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    Emma got a reaction from Angelia in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    It's SO nice. Super YAY US!
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    Emma reacted to Amura in Setting personal guidelines for my food freedom   
    I'm feeling better now. These periods are weird because I feel awful during the no-bleeding days but then I feel ok during the bleeding days. 
    I'm hoping this goes back to normal at any point, hopefully when my body adjusts to this new eating plan of mine. (Otherwise I'll start thinking I'm doing something wrong here.)
    And, yeah, it's crazy!
    During my Whole30 I was on autopilot - I can eat this but not that - but thinking about every single food choice is exhausting.
    Intentional eating feels good though.
    For example, today I was eating out with my family and my parents insisted I should order a dessert. I said no, but not because I'm following a plan or because some book set those rules - I said no because I decided not to eat dessert. And that felt great.
    I'm not completely sure about the brownie. When you are clean and properly testing you may be quite sure of what caused a reaction, but this was not the case so I may very well be making everything up.
    Actually yesterday I had empanada for dinner, which is a bread-like dough filled with ingredientes (in this case: onion, meat and pepper) and I did not feel bad afterwards, so it seems that wheat is ruled out.
    Could sugar be the cause? Maybe not the sole cause, but combined with flour and dairy... Could be.
    But also could be me looking for further proof that I must remove sugar from my diet, which is something I'm glad to say I'm achieving - and that was all thanks to the Whole30.
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    Emma reacted to Angelia in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Oh my gosh, isn't this wonderful??!!  I was fishing last week at my parents' farm and caught a nice fish.  I held it up and my fella took my picture with his phone.  I assumed it was just upper torso, head and fish, but when he sent it to me, it was a full body shot - AND I LOOKED GOOD!!  I wasn't posing or sucking anything in, and I still looked good!!  It is so nice not to fret over my appearance constantly.  I just look normal!  And life is just generally easier when my mental real estate isn't constantly battling self esteem issues.  It's just such a huge relief.  YAY US!! 
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    Emma reacted to Amura in Setting personal guidelines for my food freedom   
    First week.
    And it was hard, harder than the Whole30 to be honest.
    I even can say I "failed" once.
    I was at my workplace, in the lounge area doing some work during our break. It's a very small place so there is only one table (8 seats) so when one of my colleagues brought a freshly baked brownie with nuts and put it on the table - right in front of me - it was too big a temptation,
    Leaving and locking myself in the toilet seemed a bit too harsh, so I stayed there smelling the fragant handmade brownie. I tried to be strong but in the end I could not help eating a piece.
    I tried not to bee too hard on myself, one may learn from every experience, but I must confess it made me think a lot.
    I think I should be more strict about what's to be considered an special ocassion. If everything is special then nothing is.
    Even more because I felt unwell the day after.
    It was not a proper testing because I ate other non-compliant foods that day but the sweet treat was a likely culprit. Which would be news for me because nothing else gave me any reaction.
    The brownie had, of course, flour and sugar. I've tried sugar in a cheesecake I made for my husband's birthday, but because I usually use less sugar than recipes call for it. Also I'm eating small amounts of bread, but really small ones.
    Things to keep an eye on anyway.
    But it could have been something else to be honest. My period for example.
    I started to feel tired the day after, just as I felt during my last period (back then I thought it was the I-need-a-nap phase, but it seems it was just my period).
    So once again my period is being weird. I'm just having this general discomfort but no proper bleeding (I did not even need a panty liner, but when I cleaned myself I always found traces of blood in there), same as happened then.
    Last month I had only three days of proper bleeding as if the hardly-noticeable one also counted towards the total days. I'm wondering if it will be the same this month.
    In any case I'm feeling like shit. I do.
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    Emma reacted to bumblebeebottle in It All Starts with Food   
    I don't know what is going on with me but I find this journal totally unfinished. It has been 8 months of going back and forth between hating diets and never wanting to do them again, to trying to do very restrictive diets. This cycle goes around and around. At times I think I need therapy, but what's interesting is even though I'm no smaller than I was in February of this year, I am so much stronger. I love my body! Except when it's photographed but that's another story. I'm so much clearer on how I want to live my life. I just have this terrible time with executing. My future self would complete a whole 30 and re-intro properly and if there are no food sensitivities I would work really hard on my relationship with food and my body, probably for the rest of my life. If there happen to be food sensitivities, then I would have the knowledge and it would be up to me to avoid those foods in order to feel my best most of the time. 
