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    Emma reacted to Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    Day 23/ Restart Day 8
    Eggs for breakfast
    Chicken salad with tomatoes for lunch
    Turkey-mushroom burger, roasted broccoli, and roasted sweet potatoes for dinner YUM 

    I ended up sharing the huge batches of roasted broccoli and roasted sweet potato fries with my family.  They loved it, except my son who loved the broccoli but didn’t care for sweet potato.
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    Emma reacted to Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    SO, I ate my good breakfast yesterday and my salad I packed for myself for lunch, came home and wasn't hungry for dinner.  I got home at around 6 PM and I could have made something and ate dinner anyway, but nothing sounded good so I shrugged it off and went to bed by my new, self-inflicted bedtime of 10:30.  I watched Children of Men with my husband which is really depressing.  I thought I'd never seen it before, but I had a few years back so it was even slower than watching it the first time.  It does give you things to think about though.  There were immigrants in cages, and officers like ICE, and terrible pollution everywhere.  Not anything like the world now...   
    I had a good breakfast this morning, so hopefully that starts my day off right and helps me get through the day with more optimism.
    I don't feel sick today, so that is good news.  I will try to drink a lot of water and eat a healthy meal-template lunch today.   
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    Emma reacted to Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    Day 22/ Restart Day 7
    M1: eggs as mentioned in previous post
    M2: Not a good mea.  I had almonds and some sweet potato chips that had canola oil.  I know- canola oil is not ideal, but my personal choice is not to restart due to that.
    M3: Here is my yummy dinner... broccoli with ghee and beef-mushroom burger.

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    Emma got a reaction from Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    I look at that tea sampler and think....not for me! But you know - maybe I'd like it! I'll keep my eyes open at the store.
    Super kudos for prepping your lunch AND getting up and making some breakfast!!!
    As for the digestive scenario - maybe it's your change in eating or maybe you just picked up a small stomach bug. You should still do all the good balanced stuff, of course, but maybe the lack of balance didn't cause it.  I even wonder if your not eating could be due to a small stomach bug. I only say this because we had one go through work and people didn't get the normal headache and icky feelings, but we all had a couple hours of bathroom use and it impacted our eating.
    Well....anyway...you're rocking it this morning!!!
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    Emma got a reaction from BabyBear in Amy's Log for 2020   
    I don't eat when I'm stressed. Most of the time it doesn't seem to impact me in any way that I notice and I often feel better because I'm not putting things in my system that bog it down. But, at the same time, there is something to that "take care of yourself" thinking. I'm impressed that you're planning on prepping your foods in the evening.
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    Emma reacted to Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    I prepped!  I cut lettuce and chicken and put them in my salad bowl and placed it in the fridge.  What a simple thing that will save me time tomorrow and keep me on the whole30 path.  
    I hope everyone that has days where they want to cheat tries this herbal tea.  It is the only tea I actually like.  It has probably saved me once or twice from snacking at night with TV shows.  All the flavors they offer prevent me from getting bored.  I don’t drink this every night..maybe 2-3 times a week.  My  favorites are Raspberry Zinger, Wild Berry Zinger, and True Blueberry.

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    Emma reacted to Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    Day 21/ Restart Day 6
    M1:  I actually made myself breakfast.  Scrambled eggs in coconut oil and an apple

    AND last night I cut up lettuce and chicken for my salad I will bring for lunch!!!! Yay!
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    Emma reacted to Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    OMG my digestive system is exploding and I don't know what I did wrong.  I should probably start logging what I have been drinking in addition to foods I have eaten.  I have been drinking quite a lot of coffee during the day this whole week.  And I have been drinking a lot of carbonated La Croix water at night.  I have also been fasting (no food) for 12 hours in the middle of the day for two days in a row- NOT intentionally, but it happened.  I woke up with a huge air bubble in my abdomen that was painful.  I didn't really notice it that much until I went pee this morning and then the pain was more apparent.   I took a couple of tums.  A couple of hours later and the pain is gone now after a trip to the bathroom and diarrhea.    So THAT'S not cool.  Haven't had that at ALL during my whole30 so far (I don't think).  I also stayed up really late last night (again)- I don't even have a reason.  Maybe the caffeine and/or the rush of things I had to do after work today made me restless.
