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  1. Official Whole30 - August Check Ins!

    Thought I would log in and say hi. Today was my Day 4 and so far so good. I have been trying to start a Whole30 for a few weeks, but this is as far as I have ever got, so i am very pleased. I really struggled with tiredness yesterday, but today I felt much better. I am realizing how much 'picking' I do subconsciously. I am forever putting little snacks in my mouth, that are very unnecessary. I found today I wasn't enormously hungry either. Just normal hungry. Really enjoying the feeling I am getting from eating clean. My knuckles are not as sore and achey as usual. Good Luck to everyone for Day5
  2. Coconut Cream?

    Thank you for the feedback Robin. Yes, I am in South Africa. In my ignorance I never assumed stabili's'ers and emulsifiers could be that serious and unacceptable. I will get rid of the 'tin' asap. Funny how those little spelling issues and words are so different to what you would use in the US. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Coconut Cream?

    In my local supermarket I found (alongside the coconut milk tins) a tin of 'coconut cream'. It is the supermarket's own brand and it is delicious. It is solid even when at room temperature. It seems to good to be true. The ingredients are listed as Coconut extract Water Emulsifiers Stabilisers Bleaching agent Could someone shed some light on these ingredients for me, please - I am very new to Whole30. Thanks Lauren.
  4. Brand new today

    Right - I have made it through day 1. Thank you TracyJ, I will try some coconut milk tomorrow in my coffee. I hope you are having a good start to your Whole30.
  5. Brand new today

    Oh dear - I managed day 1 fine. I came apart on day 2 and 3, I sort of just rebelled. Today I have managed to get myself back on track. And I am determined to not let it get the better of me, so I will start all over again properly tomorrow. Making such radical changes certainly makes me see how many bad eating habits I have, and how in denal I have been. So - Day 1 .... tomorrow.
  6. Brand new today

    Hi, I am Lauren, and today I started the whole30. It is going to be a real challenge. I really do have a sweet tooth and always overload on carbs. This morning I managed fine and now mid afternoon, I am desperate for a cup of tea with milk. I am really determined to see the whole30 through. I live in South Africa - so some things may be different here.
  7. New, started today! :)

    This is my first day today too - and I am also wondering how I will manage with out milk in my tea or coffee and no wine! Good Luck!