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    Broccoli Sadness

    My husband is allergic to broccoli (actually the entire brassica family - broccoli & cauliflower being the worst offenders). Or he was diagnosed with it as an allergy as a kid so that's what he calls it. I think it is more a severe intolerance exacerbated by being forced to eat broccoli when he was a kid, even when it caused him to vomit after. Cabbage on occasion as a coleslaw seems okay but as a rule we avoid all of it. I'll buy broccoli for myself on occasion just cause I love it so much.
  2. Mary Carmosino Beougher

    UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    Are these specific to the UK? I'm moving to the Netherlands in 2 weeks and was wondering about food labeling.
  3. Mary Carmosino Beougher

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Edited: Posted in the wrong thread.