    Well, I went back to my healthy routine of eating a good breakfast and packed a healthy lunch.  I'll try to lighten up my coffee intake during the day, and go back to no eating after 7 pm.  I'll try to go to sleep by 10:30pm each night.  Going to be hard, but I know I can do it!
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    Emma got a reaction from Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    I don't eat when I'm stressed. Most of the time it doesn't seem to impact me in any way that I notice and I often feel better because I'm not putting things in my system that bog it down. But, at the same time, there is something to that "take care of yourself" thinking. I'm impressed that you're planning on prepping your foods in the evening.
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    Emma reacted to Brewer5 in Like an Onion   
    I'm not going to number today.  Not yet, anyway.
    I had a big post started here ~ sounding kind of down, like I was feeling.  Then I had a phone call that strangely lifted my spirits.  (More on that later, perhaps).  Plus my morning coffee is kicking in.
    So I'm going to leave it at this:  I'm going to get off the couch now, and I'm going to go kick this day's ass.  Then tonight, I might have some wine.  With my husband.
    And life will go on.  And it will be good.   
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    Emma got a reaction from Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    Oh Amy - I laughed out loud at that! I was so embarrassed also at my falling apart. I'm not cheering on your chocolate eating, but I sure do get it! I guess part of this process if figuring out what blindsides us and then how we react to it. YOU reacted far more gracefully than me!!!
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    Day 4 today ~ and the floor is coming along beautifully.  
    You would think, living in a home with four males aged 13-43, that I might have some help ... but I really don't.  I'm not typing that out in a bitter PMS state.  It's just a layer of my onion that I'm putting out here to observe.  
    There is a sense of pride and accomplishment, seeing our home transform ... row after row after row ... and I will always be able to look at it and say:  I did that.  It's not perfect, and it never will be ~ but it's mine.
    I've come to realize that I have a need to create.  I think, perhaps, that need has gone unfulfilled at many points in my life ... and I wasn't even aware of it being a need, until recently.
    Now that I am aware of it, I will cultivate it.  I have a lot of ideas in my mind, all the time.  I will try not to get frustrated if those around me cannot see and share my vision.  I most likely don't need their help ~ I just need their support.  Get out of my way, and let me create.  
    I popped over to Amy's log today, and it was so interesting to see her talking about her Outlander addiction.
    ...Oh, @Amy_Michigan ... girl ... I so hear you.  
    I read approximately the first three books, before I lost interest.  That was years ago.  But I just finished watching the entire Poldark series, while working on my floor over the weekend.  Then I'm like:  well, crap, now what?  
    So I go to Amazon - realize that apparently I had purchased the first season of Outlander, years ago - and apparently I had watched the first couple of episodes.  I started back up, somewhere in the middle of the third episode.  I'm just thinking, "Whatever ... it's something to listen to while I work on this floor."
    For the past two nights, I have stayed up until close to 2:00 am -- not working on the floor, because that involves banging with a mallet, and my kids are in bed -- but watching this damned show.  Last night was The Wedding, and ... good Lord.  I mean, seriously.  Seriously.  Lol.  I'm not sure if it's a good thing for me to be watching.  It made me want to drink wine with my husband, for one thing.  And it made me realize how far, far, far away it is from my reality.  It's far away from everyone's reality, clearly, and that's why we love it.  It's an escape.
    So I started thinking along these lines:  Is it better for us to shut things like this out, and not stir up those feelings of discontent?  Is it better for us to watch things like this, and acknowledge that perhaps this is an area of our life that could use some ... weed-pulling?  
