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  1. sciencemonster

    Not interested in food

    I had that problem with my first Whole30 (kind of). Have you been eating a lot of the same things?
  2. sciencemonster

    Aches and Pains The First Few Days?

    Yep it's day 6 for me and the knee ache is pretty much resolved. I'm still not positive what happened here.
  3. It gets better! For me, the adjustment period is just about 3 days. Your workouts will be better than ever after your body adjusts
  4. Hi everyone! I'm currently on day 4 of my first Whole30. I was eating paleo relatively strictly before, so I haven't experienced any detox symptoms yet (though I hear I should expect a wave of cravings in the second week... I'd love to hear about that if anyone has insight). Anyways, I'm a runner and haven't had any injuries, BUT my knees do crack when I go up stairs, which started in the summer. I noticed yesterday that my left knee was aching/painful right in the center of the knee, but I haven't run since last week. Is it normal to have unusual aches and pains during your first week of the Whole30? I just can't think of anything else that could be causing the pain!
  5. sciencemonster

    Carb Loading

    This is really interesting. Once your body switched over to being a fat burner, do you still carb load at all?
  6. sciencemonster

    PWO protein shake alternative?

    Have you tried a green smoothie? You don't really need to have a high protein meal before a workout, only after. I was just on the Whole9 forum, and egg white powder is an approved protein source. You could add this to the above smoothie and have an awesome whole food protein shake!
  7. sciencemonster

    Food Budget

    I'm a college student and easily spend almost a third of my income on food. I'm not great at budgeting, but it is still a relatively expensive way to live at this time in my life!!! Plus the college I'm at is in a rural area with only one small grocery store and no farmer's markets. Rough.
  8. I understand that there are a few foods that I should really, really just never eat again. For example, pizza. There are all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't even touch pizza again, and it pretty much kills me. I would like to have pizza again. It is simply delicious. However, I also understand that if I were to have it, I would have a really nasty reaction to it, because my worst triggers are gluten, cheese, nightshades, and sugar. I hate feeling so limited, and I'm really struggling to come to terms with this new lifestyle, even though I'm excited attaining better health. How do y'all get over this feeling? Am I just going to get over it, or is this feeling of missing out on good food going to plague me for a while?
  9. sciencemonster

    Day 12 and NOTHING!? *insert tears*

    I'm on day 9 and I'm still exhausted (though I can tell I've had some other side effects, like my hunger/cravings are pretty much gone, skin is *starting* to clear up--definitely not all the way there though--,and I can tell I've certainly lost some weight and feel much slimmer in general. I'm ready for some energy too!!
  10. My goal for the next few days is to reduce my fruit intake. I don't think it's feeding any dragons, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!!
  11. I just completed day 4 with almost no side effects at all. Some of my body stuff has been different (but not in a bad way), and I've had slightly less energy, but otherwise I've had no other symptoms besides some pretty powerful cravings. Maybe this is very paranoid of me, but... Am I doing something wrong?! It seems like people oftentimes have a terrible adjustment period, whereas I seem to have almost no physiological complications. The program is a moderate change in diet for me. Before, I was eating without dairy, most grains (still had rice on occasion), and some sugars (honey, maple syrup, stevia). Cutting out legumes was the only thing I've never done before, but it hasn't been too much of a problem. I would admit that I'm likely having more fruit than what is recommended, but I am definitely eating much more other nutrients, especially fats and the great stuff in veggies (eating veggies with every meal is definitely new for me!!). I would love some feedback on this. Thanks!