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    Emma reacted to bumblebeebottle in It All Starts with Food   
    I really didn't know how to label this journal, I just threw something up there and not really sure if it means anything. I am a whole30 believer, starting back in 2015, but I didn't do it 100% correctly, I just followed food rules, so in fact I've never seen through a whole30 utilizing the template and hunger cues. Even still, I felt so amazing back then. The problem was that doing the whole30 this way, I was still fixated on the scale. When I was in my paleo glory, I got to around 153 lb and was pretty lean and I have to say in retrospect that is where my body thrives (I am 5'9"). I got caught up in chasing 145, and started messing with everything, ignoring my ideals and made everything about weight loss, and thus now am back where I started because it led to binging behavior.  I never got my food freedom and I eventually ended up gaining all the weight I lost. I'm still a healthy weight, but my moods are finicky, my hunger is substantial and I'm just not feeling  well. I am only up around 11 pounds. 
    Two months ago today I lost my mother to breast cancer. This loss is actually the motivation of my journal because I want to track my thoughts in an online format and I love the format of the W30 forums. I prefer this format over pen and paper because it is easy to look back through past entries, and the writing itself isn't tiring. My mother's story of cancer lasted almost 3 years, and she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in Sept 2015 when I was in my paleo/post-whole30 glory. My mother got through an intense round of chemo and in Feb of 2016 turned the corner and lived her "best life" from 2/2016 to around 10/2017. She had a few hiccups along the way, but her cancer was stable. In October 2017, right around Halloween, the cancer spread to and fractured her leg, which disrupted her treatment. She had setback after setback, and the cancer  spread to her brain. On Memorial Day weekend of 2018 she had brain surgery, and after that she was never the same. I feel like that is the point where I lost my best friend. We used to chat and text all day every day. It stopped then and never came back. She wasn't the same, but if you asked me if I thought she'd be gone in 2 months I wouldn't have thought so. I thought she had a year left. By the time of our family vacation in July, the complications were mounting and the cancer had spread to her liver. She and my dad fought to get her out of the hospital to vacation and they did, but at that point I knew it would be her last vacation. If you had told me she had a month left to live I wouldn't have believed you, even though I saw the life fading and the hope disappearing. Every time I saw her she would look worse, and it was no surprise to me when she was hospitalized on 8/24... even then I thought she had months to live and didn't know she would be gone forever on 8/30. I never understood that someone dying in peace after a battle with cancer really meant that they battled and struggled until their breathing stopped and it is only then that they find their peace. 
    I live close to my parents and was lucky to be able help my dad with caring for her, especially during this past year, and be present with them in the hospital during her last days. My two older brothers were there with us too. I regret that I didn't push my mother to have difficult conversations back last winter when things were shifting but we still had hope at that point, and we had time, and while saying things would have been hard, it would have fueled meaningful moments in the months following and maybe would have left her open to saying things in her last weeks. I don't feel like I had something special to say to her. I know that she loved me and I know she knew that I loved her. I know that she loved and trusted my husband and that she adores my children.  I am quite certain I am the person she was least worried about in her passing. I just feel lost now and I wish I knew what she wanted and hoped for me (and my dad and brothers) after she had to go.
    I am struggling with my identity. Before October of 2017, I relied heavily on my mother for helping with childcare and transporting my kids. People often commented to me about how they didn't know how I do it all, since I work full time and manage to have my 3 kids involved in activities and I take care of most things in the home. I have been lucky in my job in that it's been flexible - I work from home a lot, and I have caring leadership.  I have been there for 12 years and with that I have a bank of personal time I can use, and I do use it easily which gives me additional flexibility. Every time someone commented, I knew I was only able to "do it all" because I wasn't doing it all, at all. I had my mother's strong support in addition to my very supportive and loving husband and wonderful and supportive friends. Now I am left trying to do it all, and really falling short. Part of it is because I have too much on my plate. Part of it is because I am grieving, but not terribly so in a way that I can't go on with my day to day life. My days are still filled with smiles and wonderful moments with my children. And a BIG part of it is that generally don't feel well or energetic. I don't get anything productive done during the weekend, then I'm behind for the week, and then I never have the energy to get back on track so I'm feeling behind, overwhelmed and in chaos. I got behind at work during bereavement, and because I'm not truly motivated I can't get back on track to get ahead. I just do enough to get by. My career woes are for another journal entry, but out of the 2 months since my mom has passed, I just don't see a way for me to continue to work and also be the mother/daughter/wife/aunt/friend I want to be. My job is so reliant on personal/independent motivation, direction and accountability. I am struggling to find those qualities that used to define me. They just aren't there right now and it's confusing and disappointing. At the same time, I can't imagine giving up my job, which has intangible benefits I strongly doubt I could match anywhere else. It feels silly to go from working mom to stay at home mom when my youngest is 4 and in preschool full time. It feels silly to leave a job with no plan of what to do next or any idea of what I want to do, other than focus on home and family. It feels silly to leave a company that I have built 12 years of trust with. 