    Hmmm.  I am going to keep deep-thinking on that one.  The conclusion I come to might decide whether I'm buying wine again anytime soon.  Which brings up the question:  Why do we need wine?  I'm not saying everyone does ... but I am going to call a spade a spade, and say that our level of intimacy is most certainly enhanced by alcohol.
    Man.  Now my brain hurts, and I have to go to work.    As always ~ best wishes for a glorious day!
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    Day 2 today.  Funny how I feel confident going ahead and posting that in the morning, instead of having to wait until the day is over to see if I make it through.   
    My period showed up like clockwork this time ~ none of this "several days early" business like I had last month.  And you know what?  No, I don't feel like a crazy bitch.  I didn't think I felt that way last month, either ... but looking back, I know that I was unhappy/stressed with several things in my life, and I was pretty vocal about it.  I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with that.  Some things really do need to be said.  But I'm going to keep an eye out over these next few days, and be mindful of both how I am speaking to my family and what I am saying.
    Yes... there is no doubt I am in a better place now.
    Imagine your gas tank is sitting at "E" with the light on ... you can still drive around, and the car is still fully functioning.  Each night, you have just enough money to fill your gas tank to 1/4.  Whew!  The "E" light goes off, and you feel better.
    Imagine this cycle day, after day, after day.  
    Imagine that your tank never sits at 1/2 ~ let alone full.  Is it possible to function and be happy this way?  Sure, it is.  But you won't go any further than your current routine.  You will have just enough to get where you need to go, and back home again.
    But what if, one day, someone handed you an extra $10, and you put that extra $10 in your gas tank?  If you are smart at all, that's exactly what you'd do -- and now, you have created a new baseline.  Not only can you get through most days without the "E" light having to come on at all, but if you needed or wanted to go further in a day, you could.
    And you'd enjoy that feeling of not running on "E".  It would boost your confidence in your ability to go places, and it would reduce your overall daily stress.  And you'd think to yourself that, the next time someone gives you $10, it is most definitely going in your gas tank.
    This is how Whole 30 is for me.  I'm not in it for the 30 days ... I have been there, done that.  I am in it for the long haul.
    I realized, after I posted yesterday morning, that I referred to my grandmother as my great-grandmother.  I sort of laughed to myself and thought I'd make a joke here about "Mexican food brain".  Haha... I blame the Mexican food!  
    But that's not funny.
    I read Grain Brain and Brain Maker by Dr. Perlmutter years ago, and I was a big fan of his work at the time.  I read both of them more than once, and they were heavily highlighted and loved.
    What happened to me?  Where did I go?
    I took a journey that was necessary, and I did what I thought I had to do to survive that journey.  I've been in survival mode.  For years now.  Holy shit.
    I was having those "Grain Brain" moments before I came back here ... more often than I'd like to admit.  
    But there is a force, deep within us, that says:  WAKE UP.  
    Like Percy Jackson and the lotus flowers.  Poseidon says to him:  WAKE UP.  And Percy realizes that he's been in a dream-like state, and that time has been passing by -- quickly.  He begins to refuse the lotus flowers -- which, keep in mind, pisses off those around him (!) because they all want him to stay in this state, in this place.  Forever.  
    But Percy is a smart guy, and he's got Poseidon watching out for him.  He runs away from those &$%! lotus flowers, and he goes on to accomplish great things.  Huge things.  Meaningful things.
    So Grandma: I'm sorry.  You are a Great Grandmother, and even a Great Great Grandmother.  But to me, you are Grandma.  The picture of strength and mental clarity for the first ~38 years of my life ... and an inspiration to me like no other.
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    Day 1 again today.  
    I'm posting now ~ because this is my quiet time to do so.  The rest of the day will be filled with running kids here and there, conversations with my family ... and putting down the new flooring.  I worked on it for a couple of hours last night ~ and it is going to be beautiful.  But boy-oh-boy ... it's going to take me awhile.  That's okay.  It's winter and I would rather have a project to focus on, for sure.  It's satisfying, seeing each piece click into place.  Hmm ... progress that can be seen before my very eyes ... I like that.
