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    Kauai & Oahu

    Does anyone else have any suggestions for our trip? I found a Cross Fit gym on Oahu that doesn't charge a drop-in rate, but I'm still looking for something affordable on Kauai. Healthy and fun ideas for our trip to stay the course and still feel like we're on vacation???? So appreciate anybody's thoughts! Today's Day 35 of my Whole 45, and I'll be sad that our trip is so soon and to be done. I've never felt SO GOOD, ever! I love it!!!!
  2. Jessica Darling

    Kauai & Oahu

    ALOOOOOHA! We plan on stopping at Costco when we fly into Lihue before heading to Poipu for our condo - stock up on healthy breakfasts and lunches. Probably we'll want to eat out for dinner. We already shop at Costco here in California, so going to Costco on vacation just doesn't seem super special and vacation-y.... but, we do want to stay healthy and save some money. So I figure, I can eat Costco at home, or I can eat Costco on a tropical island! I'll pick the island any day! Reframe! P.S. - is that how people stay trim living on an island, food is just so darn expensive that lack of portion control isn't an option!?
  3. Jessica Darling

    Encouragement Needed Badly!!!

    You are worth it. You are worth being healthy. You are worth being happy. You are worth tiger blood! You are the outlier in your circle of friends and family. You change the shape of the experience. When you are feeling amazing, and you're ten-fifteen days into it, everyone will want a dose of what you have and will be coming to you for tips and advice. Why? Because you're the expert. Why? Because you took that chance on yourself, and did something out of the box that no one else was doing. You did the hard work, and your results of vitality, health, energy, and aesthetics will show to the rest of your world. You are a role model. if for no other reason under the sun, do it for YOU.
  4. My thoughts on the one month on, and one month off is that it seems like a large scale binge/purge behavior and could negatively affect your psychological relationship with food. One thing that the Hartwigs really seem to believe in as much as putting healthy food in our bodies, is having a healthy relationship. Using the Whole 30 as a crutch because you're scared of what you'll do when you're off it, sounds like you're also scared of riding your own bike with a little swypo thrown in for good measure. I would think about making a bigger scaled plan of attack on your nutrition and habits. Perhaps do a Whole 30, then strict paleo (which is a little more liberal), then maybe experiment with primal (more liberal still). Do each of these for a month while you're figuring out for yourself where your body feels good and comfortable, and where also your psychology can stay its course. It's not easy, but it's worth it! You'll do great!
  5. Jessica Darling

    Successful off-road!

    That's FANTASTIC!!! The more you acknowledge your successes the more you'll myelinate that behavior. Think of Pavlov's famous dogs salivating at the ringing of the bell. You're going to salivate at the sight of healthy food! More about myelination:
  6. Jessica Darling

    Kauai & Oahu

    In exactly two weeks my groom and I are flying to Kauai. We'll be there for a week, and then we'll get married on the beach. We have everything set up for an easy and stress-free tropical wedding, and then we'll honeymoon on Oahu (we'll be ready for some nightlife!). Today is the end of my Day 32 of my Whole 45. It's the first time I've visited Whole9, but I was eating strictly Paleo for about a month before I began. I'm SO EXCITED for my upcoming wedding and vacation!!!!! I am wondering if anyone out here as any food or restaurant recommendations while we're there. Day 45 is the day before we leave, and I've read the reintroduction strategy for ending the Whole process. I just was hoping for some yummy suggestions that will help us to stay on the same eating path. Start our trip prepared for success (and fun!). I appreciate any and all tips! Mahalo!