after not eating them for so long. Here's some background info: I decided to do a “practice†week before and ease into the program, so many things I haven't eaten 21 days. I started the whole 30 for health reasons only. I have hypothyroidism and mitral valve prolapse so I was tired all the time. I don't have any weight to lose and I don't have any issues with cravings (of course I get cravings but I can ignore them). I have always eaten healthy and I exercise 5 days a week both cardio and strength training. I have a lot more energy since starting the program, which I'm loving and I don't really want to quit. Funny, I started this venture because I was sick of being sick all winter (including 2 stomach viruses) and now I'm worried about getting sick due to reintroducing foods. I can't stand stomach issues! I've read that many people have serious gastrointestinal issues when they reintroduce dairy and gluten. I already know that dairy does not agree with me and I eliminated most dairy years ago, along with soy and sulfites for other health reasons. I'm really nervous about gluten. I don't plan on eating gluten on a regular basis but I also don't want to worry about gluten being in sauces and other things on the rare occasions when I eat out (usually just when traveling and definitely a bad time to have stomach issues). I'm so nervous about it that I'm thinking about keeping a little gluten in my diet just so I won't have celiac-like symptoms later. I do have a little gluten (bread) weekly at communion and I haven't hand any negative side effects from that. My church doesn't have a gluten free wafer. Anyone have any advice for me? I'd love to hear from those who have had successful reintroductions of food because most of what I've read has been horror stories.