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  1. ABS32013

    Organic Caramel Color - Beef Broth

    Thank you! I will check it out!!
  2. ABS32013

    Organic Caramel Color - Beef Broth

    When I am making a recipe that calls for beef broth (and don't want to make it), I usually sub mushroom broth or chicken broth. Some people are able to find beef bones at a good price to make their own beef broth. Not me. Even the bones are expensive in the Boston area.
  3. ABS32013

    Tessemae's BBQ Sauce

    I agree; (a) it's delicious and ( it's not sweet. I've had it on reheated nomnompaleo Kalua Pig and in a short rib recipe from Against All Grain or Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker (can't remember which one). Both were delicious, but the short rib recipe is particularly amazing (and a slow cooker recipe)!
  4. FWIW - I usually end up using chicken broth or stock when a recipe calls for beef broth. If the boldness factor needs to be bumped up, I sometimes add a dash of balsamic vinegar.
  5. ABS32013

    need lunch ideas

    I'm currently loving the eggplant sausage strata in Well Fed and the pot roast in Nom Nom Paleo. Both are really delicious, satisfying and easy to portion out and pack!
  6. ABS32013

    Substitute for red wine in a recipe

    Try broth plus a dash of Tbsp or so of balsamic vinegar.
  7. ABS32013

    Starting Mon Sept 22

    @Chaffee - To use one of Melissa and Dallas' buzzwords - keep in mind my context. I don't exercise. Pretty much ever. That is something I need to work on changing. So, yes, it is difficult for me to keep off weight when I eat my regular healthy foods and then let myself indulge in foods that aren't making me healthier and then sit on my butt! LOL. I like the whole mindfulness undercurrent of the Whole30, and I think there is a place for treats in a healthy diet. @LJT - It is a common theme among posters that eating first thing in the morning is difficult. As you may have seen in ISWF or on this forum, eating within an hour of waking is one of the "rules" and has something to do with setting the metabolism on course for the day. I know that the Moderators have written a fair amount about this, but I can't recall how important a rule it is or what they recommend to people who struggle with eating early. Maybe do a few searches of the forum? I totally agree that we have to listen to our bodies while guiding them to a better relationship with food. Maybe someone can suggest a gentle way for you to work on the whole breakfast thing. Got to run! I'll try to come back later and post about some of my fav recipes.
  8. ABS32013

    Starting Mon Sept 22

    For what it's worth, I've always found I had to drink crazy amounts of water in the beginning of my W30s. The need decreased for me after a bit each time, but of course, it's important to keep drinking a lot throughout a W30 (just maybe not have-to-go-to-the-bathroom-umpteen-times-a-day amounts ;-).
  9. ABS32013

    Starting Mon Sept 22

    Hello, all. I started yesterday (9/22), too. This will be my fourth W30. My problem is not W30. I seem to be really good at doing W30. It's when I fall down the sugar hole at some point after! I don't own a scale, so I can't say for sure, but I think I've kept my weight down to where it was after my first W30 (finished in April 2013), but I've gained back the weight I lost after that first one. So, net result is that I'm better off than I was before I did my first W30 - not just in terms of weight, but other issues as well - and I've learned what I need to be doing to feel even better. I really like to cook, and much more often than not, I'd rather eat some of my homemade W30-compliant food than whatever else is out there. I think what happens is that, after I while, I fall into the poor preparation/time suck trap between work, family, making too many different meals to suit different tastes...you get the picture, and then the sugar dragon awakens and is difficult to shake. Plus, the dishes..oh the dishes. I often run my dishwasher 2 or 3 times a day and still have to handwash some stuff! There are a lot of first-timers in this group, so if you're interested, my suggestions are below. I ask that you take them as intended - to be helpful - and also with a grain of salt - I am no expert, but I have completed 3 successful W30s and read LOTS of forum posts where my views were corroborated by other W30ers. Hopefully these will resonate with some of you. 1) You'll probably need more food when you first start out than once you fat-adapt and figure out the whole 3 meals a day thing. So, please, do NOT freak out about how much food you're eating and/or always aim for the low end of the food template. Give yourself and break and trust the plan. See below regarding being mindful about snacks and adjusting your meal sizes, as needed. 2) Don't totally demonize snacks. Snacks can be very important, particularly in the beginning as you adapt. BUT try to learn from the occasions when you feel the need to snack and adjust your meal portions AND go with the mini-meal construct instead of grabbing nuts/nut butter and fruit or a Larabar or something. (I actually don't get the Larabar thing - they're too sweet for me and make me want to eat more!) Does this mean that I have been perfect and never grabbed a handful of nuts and dried fruit? Heck no, but I strive to do better. 3) For me (and many other Forum posters), it is critical to have a hearty breakfast that does not contain any fruit. (I really find I have to limit my fruit and tend to only have it at the end of the day.) When I deviate from this self-imposed rule, I suffer for it with a day of the hungries. It is really helpful for me to bulk up breakfast with some nutrient dense and, yes, even carb-dense veggies - e.g., braised kale, some sweet potato or squash. Also, I do much better if there is some meat in my breakfast and not just eggs for the protein. Leftovers are great, as many people talk about on this Forum, but my go-to breakfast is homemade sausage meatballs (riff on the bacon meatballs on paleomg.com) with some veggies. That was a much longer post than I'd intended. Sorry about that! Good luck everyone! Alyson
  10. ABS32013

    Day 20 and still bloated!!

    Some people see a considerable difference by eating more cooked veggies and cutting back or eliminating the raw veggies.
  11. ABS32013

    What to have with Pulled Pork?

    I love nomnompaleo's Kalua Pig with her World's Best Braised Cabbage. The cabbage is cooked at lower heat for 2 hours and then finished at higher heat for ~ 15 minutes. I usually do the long cook on a day I'm working from home and then use the 15 minute higher heat part as the re-heat. If I have Kalua Pig, I just heat it in the same baking dish as the cabbage. Sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar and flaky sea salt on top...making me want this right now!
  12. Oh, and even if you find out that you've been doing certain things "wrong", don't stress about it. First of all, stress is bad for you ;-) Second, these are all steps toward great personal results for you. Does it really matter if it takes 40 days vs. 30? What you're doing for yourself is great!
  13. Unfortunately, I believe the butter consumption is cause for a restart, but I'm sure someone will chime in with a definitive answer. In another post, Tom Denham (Moderator) just wrote a short while ago that athletic performance is typically down a bit in the first 2 weeks of a W30. That could be the cause for your mile 3 slump. How much sleep and water are you getting/drinking each day?
  14. ABS32013

    How does the moderator system work?

    Wow. Volunteers. Thanks, Moderators, for your time and efforts!
  15. Does that breakfast keep you full for 4-5 hours? According to the meal template, a serving of eggs is the number you can hold in one hand, which seems to be 3-4 for most people. Also, fruit is ok on a W30, but it shouldn't push veggies off your plate. I know it can be hard to get used to the idea, but to get the best results from your W30, you're going to hear from a lot of people that you should eat veggies at every meal - at least 1-2 cups' worth. I'm not trying to tell you how to eat, and if the breakfast you've been having satisfies you, then that's fine. Often folks are a bit too restrictive at first (hard to shake those old dieting ideas), which I believe can hamper your transition to a fat burning machine! For me, that breakfast would be skimpy, and the sweet banana first thing in the morning would make me feel snacky all day. But that's me, not you ;-) On the number of meals thing - have you read ISWF? It explains why the number of meals is important hormonally. Perhaps someone will chime in with a link to posted information about this also.