    I had originally gone to a nearby flooring store and stamped my foot like Veruca Salt, saying, "I want it now!"    You know, not really, but ... at first I did just want to pay the "professionals" to come in here and get it done quickly.  There's a little bit of Veruca Salt in there sometimes ... it's good for me to be aware of her presence, and keep her in check.
    My computer was doing some update crap this morning, and I couldn't use it to do things with my morning coffee like I usually do {Veruca was pissed}.  So I finally picked up this new book I had ordered:  The UltraMind Solution by Mark Hyman, MD.
    I like holding real books in my hands ... and I like highlighting.
    That's a part of myself that does not get honored nearly enough lately.  I have always had a love of learning, and I especially like reading books about the human body.  I don't know a lot about Mark Hyman, and I don't revere any doctors as Gods.  But these books usually have some great information that I did not know before ~ and, if they are worth anything as an author ~ some deep and thought-provoking quotes.  
    I hit a point in the very first paragraph of Chapter 1 that made me tear up this morning.  He is talking about the epidemic of "broken brains":
    "It deprives children of their future, the elderly of their past, and adults of their present."
    Indeed.  This hit me right between the eyes.  I have children - one, in particular, whose mood and behavior is highly affected by his food choices.  I am the adult, and so is my husband.  And I have a great-grandmother, dear to me, who is 93 years old ... and the deterioration I have had to sit back and watch over the past few years is painful.  Downright, almost, seriously, physically, painful.  The way her "care" has been handled has caused a rift in our family that I think will never fully mend.
    Whew -- I hate to end on a sad note!  Let's not do that.  
    So I will share one more thing, and maybe go into more detail later.  I have been undecided on whether I am ever going to work in nursing again ... very up-in-the-air, and I hate that feeling.  I know, sometimes it is necessary, and those uncomfortable times are often when we really grow the most.
    I have decided to go back to WGU for a bachelors in business management -- that choice I decided on awhile ago.  
    What's crazy is this:
    I spoke with my admissions counselor yesterday.  I said yep, I like the way you transferred my credits, looks good, green light - let's go.  But I want to change my start date from March 1 to April 1, after spring break.  (That's no big deal - WGU starts every month, all year round).
    Turns out, the program catalog is changing for all students who start April 1 and later.  So now, instead of just having a straight-up business management degree, you get "micro credentials".  And the two choices are:  Marketing track, or Healthcare track.
    I'm working for a marketing company right now, and I love it.  But I'm also a nurse.  Lol.  I'm like ... are you freaking kidding me?   
    And it brought me clarity.  Looking through the marketing classes causes excitement.  Looking through the healthcare classes makes me want to barf.  I'm not sure it can get much more clear than that.
    If you've actually read this far ~ Ric Flair "woo!" ~ I'm thankful for your presence here.  And I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
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    RI Day 14 (2/13) 
    6:00 get up potty baby and find out schools in the area are closed due to flooding.  It took over an hour to get a definitive answer regarding our tutorial day.  Anyways they decided to follow the schools.  So back to bed!
    8:30 up and get hubby and baby out the door to take hubby to doctor.  It is gout in his elbow.  Poor guy!  He’s talking about cleaning up his diet to get his flare ups under control.  He’s very upset because he was suppose to be headed to Skate party to vend out in Tx, but he can’t drive that distance like this let alone lift any of the inventory to load and unload.  So he’s upset about the money loss, he normally does 5k on this weekend.  Hopefully we can get him better for next weekends party.
    10:00 M1 - 3 eggs with Italian seasoning, sautéed 1/4 head of cabbage in bacon fat.  
    1:30 M2 - LO cajun chicken Alfredo (nomnompaleo sauce) with spaghetti squash and broccoli
    Lunch was tasty, but I filled up quick.  I got all the dishes done I had been avoiding and then went down for a nap while baby slept.
