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  1. SonyaT

    Bahn Trang . . .

    I think the brand I looked at was called Three Ladies Brand. I found them at my local Asian market.
  2. SonyaT

    Bahn Trang . . .

    Apparently that is the real name for them. Rice paper wrappers, any thoughts on them? I've been looking around and have found some that use tapioca starch instead of rice flour. I'm thinking they would be just fine but I thought I'd check to see what you all thought. TIA!!!
  3. Deborah, I thought the same thing when I started my first Whole30. I was so used to juicing and had really like the benefits and didn't see any reason to stop. Until I did. And I really, really like where I am now!! I agree with befabdaily, just give it a shot. You can do anything for 30 days!
  4. SonyaT

    Recipe swap

    Count me in!
  5. SonyaT

    Day 16: I. Need. CAKE

    If you were relying on fruit and Lara bars before today I wonder if that might be part of the issue. I know that i struggled with hunger and snacking issues until I completely cut out fruit and nuts. I finished my first Whole30 in the beginning of April and am still continuing to eat about 99% compliant and I am just now feeling like I can handle some fruit with a meal without it sending me out looking for snacks. So I think you are headed the right direction!! Beef up your fats with meals and hang on! (And maybe watch out for the apple with nut butter) I'm guessing you are well on your way to lulling that sugar dragon to sleep! And believe me, the balance will come. I know that I am still very new to this but I can't even believe the way that I have changed the relationship that I have with food. I am still amazed that I fully think about how the food I am eating will fuel my body at each meal instead of blindly reaching for anything that I think will fix whichever emotion I am feeling at the time. I believe that I probably have some sort of serious food addiction (huh, never said that out loud before ) but I finally, like for the first time ever, feel in control. Keep plugging away, keep following the meal template, and keep using this forum to help you navigate. It is so worth it!
  6. Hmmm, I guess it doesn't really matter as far as I know. I try to drink one a day and I just drink it when the mood strikes me.
  7. I usually recommend products with salycilic acid for any kind of acne. Cystic acne is usually caused by a sebum that is much thicker than it normally should be which creates kind of like a dam that clogs the end of the follicle where the oil and dead skin cells that we slough off daily get caught up and cause inflammation and bacteria growth. The salycilic acid acts like draino for the follicles and can help keep them clear and free from this debris. This is the cleanser that I have found to be the most useful:,default,pd.html Though it may sound counter-intuitive make sure that you are moisturizing also. Sometimes cleansing the skin (especially with bar soap) can be really drying and then our body freaks out and thinks it needs to produce more oil, which only makes things worse. If you are using a good quality oil on your skin that can help replace that barrier layer the oil production slows down noticeably. Coconut oil is one of the best that you can use, in my opinion. It really is great for your skin! Also, are you drinking Kombucha? Usually what is going on in our gut has a lot to do with what is happening on our skin.
  8. I can tell you that though I do not deal with any true acne issues the big changes that I saw in my skin happened around day 40-45 for me. I was kind of surprised that it took that long but I'm guessing that it has to do with the life cycle of the outermost layers of skin. Unfortunately the cystic type acne can take some time to subside because the follicles have been clogged and breeding that bacteria for so long. Just out of curiosity what products are you currently using for it? (I'm a skin care professional so there may be some different things that I can recommend.)
  9. SonyaT

    Non-athlete Pre and Post WO meals?

    Ok, good!! I really haven't felt like I needed to be adding any more food to my day but this whole "listening to my body" thing is incredibly new to me and I'm not always sure I am hearing things correctly! Thank you for the input! Robin-- It really is a hoot! I was told that the instructor was REALLY passionate about it and lemme tell you - they were not kidding!!! It has been the most fun part of my entire week! I'm a little sad that it's only offered three times a week!
  10. Ok, just a quick question: I am far from an athlete and I have just started getting some workouts in and I am wondering if I need to worry about a pre and post meal since I can guarantee the workouts I am doing don't compare to a crossfit class or a 5-10 mile run that so many of you do daily. Should I just stick with the three template meals a day and call it good? I'm just getting into a good routine but my daily workouts range from a Kettleworx dvd to an aquatic Zumba class to a 45 minute walk in the evening. Since I'm really just getting started and not working on any personal best or anything terribly monstrous (seriously, sometimes I get tired just reading about what some of you are doing!!!) is the act of working out simply enough? TIA!!!
  11. SonyaT

