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  1. angekfire

    Potato vs Sweet Potato

    Yes, they are one of the best sources of potassium, but sweet potatoes are also high in potassium. As for vitamin C there is no lack of other vegetables that are whole30 compliant that also happen to provide more than enough of it as well. While the whole30 is not necessarily specifically touted as a weight loss program, a lot of people join the program for just that reason. And for that reason, I place a greater importance on nutrient density to calorie density. Sweet potato offers a far more bang for it's buck. It is less calorie dense, contains more fiber, and generally offers the same trace amounts of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it has a very high level of Vitamin A. Then again, I've never overly cared for white potatoes and eliminated them from my diet years before I even heard about Whole30, so perhaps I am just biased.
  2. angekfire

    deli meats? (canada!)

    The only one I can think of off hand, is prosciutto, but even then you still need to read the ingredients to make sure it doesn't have any additives, but often it doesn't.
  3. angekfire

    Natural flavors in tea

    Personally, I am skeptical of David's tea. I am sure some of them are fine, but they have a lot of unnatural teas, like a "birthday cake" tea with sprinkles in it, for example. Just the fact that they carry these types of teas makes me question what is in even the ones that seem compliant.
  4. angekfire

    Potato vs Sweet Potato

    I think it is not only the potato and method that is used to cook it that is the issue, but what people usually do with them. Fries are often served with a dip or ketchup, or other non-compliant things. Baked potatoes often smothered with cheese, butter and sour cream. The spirit of the whole30, to me, is to enjoy nutrient dense foods. Potatoes aren't exactly packed with nutrients.
  5. angekfire

    A question regarding bone broth

    I've made turkey broth in my pressure cooker, and while it didn't come out quite like jello, like beef broth can, it did come out with plenty of gelatin like ripples throughout. I just added a bit of cider vinegar to the bones when I was making the broth to help extract the extra nutrients. Other than that, it was just carrots, onion, celery, and parsley I think. Plus, the finer you make the ingredients, the more nutrients are extracted into the broth. So I usually blend all the ingredients (except the bones) fairly fine for the added nutrient boost.
  6. angekfire

    What do you do with a pressure cooker?

    I've used mine for poultry, beef, and veggie broths. Though I leave mine in for 2 hours (the max time setting on my cooker). I have used it for pork tenderloin, which turns out awesome when put in for about 40 minutes. Very tender an still slightly pink in the center. I chopped some and used it in omelets, I shredded some and used it for pulled pork (with a compliant BBQ sauce recipe) I threw in 6 chicken breasts for 30 minutes and they all turned out super juicy and tender. I've done beef roasts as well. I have found that it requires little planning to use one. Throw in meat, throw in a bit of liquid, and throw in whatever spices tickle your fancy, and it will probably turn out well.
  7. angekfire

    Honey Replacement?

    I've used unsweetened apple sauce, or pineapple juice depending on what I'm making.
  8. angekfire

    My new favorite sweet potato dish

    I found that steaming the sweet potato prior to throwing them into the pan with oil helps make sure they are fully cooked, but still gives them the crispy crust that makes them delicious. I found if I just grated them and threw them in a pan with oil, they got a nice crust, but were still not entirely cooked on the inside which made the texture less pleasant. I just grate them, steam them for a few minutes, then throw them in the pan with oil & spices.
  9. angekfire

    Kale chips

    The only way I've made kale chips are in the oven with olive oil, spices and salt, and I find them delicious. As far as a food without breaks, I hardly think if I ate an entire head of kale in one sitting that it would even be particularly unhealthy. I don't personally find them to be anything like sex with your pants on though, since I gave up chips about 8 years ago and never looked back. Likewise sweet potato cut into fry shapes, coated with spices and olive oil ad baked I think hardly count either, but then again I gave up regular fries at the same time I gave up chips, so neither tempt me into unhealthy eating habits.
  10. angekfire

    Best thing you ever ate (whole 30 edition)?

    Primal Chicken Tikka Masala from Mark's Daily Apple. Rivals my favorite Indian restaurant, but is compliant.
  11. angekfire

    mayo what can I use it for ?

    I make a chipotle mayo and use it for a dip for chicken or even oven baked sweet potato fries. Works well on lettuce-wrapper tacos or wraps as well.
  12. angekfire

    Pressure Cooker

    I have this pressure cooker and love it. Lots of safety features. I've done turkey broth, chicken broth, beef broth, and vegetable broth. All of them have turned out pretty awesome and you know exactly what goes in. Looking for compliant broths in stores, I think I found 1 broth that was compliant and it was like $7 for 1 pack. I've also done chicken breast in it, which turned out incredibly juicy. I've done pork tenderloins that come out very tender and still slightly pink in the middle. I've done beef roasts in there that you can cut with your fork. I'd definitely highly recommend one.
  13. angekfire

    tikka masala

    This is one of my favorite recipes PERIOD. It rivals my favorite Indian restaurant.
  14. I actually have a hand-held zester, and I find it easier to freeze the ginger root whole, and then grate it as needed. It actually makes it easier to grate when frozen and you don't have to worry about it going bad. You can do the same with fresh galangal or tumeric.
  15. angekfire

    Prepping and planning

    I came up with an awesome asparagus dish a while back that was super simple and delicious. Works best with asparagus tips if they are available. I wouldn't recommend cooking in advance and saving them though. -1/2 a bundle of asparagus -2 minced garlic cloves -Squeeze about 1/4 of a lemon for juice directly into pan -cook in a pan at medium heat with olive oil for 5-7 minutes, or until they are tender. -Finish wish a light drizzle of compliant balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper to taste. For garnish, lightly toast some almond slivers in oil at low heat until slightly brown. I recommend hazelnut or coconut oil, but olive oil would work fine too. I recommend it as a side to fish.