    7:00 M3 - dinner out with hubby and baby.  Grilled chicken and peppers with a green salad with olive oil lemon and Italian seasonings
    Shopping with the baby was interesting to say the least, but I came out triumphant.  I had to get new bras as my others are too big to provide support. NSV went from a 40 DDD to a 38 C/D depending on the cut.   Oh and I’m back down to that last belt hole!    
    I feel like I have successfully completed my whole 30 and reintroduction and I am now beginning my Food Freedom journey.  It’s exciting and scary all at the same time, but so was the whole 30.  I am closing out this thread, and I will begin a thread on the post whole 30 log board.  Thank you to everyone who has offered their kind words of encouragement and given me a tribe in all this crazy food stuff.  I hope you venture over to find me on the other board.  XOXO
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    Emma reacted to SchrodingersCat in Amy's Log for 2020   
    You're recognizing risk before you give into it, and that's half the battle! Some days our eating times are going to be out of whack, that's life! But don't go slashing the other 3 tyres just coz you got a flat  you can keep this on track!
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    Emma reacted to BabyBear in Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020   
    RI Day 13 (2/12) cont
    after a very long day and horrific drive in torrential rain, I arrived home to find my poor hubby in excruciating  pain from his elbow.  After looking at it I’m certain he has gout in his elbow.  I oiled (essential oils) him up and as a small amount of relief came to him he started talking with no filter, but he was oh so sweet.  He told me how proud of me he was, and how he wished I hadn’t tossed the little white shorts I used to wear (8 years ago) that he really liked on me because he thinks I could get in them again.  (I didn’t tell him those are still 50lbs away). He said how much he likes the results of the hard work I had put in.  He knows I said I was doing it for me, but he has benefited from the change too.  He said he would love me no matter the size but he likes the improvements and how happy I’ve been.  He went on to talk the things he has seen me overcome over the past 10 years.  how the arm break was so traumatizing for me and how he still doesnt know how I survived that mentally.  He talked about how strong I am and what a wonderful mother I am and that he is so grateful to have me as his wife.  He talked about taking me shopping for some sexy stuff like I use to wear.  I am pretty sure I started crying because he hadn’t really said much other than do you feel better eating like this.  I had no idea he had even noticed a difference.  
    It’s been a good day and a little eye opening too.  Definitely going to keep working towards this food freedom thing for me.  
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    Day 13 yesterday
    M3: roasted broccoli, sweet potato basil soup with chicken breast
    Day 14 today
    M1- skipped just because I had to rush out the door
    M2- egg protein box from starbucks (ate the 2 hardboiled eggs, apple slices, and very tiny mandarin orange).  Didn't think this would fill me up so I also bought a squeeze pouch (strawberry banana).  
    M3: Sweet potato basil soup with chicken breast. 
    My husband made me roasted green beans, but I was in a rush to take my daughter to dance and he took them out of the oven right when we had to go.  He quickly put them in a container I could take with me along with a half a banana (he is so sweet), but I still haven't had time to eat it and it is out in the car getting cold.  I feel so bad that I didn't enjoy food he made for me while it was hot.  I don't know why but at the moment I feel like that is the worst thing ever. 
    My left knee is hurting which sucks.  I usually dont have any knee pain so this is so weird and random.  I stayed up really late last night and only got about 5 hours of sleep last night.  That might have contributed.  Usually I get at least 7.
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    Thanks!  I know I feel less like a lump now that I'm more than a week into my whole30.  I want to continue feeling good like this for as long as possible. 