    While I know I am dealing with significant loss, my diet over the past 3 months has gone from generally low carb and mostly paleo to tons of beans, grains, fruit, increased consumption of alcohol (up to 4 nights a week of 1-3 drinks). I would consider this SAD plus in that it's probably what a lot of SAD eating people would consider healthy, even the alcohol. I thought I was experiencing hangovers, but when I wake up I feel dehydrated and hungover even when I don't drink. I've also been managing TMJ pain caused by a displaced jaw disc, and since my mother's death and my changing food choices, my jaw has been telling me something is wrong.  I'm guessing the main culprits are sugar and grains.
    Since the end of September I've been counting calories. When I say counting calories, I mean counting my meals, but then not sticking with it because I'm hungry and need snacks. It has had no effect on how much I weigh, which is good data for me to have. I am hungry so much it makes sticking to small portions very hard. I keep craving toast. I decided over this past weekend that I can't keep kidding myself that I can do moderation because it has such a gigantic effect on my hunger. So as of yesterday, I decided to nix the grains and sugar (including fruit) for now - with no expectation of stringing together a perfect 30. I have my anniversary, holidays and a Disney trip all lining up about every other week for the next 10 weeks. I certainly don't need the expectation of perfection to get in the way of progress. I am putting faith in that maybe this 80/20 lifestyle when done right is enough for me, at least in this season of my life. I also think monitoring my behavior (any binges, food guilt, etc), appetite, mood over the next 10 weeks will let me know if I do in fact need a complete whole30 to truly reset my appetite and patterns.
    So to sum up where I am at: I am 164 and while it's a pretty healthy weight for me... I have a fair amount of belly fat, my energy sucks and my mood is all over the place. I'm hungry. I'm low, I'm not engaged in my work. I want to watch a lot of TV. I am grieving, but not in what I think is in an unhealthy way. I want to move forward in making good choices rather than push it off until I can commit to a complete whole30. I am willing to be kind to myself and forgiving during this process. I want to be accountable and I want to set achievable goals. I have so many WHYs for adhering to this lifestyle. I have so many reasons to pursuit my bets health. I know it starts with food.
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    Emma reacted to Amura in Setting personal guidelines for my food freedom   
    One of the things I've learned in my Whole30 is that clear boundaries work very well with me. 
    Because I acquired some compromises, it was quite easy to say NO to things that I would usually struggle with (such as sweet treats).
    That's why I decided to create my own guidelines to help me in my food freedom. This guidelines are just that, guidelines, so in special ocassions I may
    go a little stray - but within reason.
    Just note that they are not Whole30-ish!
    Breakfast This was a game changer.
    I've always been a breakfast person, but never bothered to cook much for breakfast. Now I know my breakfasts were lacking something.
    But a whole breakfast - protein, veggies and fat - allows me to go through the morning without feeling hungry at all, hence not snacking on the not-so-
    healthy options avaliable at work.
    GUIDELINE #1: Prepping ahead a full plate of compliant breakfast, according to template.
    Veggies The other really important nutritional fact I've learned: quite a bit of veggies in every other meal is not enough veggies. At all.
    I was not eating veggies at breafast, just a bit of them at lunch, only really focusing on them at dinner. That had to change.
    GUIDELINE #2: Half a plate of veggies in each meal. No excuses.
    Legumes Legumes are a vegetable source of protein, which often led me to think of them as equivalent to veggies. They are not.
    It does not make sense to add more protein - which is what I typically do. Instead, I should be adding lots of veggies to my lentils/chickpeas/beans stews
    - but I prefer them in much smaller amounts.
    I have a plan though.
    GUIDELINE #3: Have a side dish (full of veggies) to complement legume stews.
    Rice, pasta and similar grains The way I cook them, rice and pasta are pretty much the same kind of dish.
    They do not offer as much protein as legumes, but they are definetely not short on energy and they are neither fat nor veggies, so I think I ought to
    regard them in a similar way.
    Also they tend to go with protein, sometimes dairy. 
    GUIDELINE #4: Add plenty of veggies to my rice/pasta dishes, and/or have a side dish of veggies.
    Also I'm setting a limit of up to one meal a week with these ingredientes, because even if I add veggies I'll be skipping on protein.
    Bread I bake our own bread. We don't eat a lot, so a piece will last about a week.
    We eat other bread-like dishes (pizza, empanada, sandwich) quite occassionally, so I'm not gonna worry about this one detail much.
    GUIDELINE #5: Consume bread on a bare minimum basis, the smaller amount possible.
    Dairy I use milk/cream in sauces. I eat yoghurt as desert. I may eat a small piece of cheese.
    It's never a lot, but it probably adds up. Specially if that means I would not eat as much proper food.
    GUIDELINE #6: Keep creamy sauces to a minimum, watch out the serving size.
    Eat yoghurt and cheese only occasionally.
    Sugar I'm not adding sugar to my tea anymore and that makes me feel proud of myself.
    I'm also not giving up to treats that I'm being offered.
    GUIDELINE #7: Limit sweet treats to special ocassions. Even in those cases, prioritize homemade ones.
