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    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I know that planning helps a lot but I try to go to the store without a real set plan. Instead I make sure I know what I have in the house and how far certain foods should take me through the week. Then I buy what is on sale. We haven't had good kale here in months and I refused to pay for the wilted, scrawny bunches that were available and then this week viola: amazing, beautiful kale!! And it was on sale!! One of the really great bonuses of eating almost completely protein and veg, IMHO, is that with a host of different spices most any combination can be complimentary. Shopping this way has not only kept the grocery bill down but has also introduced me to some great things that I had never tried before. (Pork steak!!! Delicious and ridiculously inexpensive! Who knew??) It has been educational and fun really!!!