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  1. Bethann67

    The crazy things people say

    Most common response after being told I am doing a whole 30... WHY? The question confuses me ...
  2. Bethann67

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I am also spending a lot of money on groceries! I buy "tupperware" every time I go to the store,( it is teetering on hoarding) I upgraded some kitchen utensils and cookware and i needed spices and pils etc (i have spent $18 on coconut oil alone and need more ASAP! ) so i spent close to $1000 this month. (I'm on day 28) But ...whole9 has a list of vegetables and fruits that has saved me some money... it lists fruits and veggies that are clean or dirty... And I only buy the dirty items organic ( for me that is green leafies and celery) and shop the sales /seasonally otherwise. ( ie asparagus was cheap... So I ate a lot... Now it's $3 per pound...and it is off my menu.) and I made some mistakes... Spaghetti squash costs $7 and I don't love it it ( but I can make a huge pile of zucchini noodles for a couple bucks (pasta may never need reintro) When I buy eggs at $5/ dozen it helps me to think about how much 2 egg mcmuffins cost... ( financially and to my health) and I realize $1.25 per meal for protein is CHEAP! (Buying Grass fed beef however still makes me a lil shocky) Eating this way is not cheap... But if I audited my food and drink spending pre whole 30 i'd find that I spent at least as much... At culvers, Babbo, , McDonald's, Starbucks, quicktrip, crispy cream, and buying food in pretty boxes and beer etc. and this month I only spent $15 ( a pound of Sumatran coffee) So ...I think I'm spending my money wisely for a change! �