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  1. luckylily

    Seattle Whole 30 places

    The only place I ate out during my Whole 30 was The Bridge in West Seattle. I chose not to worry about industrial seed oils since I only went out once during my Whole 30, but they were otherwise great about accommodating me. Their menu notes all their Gluten Free items and they have a lot of things marked "Gluten Free Option" which basically means ask your server about our gluten free sub for this item. We all know W30 isn't just about gluten free, but it really helped to start there. I had a bison burger, topped w/ grilled pear and a salad.
  2. luckylily

    The crazy things people say

    New Years health talk in the lunch room at work... Coworker: I started doing Weight Watchers again. Me: Oh? CW: Yeah, it works, I lost 30lbs last time. Me: Ummm....did it really "work" if you have to do it again? Coworker: I lost 30lbs last time. I actually feel like the "I'm doing WW again because it worked for me before" is something I hear a lot and just doesn't make sense.
  3. luckylily

    The crazy things people say

    I am newish to posting to the board and just spent a couple hours reviewing this thread - so hysterical!! Here's my offering today: MIL and FIL visit for the holidays. FIL is celiac, he eats gluten free, but otherwise SAD. He always brings his own gf bread when he visits. MIL: Where's the margarine? Me: We don't have margarine. MIL with a shocked voice: Then what do you spread on bread? Me: We don't have bread. MIL: No wonder you are both so skinny! (Note: I'm actually overweight, but MIL is very obese even though she has had a gastric bypass, so she often calls me skinny.) Me, ignoring the skinny comment: If you want something to spread, we have spreadable butter. (It is actually ghee, but I know she won't know what that is and will freak out and think it is weird). MIL with her sad voice: Oh Chris, it just makes me want to cry to see that you eat butter, everyone knows cholesterol will kill you.
  4. luckylily

    The crazy things people say

    Ha yes! The assumption that because I am gluten free, I'm spending my money on more expensive processed foods labelled "gluten free" drives me insane.