    I'll be following these guidelines (and tweak them any further if I learn anything else) and will use this thread for accountability.
    Just some data input for future reference:
    My weight on day 0 was 89.5 kg, My weight on day 31 was 85.7 kg (almost 4 kg down!) My weight two weeks later (after reintroduction) was 84.3 kg (so I lost 1.4 kg more) I plan to weight myself once a month or so, to monitorize whether this approach works fine or not.
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    Emma reacted to lisalee0 in September Whole30 Win   
    Hi Whole30 Community!  I'm not a frequent poster, but I just have to share that this, my 4th Whole30, has introduced me to the amazingness of creating compliant food bonuses?  Yeah, food bonuses is the best way to describe them.  I have completed all of my previous W30s without going out of my way to make "extras" like compound butter or sauces.  However, in this W30, I have continued to make my staple meals, but have been making food bonuses to go with.  This week, I made a compound butter to add to my butternut squash soup.  Next level!  I've made Bang Bang sauce to just keep in the fridge and put on everything.  Amazing!  Today, I made nom nom paleo's Magic Mushroom seasoning.  I'LL NEVER LIVE WITHOUT IT!  I feel like I've reached a whole new level of Whole30 expert and I also realize how key this is to making my food freedom so much extra.  If you've taken the time to read, thanks!  Let me know what your favorite food bonuses are.
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    Emma got a reaction from Angelia in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Good luck with that!!!  I love good bad tv and I have had my share of late nights when I shouldn't! Thankfully, I can't watch tv while putting the kids to bed or I'd be in real trouble.
    I woke up again last night around three, but I was able to go back to sleep. It wasn't great sleep, but it counts. I finally got up at five o'clock which is earlier than I want to be up. Work went well, but it was a high stress day and then a meeting afterwards and then a training and we finally got home at 8. I just cooked up some lamb, cabbage, and onions and will probably eat a little too much.
    Last night I also had gas! I don't usually. Olives, lara bar, meat bar, eggs and squash - I'm not sure what triggered it. Or maybe I drank more water than I have been and my body's digestive system is just a bit out of wack.  Earlier tonight I had a blue cheese salad. I'm not sure what the dressing is made with - definitely no soy or canola oil listed, but mayo is listed and I suppose weird things could be in there.  The dressing also included sour cream.  I don't notice anything though I do have a little cough right now, but I think that's related to my undercooked onions.
    I'm tired. I'm enjoying feeling thinner. I'm still not thin. That would be another 40 pounds away, but wow - I'm now in an okay zone. I'm enjoying that I can walk up and down the stairs and my joints which used to be so unhappy are handling things. I sometimes feel little twings and I know my knees and ankles did not magically heal, but they have a heck of a lot less weight to deal with and I think they're appreciating that. I am. I've lost 45-55 pounds which is more than a big bag of dog food and I sure don't like carrying big bags of dog food up the stairs.
    But NSV's - just feeling healthier - bolder - more confident that I won't catch every bug that goes around - contentdedly happy eating my lamb, onion, cabbage dinner instead of processed stuff, feeling full, but not bloated, and hopeful, and liking who I see when I look in the mirror.
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    Emma reacted to Angelia in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    OMG - SO FUNNY!  My Wednesday nights are always my challenge due to my schedule which is fully self-inflicted.  I don't get home until after 9, but usually have dinner on the road (although I didn't last night) and then I sit my exhausted ass in front of the TV show Botched and I CAN'T LOOK AWAY!!  It's like a car crash.  Every Wednesday I remind myself that I'm going to feel like crap the next day if I don't shut it off and get to bed, but I want to watch just until the next commercial, then the one after that, then I might as well see the final results, then I want to see the intro of the next episode, etc., etc.  I need to treat Botched like added sugar and just cut it out completely!!
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    Emma got a reaction from Angelia in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    A pound a week is great!  I'm also losing weight and I've gotten on the scale at home, but it isn't really accurate so I don't really know how much until I use the one at the gym. It doesn't really matter because I can see and feel how clothes are sitting on me differently. Today I put on a jacket that was tight last winter and now it's loose. It was a really nice feeling. And my pants are dragging around my feet again because there is less leg to lift up the material. It's all good stuff.
    The sugar dragon is scary. I also have a tame gecko. I might even have a reptile free house at this point. In fact, I think I do. But I know, just like spiders seep in through the crevices when it rains, so do geckos, lizards, anoles, and dragons. Congratulations to getting through the weekend urges and the comment about it being an effort every day.  Right now, I'm not feeling much effort, but I also feel like I'm cheating because I'm not going out of my safe zone - which is fine for now, but the real work is being able to eat and drink other things without going down the chute.
