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    Don't over think this.

    Thanks for the reminder Robin! As a veteran on my 4th W30, I often remind myself that there will be "problem meals" on occasion. Instead of starving myself on a 6 hour flight (with no cooler in tow), it's okay to eat some compliant dried fruit/ Larabars/ dried nuts. Even though I try to stay compliant on ingredients and meal template, life still happens and nothing is perfect. The good news is that I did the best I could for the circumstances and am still doing better than 99% of the other people out there!
  2. MrsKT

    Chicken Broth?

    The broth topic is very frustrating for me.... I use a LOT of broth in my weekly cook-ups. Easily one-half gallon or more. I'm feeding a lot of mouths, while also trying to build my freezer stock for those weekends that cooking doesn't work out. As you said Tom, the local groceries in my area do not carry a compliant version. There is a Whole Foods in driving distance, but that is also frustrating. I live in the suburbs of Houston and it takes at least 25-35 minutes each way (with little to no traffic) on the weekends. The visit to Whole Foods typically takes 2+ hours round-trip. My issue with making broth at home is the volume of chicken parts (and the cooking time) required. In general, I tend to stick to deconstructed chicken because it is easier and much faster to cook. So, I don't often end up with carcasses/ feet/ necks. Can anyone recommend an easier way?