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  1. MM, I have been toying with that thought as well re just building up a tolerance for A,B, or C. If the pleasure out weighs the "issue"-maybe it would be worth it, for you. I love cheese-love it. I love dark chocolate. I like wine, rice, bread etc. Easy for me to not feel it is worth it for the "like" stuff...except the wine and that is a whole other issue:) I will not give up cheese or chocolate but they need to be limited and really good-not velvetta(love that with mayo in a sandwich) and hersheys kiss. Is the pleasure outweighing the pain? How long does the pain last in reference to the pleasure? Does 30 sec of pleasure give you 12 hours of pain? Probably not worth it.
  2. Sugar and alcohol do the same to me Noelle-Feel fabulous when I consume it but I better continue or else...I turn into a person I barely recognize. Grains can do that as well but not as dramatic. Now I am eating a bit of cheese and wondering if my tendonitis in my hip has flared due to that, as well as a bit of nasal issues. I have a few more good pieces of sharp cheddar then I will remove that. I have a love/hate relationship with this program. I really do.