    Also, my pants are looser.  I kind of want to sign up for a "get rented clothes in the mail" subscription so that I never have to buy clothes again that only fit me for a few months.  I checked, though, and the one I found through Express Style Trial and Infitity Loft are $50-60 dollars per box at whatever frequency, and I think it is only 3-4 clothing pieces - not enough for even a week.  You can keep pieces as long as you want, though...so it's like gradually building your closet over time.  You wear them, wash them, and just have to return them undamaged when you do return them. lol, not trying to advertise...but I am going to look for a clothes rental subscription where I can get more clothes to start out with- if it exists.  Then it might be worth it.  They are used clothes, but laundered before they are sent to you.  Kind of weird, but might be kind of cool?  
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    Thanks, ladies!  
    Day 9 yesterday ... and @BabyBear had me thinking a little bit this morning about the psychological effect of choosing to eat at Qdoba this Friday, and start my numbering all over again.
    It went a little bit like this:
    Google to find out who Ric Flair is Realize that possibly everyone but me knows who Ric Flair is Smile to myself ~ because I think it's just fine that I didn't know who Ric Flair is Have a moment of thankfulness for the reference, because now I know who Ric Flair is. Realize that Saturday will be Day 1 again for me Smile to myself ~ because I think it's just fine that Saturday will be Day 1 again for me Have a moment of thankfulness for W30, because I think that's a pretty good place to be.
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    Emma got a reaction from Brewer5 in Like an Onion   
    Beautiful day to you.
    As for your onion title - I loved it! I thought, "Ahhhh, heaven, another person who speaks in metaphors!" I once heard a trauma counselor refer to an onion as similar to talking about traumas and each time you talk about it, you get closer to the inside, but it takes a lot of layers. Onions are cool things. 
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    What you don’t visit my log? Ha ha just kidding.  There is so much wisdom in knowing where you are and what you need and then giving yourself space for just that rather then trying to cater to everyone.  I’m a pleaser and learning to set boundaries for my own health and well being and stick to them was hard.  I hope you have a lovely day no matter the outside circumstances.  
    Oh and you get a rick flair woooooooo day 8. You go girl!
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    I've quite enjoyed reading @Brewer5 and @Emma's metaphor posts on this log.  It stretches my brain a little and makes me re-read sometimes, but I appreciate learning/looking at things in a different way.  Thanks for the idea about the jobs website.  I heard about it from my web-designer brother in law once, but I completely forgot about it.  Would love working from home in my comfy space.
    And don't worry.  I think we all are doing these logs for ourselves- our own personal reflection to help us get through the ups and downs of the whole30 and life in general.  If people happen to read them, it provides an extra connection we might have for motivation to keep coming back on the days we need it, but not the true intention of the log.  That's the way I feel anyway.  
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    Emma reacted to BabyBear in Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020   
    RI Day 13 (2/12) - fasting
    6:30 dragging myself out of bed… it might be all the gluten or it might be the binge watching Netflix with the hubby until 1:30 am but I have some serious brain fog and struggling to move my body this morning.  I grabbed my workout clothes and just couldn’t get the gumption to move it move it.  So I got dressed started packing up everyone to go.  I got the baby up to get him going so I wouldn’t be scrambling out the door.  We left on time and that in and of itself is a miracle because I was moving at sloth speed.
    I decided I would fast today, as I purposefully skipped Sunday as it was part of the weekend I set apart to focus on my hubby and our relationship.  I think I needed the fast today to get my brain back in check from the gluten craze yesterday.  The bloating caused me to go up a belt hole but I’m not going to fret.  Lots of water and compliant food will move it back down soon enough.  I have felt heavy this morning and just dragging through the motions.  I’m grateful for the fast and the chance to practice mindfulness.
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    Emma reacted to BabyBear in Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020   
    @Emma I was pretty shocked how it made my brain go crazy! I still feel like I’m in a bit of haze today and trying not to think about all the foods.  It helps I’m out of the house today with clients.  I need to spend sometime surfing through some whole 30 recipes on Instagram to shut my brain up about how much I am missing out on.  I’m really not missing out on anything and there will be a time and place to indulge into a Gluten-ess treat but right now is not the time.  I still have work on me and my food freedom I need to do!