    Work today was so much better than yesterday. Home life this evening was good too. Not great, but good. There's so much to get done and I'm still so thankful that I've got this energy and health to muster through it fairly gracefully. Last night in bed I pictured myself waking up early and taking the dog for a walk. It was such a nice idea. And then this morning I woke up early and made coffee and read the computer. A walk would have been nice, but the coffee was nice too. Walking might be better for my soul, but my being is feeling a bit taxed so I'm not making myself do anything. Thus, why I haven't gone to the gym also. 
    For dinner tonight, I again had my zucchini, onion, egg thing. It was filling and good. Before that, Ii chowed down on a bunch of cashews and salami which wasn't so good. And right before that I had a Greek Salad with feta cheese. It was a lot to eat in a short period of time, but overall, no big negatives. I might be a bit bloated, but not anything uncomfortable. I saw my chowing down behaviors and realized I needed to make something more substantial. Once I ate the zucchini egg dish, the pillaging stopped. Tomorrow will be a hard day too with lots of kid activities after school into the evening so I'm going to have to plan ahead. Maybe I can run to the store in the morning and pick up some more greens and veggies. Or maybe I can cook up the lamb and cabbage that's in the fridge when I wake up. Alas, no onions in the house!
    Who knows what the morning will bring. I'm off to sleep and will hopefully wake up early.
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    Emma reacted to Angelia in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Hi Emma!  I lost you there for a bit, but found you again and have now caught up.  All of this (food/health/family/work/life) is an amazing challenge, is it not?  I think one of the hardest things for us as humans is to find joy in everyday life.  It is a constant work in progress.  But you keep saying something positive with each post, so I believe you are on the right track! 
    Now that I'm well past day 30, I'm weighing again and I'm pretty content with what I'm seeing.  The usual ups and downs, but I'm averaging about 1 lb lost per week. 
    The joy I continue to celebrate is the sugar dragon is now a tame little gecko.  She can be ignored and brushed aside fairly easily.  The one time she flared up was Friday night.  Possible factors: end of a work week, daughter home from college for the weekend, added an extra gym session, not planning to have wine until Saturday.  I was SO, SO glad I did not have anything at home that would have served as sugar dragon fuel!  The urge was very concrete.  But I got through it.  It's an effort every day, but that day it was a big effort and I beat it!
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    Emma reacted to Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    Now that the kids are grown, I have a little more disposable income so I also got braces and Lasik surgery.  Both of these were VERY GOOD decisions for me!  We're not getting older, we're getting better!! 
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    Emma got a reaction from Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    Wow - you look like a whole new person and so much younger. I figured when I was turning 50 that it was time to get my act in gear so that I could enjoy this half of the journey instead of get old in it. It's good seeing other people who have been successful and have made the deeper changes. Thanks for sharing the photos!
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    Emma reacted to Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    Thank you!!  I AM in such a good space!  There are before and after pics in my profile, if you can find that.  I wouldn't have spent my youth dreading middle age if I'd only known how much I was going to enjoy it! 
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    Emma reacted to Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    On Saturday, I joyously reintroduced red wine!   I had been looking very forward to that!!  And it went fine, no ill effects, no over consuming.  I'm planning to keep this as a once per week item but will move to a dryer wine. 
    One thing I did finally put my finger on last Saturday was how much my "taste buds" have changed.  Some things that I never thought of as sweet now taste very sweet to me.  I bought a few LARA bars to have on hand that I did not eat during my W30, so on Saturday I had one as a rushed snack on the way to a late lunch.  I have never liked dates (but love figs), but dates are often used to sweeten recipes without sugar so I don't make those recipes.  My LARA bar was nuts, coconut and dates - and I LOVED it!  I was expecting to turn my nose up, but it was delicious.  Then the red wine I chose was just a "dry red table wine", one if my favorites.  It tasted so sweet to me that I actually wondered if they had mislabeled Sangria?  My last example is strawberry skyr yogurt.  Prior to W30, I could eat it but always thought of it as more sour/bitter than sweet.  Yesterday it tasted like frosting!  I really like this recalibration of my definition of sweet!
    So about the yogurt - I was planning to give it 2 days after Saturday wine before my next reintro, but my fella took me out to Sunday lunch to an Italian family restaurant.  I was planning on a salad, but saw their Chicken Primavera.  It was described as a "light and delightful grilled chicken dish over fresh vegetables and penne".  I ordered it without the penne and it arrived SWIMMING in Alfredo sauce.  When they placed it in front of me I thought - Well, I guess today is when I reintroduce dairy....  and I was SO GLAD this did not happen during my W30.  I ate 1/2 the dish, then got the strawberry skyr yogurt for the afternoon, and then put plenty of shaved parmesan on my grilled shrimp and spinach salad for dinner.  The Italian chicken dish was delicious, the yogurt was VERY sweet and the cheese on my salad was fine, but certainly not a requirement for next time.  I think my bottom line is that I don't really miss dairy that much.  I don't plan to add it back much if at all, but I won't make a scene trying to avoid it, either.   So far today I seem to be a little "backed up", which may be a result of the dairy?  However, I'm not planning to give any updates in that department.  We don't need to know each other that well!! 
