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    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    I've found it at both Kroger and Publix.
  2. Mary Carmosino Beougher

    Broccoli Sadness

    My husband is allergic to broccoli (actually the entire brassica family - broccoli & cauliflower being the worst offenders). Or he was diagnosed with it as an allergy as a kid so that's what he calls it. I think it is more a severe intolerance exacerbated by being forced to eat broccoli when he was a kid, even when it caused him to vomit after. Cabbage on occasion as a coleslaw seems okay but as a rule we avoid all of it. I'll buy broccoli for myself on occasion just cause I love it so much.
  3. Mary Carmosino Beougher

    UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    Are these specific to the UK? I'm moving to the Netherlands in 2 weeks and was wondering about food labeling.
  4. Mary Carmosino Beougher

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Edited: Posted in the wrong thread.
  5. Mary Carmosino Beougher

    Brand of mayonnaise ???

    I looked at every brand at every grocery store near me - and we have quite a few- and didn't find a single one. Sorry, but you may be out of luck. I didn't want to make mine own at first either, but I think it's either that or don't eat mayo on Whole30.
  6. Mary Carmosino Beougher

    Brand of mayonnaise ???

    Now that I've figured out the immersion blender method, which is so much easier and faster, I'll never buy another jar of mayo again.