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  1. iloveyoutimessix

    Bring it on September

    Prep work is key and it seems like you have that part down. You will do great. I am trying to enlist some friends to follow me on my second whole 30. Then the key is to make it a lifestyle.
  2. iloveyoutimessix

    Why is the second time so hard!?

    This is a very good point! Thanks Kirsteen, I never thought about it no longer being new. I will look at my goals, mostly how much more energy I have when I eat well, should help me suceed. I will start again tomorrow!
  3. iloveyoutimessix

    Why is the second time so hard!?

    Why is this second time so hard around! I did the whole30 in March and completed it with much scuess. I had lost weight, and was feeling all the amazing benifits. Since I have fallen off the wagon and cant seem to get back on. Anyone have helpful tips or want to help each other stay accountable. Ive done it before so I know my body can do it again. Now just to get my mind on board.