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  1. Jinkse21

    Whole 30 and Arthritis

    Following Whole30 is not a cure for arthritis although some people have said it has helped them. When I did my first Whole30, I had less flare-ups but I still had them. But, I was also eating nightshades. People who have found relief may have decreased or omitted nightshades unintentionally. This time around, I have noticed my flare-ups lessen when I don't eat them. If you want more info about nightshades, google Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) or go to http://www.thepaleomom.com/autoimmunity/the-autoimmune-protocol for more info on how nightshades can affect your immune system.
  2. Jinkse21

    Boar's Head Everroast Chicken

    Boar's Head does have an All Natural line of products but the only one that I found to be compliant is the Roast Beef. Whatever you do, don't ask the deli person if there is any sugar in a product. More than likely, they will look at the nutritional information and see "0" for Sugars and say, "No." They will not look at the ingredients unless you tell them specifically.
  3. Jinkse21

    Starbucks caramel brewed coffee

    just my opinion, but if "Caramel" is in the name of the product, I would stay away....wouldn't even bother with the ingredients.
  4. Jinkse21

    Nomato sauce

    That sounds delish Vian! Did you make it or buy it?
  5. If you like toasted nori seaweed, you can cut them up into squares to use as "taco" shells to hold everything....I just call them sushi tacos!
  6. Jinkse21

    Opo Squash

    I picked up Opo Squash this weekend at the store since I had never seen it before...wanted to try something new! Has anyone ever cooked it? I saw some recipes for soups and stir-frys that looked good but wanted to get feedback on the texture and flavor.
  7. Jinkse21

    Sugar Dragon help

    Can you post your meals on a typical day so maybe a moderator or a seasoned Whole30-er can see where/if adjustments need to be made? What you are eating, not just how much, cna make a difference.
  8. Labels that say the food is manufactured/packaged in factories with other products like peanuts, wheat, etc. are legal disclaimers that especially affect people who are highly sensitive to those products. As long as the ingredients do not list the forbidden items, you are fine.
  9. Jinkse21

    Well Fed 1 or 2?

    I agree with jent103. A lot of the Well Fed recipes are on her site. Well Fed 2 is great, especially the banger, balls, and burgers section!
  10. Jinkse21

    Pasta sauce

    I found that I LOVE chili over roasted sweet potato, either cubed or mashed, instead of spaghetti squash! So yummy! Have you tried Well Fed's Chocolate Chili? If you haven't, you should!
  11. Jinkse21

    How much tea can I have during whole9?

    Also make sure "soy lecithin" is not listed in the ingredients as well. It's hidden in a lot of things including some green teas!
  12. Jinkse21

    September 8th, anyone?

    Hi all! Just started my second Whole30 today! My first one was last year in April and I loved it! A lot of the good habits stuck with me...at least until the beginning of this summer when I started traveling more than usual. Needless to say, I have lots to work on to get back to my happy place! So excited to see so many new faces!
  13. Jinkse21

    Whole30 Instagram Accounts

    I just startedmy second REAL Whole30 today! By real, I mean that I am not just pretending to be on it for a few days then go back to SAD "reality"! My instragram handle is Jirky_30. Once I figure out how to use the app to put my thress meals in one pic, I'll be posting food porn daily!
  14. Jinkse21

    Too much food..?

    I agree with the posts above! But also, you're only on day 3 so your mindset hasn't gotten rid of the "eat low-fat to lose weight" and "3 smaller meals plus 2 snacks" way of thinking. These have been engrained in us for decades! Follow the template and have faith in the program. Focus on the physical and mental changes that occur during the next 27 days...log your daily progress so you can reflect later and notice the positive changes. Enjoy this journey and eat fat! ;-)
  15. Jinkse21

    Ingredients in coconut milk...

    Do you have any Asian or Indian markets near you? If so, check them out. You can find coconut milk and other products a lot cheaper than in the regular markets...at least that's the case in the US.