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  1. Whole30 with Ileostomy

    Water isn't an issue, but with an ileo, water/fluid intake needs to be even higher than usual, so popsicles are just another way for me to get more fluids. Thank you for the suggestions! Broth and soups are perfect! I'm going to read that article too
  2. Has anyone done a W30 with an ileostomy? I've had 3 surgeries in 3 months and have another one coming up in about 6 weeks (possibly reversal of stoma). My ileo is 3 months old. I've done several Whole30s prior to having an ileo. One of my concerns is that I haven't tried eating raw vegetables or leafy greens with my ileo yet. I understand they can cause problems. Also, I lose weight after each surgery and usually can put it back on within a few weeks, but I don't want to lose any weight with this W30 due to another upcoming surgery. I just want to be as healthy as possible going into it Any suggestions or tips are very much appreciated. Currently, I am eating a handful of foods that will be off limits with the whole30. Cottage cheese and noosa yogurt are two that I keep around because they are easy to digest and high(ish) in protein. I also eat Outshine popsicles to help keep my fluid intake up. I have also been eating cheese. Those will be the major things that I will have to give up.
  3. The crazy things people say

    The KITTY POTTY!!!! Bahahaha! That's fantastic! Kids are smart
  4. The crazy things people say

    Can anyone explain to me why my co-workers think I don't eat real food? I don't bring these comments on. They come to me. Today I was digging around in my drawer of food in the fridge and one of my bosses came by and said "Is that whole drawer full of your food?". Me: "yes it is". Him: "what have you got in there?" Me: Ground Beef & Cabbage, homemade mayo, an avocado, homemade soup, some vegetable salad...." Him: "don't you have anything EDIBLE in there??!" sigh...
  5. What "other" people think is "healthy"

    My husband has finally been noticed at work for his "strange eating habits". Someone told him the other day that what he's eating isn't really healthy (coconut oil straight from the jar, lol!) because it has saturated fat. sigh.... Maybe he should have been drinking fat free dressing instead?
  6. The crazy things people say

    Are there seriously gyms like this?! Like for real?
  7. I have the same issue. I workout at 6:30, usually getting home between 7:30 and 8:00pm. I'm up around 5:30, to I try to be in bed by 9:30-10:00. My solution is to eat a regular meal (dinner) around 8:00-8:30 when I get home. I also eat a "snack" around 3:30pm. So my day looks like this: 5:30am wake up 7:00am coffee & meal 1 11:30am meal 2 3:30pm snack (or pre-workout meal) 6:30pm workout 8:30pm dinner 9:30pm Bed So, I don't get the full 2 hours between dinner and bed (and my post-workout meal IS my dinner), but it's what my schedule allows at this time.
  8. Ground beef recipe ideas

    This cabbage goulash is wonderful!
  9. Coconut aminos - necessary?

    I couldn't find coconut aminos for the longest time. Then I unexpectedly found them at Vitamin Shoppe.
  10. how will i live without gum?

    I never went back to chewing gum after my first Whole30 (it's all way too sweet now). I kept a toothbrush & toothpaste at work. I also made up pitchers of peppermint tea to keep in the fridge.
  11. Paleo Burrito with Rice and Beans

    So true! For me bananas are a slippery slope, but for others they may not be. It's all relative and personal.
  12. Coconut Oil

    I get mine at Kroger, but just found out that Vitamin Shoppe carries it as well. I typically buy the Spectrum brand and use both the refined and unrefined. The unrefined is more "coconutty" and I use it for baking or things that I would want to have a "sweet" taste and use the unrefined for things like frying eggs.
  13. Preparing for Whole30-CHEAP ideas

    Ya'll are cracking me up! I never even considered eating the stem/trunk before yesterday! I'm gonna try it though!!!!
  14. Preparing for Whole30-CHEAP ideas

    A friend informed me yesterday that you can peel the stem of broccoli and eat the inside. Just another way to get more out for your money. I'm definitely going to try it!
  15. Day 17 FAILURE! Upset w/myself

    Rather than thinking of it as Day 1, you could consider it Day 18 of your Whole47!