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    Day 20 and still bloated!!

    Some people see a considerable difference by eating more cooked veggies and cutting back or eliminating the raw veggies.
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    The crazy things people say

    I'm so sorry about this. Please try not to be upset. I get it, though. Last time we showed up at my in-law's house, my FIL said something to the effect that I was disappearing before their eyes. I had no idea what to say. Is that supposed to be a compliment, an insult, something else? I think that when these statements are made, what it really comes down to is that the speakers are projecting their own insecurities onto us and/or internalizing our efforts to better ourselves and viewing them as condemnations of the speakers' own life choices. There are other issues, as well, where people want to keep others in the little boxes where they've categorized them (i.e, heavy people, thin people, rich people, poor people, etc.) because they have certain ways of relating to and dealing with those categories. All that is to say that other people like to put their $&%^ onto others. Does it stink? Yes. Should we perpetuate these issues? Perhaps not, but I have to admit, my preferred method is to avoid getting into discussions about how much I've lost or how much I'd like to lose. I keep that kind of detail to myself. I think you're right to be focused on feeling strong and healthy, and maybe that's how you leave it when people ask you about your weight loss. Just my 2 cents. Mainly, I just wanted you to know that your post spoke to me. I feel sad that you were made to feel bad or defensive about your choices. I've read many of your posts and you're such a great contributor. Take care! Alyson
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    The crazy things people say

    Alliath - that is hilarious!!
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    The crazy things people say

    Oh, well, if the pack says it's healthy... Perhaps she'd like to buy this bridge I have in my portfolio. Ugh.
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    The crazy things people say

    Ha! The proof is in the (non-dairy, post-W30) pudding!
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    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Background - I can't say for certain that I have endometriosis, but in the past, my periods have been extremely heavy and accompanied by significant pain and discomfort. My reproductive endocrinologist "presumptively diagnosed" me with endometriosis - basically, the symptoms and inability to get pregnant pointed in that direction, but there was no need to do the laproscopic surgery to confirm diagnosis because I was going to do IVF, in any event. (That was a few years ago, and after 3 egg retrievals and 4 transfers (3 fresh, 1 frozen/thawed), I had wonderful twin daughters.) Since W30 - Since my W30 and sticking quite close to W30 rules post-W-30, my periods have been lighter and much less painful. No pain meds, no heating pads, no curling up on the couch! Good luck to you, Megan. Hopefully you'll experienced decreased pain soon!
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    The crazy things people say

    Had a conversation with a dear friend who has spent too many years drinking the Weight Watchers Kool-Aid. She is very interested in how I've changed my eating habits (although, I suspect, too focused on weight loss and not a clean diet and the many other benefits). When I mentioned that I use coconut oil for cooking, she commented on how bad it is for you. A few minutes later, she recounted a tale from a recent trip with her boys to McDonald's. Umm.... Same friend recently mentioned that the grocery store eggs (i.e., factory-farmed) are "healthier" than the farm eggs because the factory chickens have been bred to produce eggs with less cholesterol. This all makes me rather sad, actually. So much bad information out there. I'm not pushing or evangelizing, though. I did have to mention the bit about there being old research out there on hydrogenated coconut oil. I just kept my mouth shut about the eggs.