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    Emma got a reaction from Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    What an exciting reaction to have! Not that one wants a runny nose, but how cool to have a clear reaction and the chance to really pinpoint something that might cause it. I want those clear signs, but am hesitant to try out things! And interesting the part about hitting a wall. That's very NSVish. It's wild how foods can be impacting us in so many ways without us being aware.
    I loved reading your posts. We're close in age and your weight loss over the last five years is inspiring. You're in such a good space!!!  
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    Emma reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    ROUND 3, Day 12: Friday, September 13
    Meal 1: one hard-boiled egg; bowl of zucchini bone broth soup; handful of fresh blueberries
    Meal 2: Pure Organic wild blueberry bar  
    Meal 3: grilled ribeye steak with seasoning; baked potato with ghee
    Water Intake: ~80 oz
    Lack of cravings  Thoughts/Reflections: Once again I didn’t eat enough. I was pretty much starving again an hour after eating my large steak and large baked potato with a generous amount of ghee. My stomach felt like a bottomless pit.
    But, I’m back home now and plan to load up with food this weekend, in preparation for my three-day backpacking and alpine climbing adventure on Monday! I'm trying a new Lo Mein recipe tomorrow! 
    I'm happy to report that I'm not having any cravings and I'm not really compelled to go off plan. Though I am really sad that I can't take any Peanut M&Ms on the backpacking trip because I really, really enjoy evening Peanut M&Ms after a day romping around the backcountry. But that's more a ritual than a craving... 
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    Emma reacted to Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    Well, this is very telling.  Yesterday I had some peanut butter on 1/2 a banana with breakfast, soy sauce on tilapia for lunch, edamame with dinner and a small handful of peanuts (about 15-20) after dinner.  Today my chronically drippy nose is drippy again for the first time in, oh, I'd say 31 days!!   I have a mild headache and I also HIT A WALL about 22 minutes ago and had to go get an afternoon cup of coffee.  Again, this is the first time I've needed an afternoon coffee since the middle of W30. 
    So 2 full days of W30 eating before trying the next thing.  After I've completed my reintroduction experiments, I'll go back and try just some peanuts or just some soy and see if I can determine which is the guilty party.  Then maybe some pinto or black beans after that.
    I feel like a lab rat.  A lab rat with a very good diet!  (My work friends can't believe I've lost weight with all they have been watching me eat lately.  Generated a lot of good cafeteria conversation!) 
    This is awesome!  I'm so happy with the knowledge gained!!
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    Emma reacted to Angelia in My Journey from a Day 31 perspective   
    Today is day 31 and I lost 4 pounds.  I was hoping for 4 - 8, so not disappointed especially considering I've been eating like a lumberjack.  Seriously.  I've had ribeyes at least twice a week, handcut French fries under the broiler, everything sautéed in ghee and I've finished off 4 JARS of different nut butters.  (Walnut butter is my fave.)  I'm reintroducing legumes today, just to see what's up, but I'm planning to keep the general W30 thing going for about 14 more lb. with limited exceptions (my daughter's birthday next week, wedding in late Oct, etc.) 
    Just FYI about my start - I'm 55.  5 years ago I weighed 274.  After starting Zumba, then walking, then eventually running, then cutting calories, then adding weight training, then counting macros, I lost 105 lb. in 2.5 years.  And I have been on a solid plateau since.  W30 is my jump-off-the-plateau plan to get to my goal of under 155.
    My journey is pretty text book, days 5-6 I thought I was getting the flu!   I had itchy skin on my neck and upper chest for 8-10 days in the middle.  My constantly drippy nose has almost completely cleared up, except during the hardest workouts.  Day 28 was literally the hardest day ever.  I desperately wanted an English muffin, then a Snickers bar, then a cocktail, but I survived.  Because I don't need it I don't have my 10am nor my 2pm cups of coffee anymore.  I also don't have a snack after work anymore.  I never mastered Pre workout meals.  I'll focus on that as I continue.  I have not seen a huge change in running or workout performance, but a dress I bought 2 summers ago that I could never really wear comfortably now fits well and looks pretty good on this ol' girl!
    My favorite W30 hacks are:  1. Breakfast sausage of ground pork seasoned with cayenne/cumin/paprika, hand-pattied and fried in the same pan as the eggs and spinach.  2. Steak sauce made with Murray's olive tapenade/tomato paste/Coconut Aminos.  3. I found the 2 W30 salad dressings I tried to be overly tangy, so I drizzled some tahini over my salads and added 1/2 the usual amount of dressing.  4. Plantains cut in half, then each half cut into 4 slices long-ways, then browned in ghee, served with a drizzle of coconut cream and a dash of cinnamon.  5. A wine glass of Kombucha to round out the evening while relaxing before bed (the spot formerly filled by wine). 