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I know that planning helps a lot but I try to go to the store without a real set plan. Instead I make sure I know what I have in the house and how far certain foods should take me through the week. Then I buy what is on sale. We haven't had good kale here in months and I refused to pay for the wilted, scrawny bunches that were available and then this week viola: amazing, beautiful kale!! And it was on sale!! One of the really great bonuses of eating almost completely protein and veg, IMHO, is that with a host of different spices most any combination can be complimentary. Shopping this way has not only kept the grocery bill down but has also introduced me to some great things that I had never tried before. (Pork steak!!! Delicious and ridiculously inexpensive! Who knew??) It has been educational and fun really!!!
  12. SonyaT

    What can I have at STarbucks?

    nmp1338-- That sounds wonderful!! The spa that I work in has a tea bar and I am totally spoiled with amazing organic loose leaf tea. We have a really great Masala Chai that I have with coconut milk most mornings. The addition of espresso sounds really good! I'm gonna have to try that!
  13. Hi there!!! I started my first W30 on March 18th and had a glass of wine on April 18th to celebrate, felt marvelously lousy and hopped right back on track the next day. I'm glad you started this thread!! I don't really feel like I fit in with people who are just starting out because I'm not going through all of the stages again but I also feel like I really have a lot more to learn and continue to see really great benefits from this life style daily. I started my W30 with a friend and we both agreed after the wine debacle we needed more time to make these permanent changes but this week it seems she has fallen off the rails a bit. She's still only eating compliant foods but not following the meal templates and most days she just isn't eating at all. And it is definitely messing with her hormones and emotions. Since my caring inquires about what's up with her not eating at all have been met with "What's your point?" I get it. It's not my battle to fight. We all know keeping ourselves on track is hard enough!!! But I realized today that I miss having a partner in crime. I miss discussing what we threw together for dinner or musing about the leftovers we are having for lunch or sharing great recipes we found or the great changes we are seeing. No one else in my life really gets it. Some are very supportive but still just don't quite understand it when I can't stop talking about the amazing sweet potatoes I had for breakfast or why they still have to ask "Are you back to drinking yet?" I get a bit wordy. It would be great to hear from others in the same sort of time frame as me.
  14. SonyaT

    Really, really tired of cooking

    My schedule has recently changed quite a bit and I haven't been able to get on track with my weekly cook ups so this week whenever I am cooking I prepare at least twice as much of everything as we are planning to eat. That way we always have plenty of protein and veg in the house as left overs that can easily be thrown together for a quick meal. It has made for a somewhat boring week for food around here but easy and boring works a lot better than off plan and time consuming for me!
  15. SonyaT

    What's the "Cleanest" alcohol?

    I finished my first Whole30 last week and was beyond excited to have a glass of wine. It was one of the only things I really, really wanted after making it the entire 30 days. So my friend and I shared a fantastic bottle of wine last Thursday and it was as delicious as I had imagined it would be!!!! Then I had the most horrible night!!! Barely slept at all, nauseous to the point of not being able to lay back down, horrible heart burn and totally dragging and sick the next day. It was an eye opener. An occasional glass of wine had been in my plan for the future but I have definitely altered those plans for now. Maybe I'll try it again someday but for now its definitely not worth it. So I guess what I am saying is don't get too caught up on those things you have given up that you think you HAVE to have in the future. Believe me I LOVE me some wine but after all of the really great changes I have made I'm really not ready to make myself feel that horrible over some booze. I never thought twice about it before but this has really made me change the way I think about what I am doing to my body. I'll step off my soap box now.