    I honestly can't believe how fast this time went.  After 1 week, it was all fairly routine.  My biggest struggles were days with little structure which for me is Saturdays.  I even managed to attend a couple of local baseball games with little difficulty.  In the morning when I packed my lunch for work, I also packed my dinner.  When I got home, I popped it in the microwave, took it in the car with me, and ate it in the parking lot before entering the stadium.  (On both occasions, I sneaked in a La Croix and a baggie of mixed nuts.  Shhhh....)  Problem solved!
    Thanks so much W30 community!  I have enjoyed reading everyone's questions, getting advice and growing healthier together!!  Let's keep at it!
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    Emma reacted to Angelia in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Great review Emma, thanks for sharing!  It is awesome how well you recognize your improved energy and attitude!!  I believe that finding joy in everyday life can be a challenge but you are meeting that challenge admirably! 
    My end of journey story is on the Success Stories part of the forum.  So far I've only reintroduced peanuts and soy, with mild consequences that I will investigate more after other reintroductions are assessed.  Tomorrow is the formal reintroduction of RED WINE!!  Yippee!!  Trying not to be overly excited about that...
    My NSV of the day - Due to busy schedules, we moved the celebration of my daughter's birthday up to last night.  I made her favorite strawberry cake from my grandmother's old fashioned recipe, meaning it is dense and heavy and moist and delicious, but not too pretty to look at.  And I DID NOT HAVE A SLICE!  But to be fully honest, I did lick my fingers after slicing and serving others.  (They are my family, they don't care...  )  I made myself some sliced fresh strawberries and coconut milk, which was sufficient after the little tastes I got from the crumbs.  I did not feel sad, I did not feel left out, I did not feel any enormous urges and I left the entire remainder of the cake at her house for her to share as she cares to!
    Thank you Whole30!!  I feel so free!!
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    Emma got a reaction from Angelia in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    My stomach was upset this morning from the food last night, but I think it was the spice level that was upsetting my stomach. Then work got busy and I didn't notice anything. I did notice that my stomach was grumbling much more today and I felt hungrier than I have been, but I stuck to my foods and ate more almonds than I probably should have, but that's not so bad. I have been doing a lousy job drinking water the last few weeks so I'm trying to be more conscientious about that. I do best if I have a big bottle of soda water and then I can track how much I've had.  
    NSV's - laughed instead of got annoyed when talking with my husband this evening
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    Emma got a reaction from Angelia in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I started a Whole 30 on July 2nd. Ran into some troubles around July 15th or so. Started again and then kept going. I have been feeling so much better, emotionally and physically, that I don't want to mess with things. Work is really busy and stressful these days. Life is busy and stressful. I have no room to be in my procrastinating lethargic run-away-from stress space. So, I've been introducing things here and there, but for the most part just doing Whole30.
    I know that I can't eat lots of dairy. It always triggers inflammation, but I've had a few Greek salads with feta cheese and didn't have any noticeable issues. Last night I had a blue cheese salad. The dressing was made with sour cream, mayo, blue cheese and some other things. I suppose I'm a bit more bloated today. I think things didn't move through me like they normally do in the morning, but overall I feel fine.  I would not, however, have another one today. I think it builds up in me, some bits of dairy here and there is okay - but not cream cheese nor cheesecake - those two things wreak havoc with me. I wonder what makes cream cheese so different.
    I've had some pepperocinis which are often in some food colored preservative. I didn't have many. No reaction I noticed.
    Tonight I had a curry chicken and rice dinner that was pretty spicy. I don't expect any issues from the rice, nor the chicken. I'm not actually sure what ingredients were in the curry, but there was no soy. I ate quite a bit and feel bloated, but overall no major reactions to note.
    The things I'm postponing are canola oil and soy. And wheat I suppose.  I could also check out cocoa. I'm curious about that.  And I'm a bit curious about coconut. I've really avoided coconut oil and coconut milk meals this go around and my digestive system seemed to be more solid. That could be, of course, due to many factors, but I'm still curious.
    The biggest things I'm avoiding are the junk foods that are everywhere. Sometimes I'm tempted to have a bite of some crackers or cookies, but I really don't want the floodgate doors of addictive behaviors and constant seeking of food to open. I'm really happy with how I'm feeling. And thankfully, I'm too busy to do anything different. 
    My body has also kicked into gear and has been losing weight. It's a really nice treat that I am enjoying. Today I put on some size 14 pants. I expected them to be really tight, but they were okay. But, there's so much more weight around my stomach and gut, that they fell down over my shrinking hips so I had to keep pulling them up. It got me thinking about body proportions. Mine are out of kilter with the skinnier hips and chunkier waist/middle. Things will change though as I continue along and maybe pants will stay in the proper place one of these days. Maybe I'll even fit into one of my old favorite shirts one of these days - not yet, but one day.
    And for NSV's - there are so many. I suppose just looking at my evening is an NSV. I came home and visited with a house guest, then volunteered to go pick up dinner. I did the dishes, a couple loads of laundry, swept the floor, hung out with my kid, read my book, wrapped a present....WOW...I did a lot and I feel tired and a bit weary, but I also feel okay like this is just life and not miserable drudgery.  I haven't been on Facebook or yahoo or email. It's the sign that my brain or mental state is healthier I think. I didn't think the computer stuff was so bad, but I also couldn't seem to get away from it.
    Any other NSV's. Neh. Not at the moment, but there are many. Off to read and then to sleep.
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    Emma reacted to Prairie Dawn in Prairie Dawn's September Whole30 Log   
    UPDATE, DAYS 6-7:
    Guys, the past few days haven't been good to me.  Instead of a fun compliant burger dinner at In n Out with my boyfriend of 2 years, I ended up having to break up with him.  Long story short, about 6 months ago I found out he'd been cheating on me.  We'd just been through an unplanned pregnancy and subsequent loss of that pregnancy, so to find that out kicked the sh*t out of me.  It was horrible.  Obviously I was devastated by everything.  I chose not to break up with him then, because I couldn't face healing from that loss alone.  He begged me for another chance, promised to do better, etc. etc. etc.  So I did.  Things were getting better and it felt like we'd turned a corner.  Then on Friday night, I found out he hadn't really stopped cheating, and had been lying to me basically all summer.  I can't give him a third chance and ended things; not because I wanted to, but because I knew I had to if I had any shred of dignity or self-respect left at all.
    I know this is a Whole30 forum to log meals and reactions to foods, and I don't want to get into too much personal life stuff, but I'm putting this out there because I'm not sure if I can continue the Whole30 at this point.  Weirdly, I've stayed compliant all weekend, but it hasn't been in a healthy way - my nerves are shot and I'm horrifically sad and so my appetite has been nonexistent.  I've basically been surviving on bone broth (think I went through like 2 quarts over 2 days), fruit, tea, and boiled potatoes.  I had the wherewithal to whisk an egg into the broth a few times for some protein, egg-drop-soup style, but everything has been turning my stomach.  I've been sleeping and crying a lot.
    I'm not craving anything, really, and obviously I'm exhausted and depleted (I took the day off work today).  I want to continue, because I know that it certainly doesn't help how I feel to put less-than-ideal stuff back into my body, but I'm struggling right now.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?  Should I try and keep going?  I kind of feel like I may as well, but I guess what I'm looking for is assurance that I won't be a failure if I decide to stop and start again when I feel more emotionally stable.  This sucks.
    Thanks for reading. 
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    Emma reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    ROUND 3, Day 8: Monday, September 9
    Meal 1: three scrambled eggs with a splash of coconut milk; bowl of cauliflower bone broth soup; two slices of bacon
    Pre-Workout Snack: hard-boiled egg; banana
    Exercise (6 hours, 20 minutes): 5.88-mile, 10-pitch rock climb with 2,395 of elevation gain and topping out at 10,306 feet (137 average HR; 174 max HR)  
    Intra-Workout Snack: pouch of peach, apricot, and banana baby food; pouch of blueberry, pear, and purple carrot baby food; half mango RXBar
    Intra-Workout Meal 2: collard green sandwich wrap with four slices deli turkey, one and a half slices of bacon, half avocado, onion, sprouts and mayo; banana
    Post-Workout Snack: hard-boiled egg; pouch of sweet potato and beet baby food; can of coconut water
    Meal 3: one and a half chicken enchilada stuffed bell peppers; can of sliced potatoes pan fried in ghee
    Water Intake: ~100 oz
    Improved physical performance Jeans and climbing harness fitting more loosely Regular bowel movements (this is a big deal because I’m pretty regularly constipated on Whole30) Thoughts/Reflections: I did it! My first double-digit multi-pitch climb!
    I don’t know if my hard work is finally paying off, if I’m turning the corner toward Tiger Blood, or if I just fueled right, but I felt great today! Honestly, it was probably a combination of all of those things and I’m so, so happy to finally see changes happening in the mountains.  
    It was hard. Most definitely, it was hard. And my legs were oh-so tired. But I never doubted that I could do it! And that is a huge improvement over my last multi-pitch climb!
    I do like the fueling strategy I used, which was basically lots of fruity carbs (thank you new Whole30 workout guidelines!). Though I think I could have used one more carb break before the summit. The final push to the summit felt like bonking more than general fatigue, and that’s likely due to the fact that I hadn’t had a carb hit in quite some time before those last few pitches. For a while, it just didn’t feel that far away so I kept holding out. And then I had an RXBar rather than fruit, which I think was a mistake. So, here’s to lots of fruity carbs for fuel!
    [Photo 1: the lake where we started, with Tenaya Peak in the background]
    [Photo 2: from the top of Tenaya Peak]