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  1. angekfire

    Texas De Brazil

    There is a place in my city that is very similar (called Ekko de Brasil), and while we were on our first whole30 we called them to ask about their meats (as we had been before and loved it). They were very friendly and helpful. Broken down, here is what they said: -Chicken breast wrapped in bacon: The bacon has sugar, but they were willing to cook just chicken breast and omit the bacon as a special request. -Chicken Drumstick: Marinated in beer. Not compliant. -Parmesan Pork: Not compliant (cheese) -Sausage: Had sugar. Not compliant -Lamb: Marinated in wine. Not compliant. -Beef (striploin, ribeye, brazilian, prime rib, garlic beef): All compliant. Only seasoning used was salt. As for their buffet portion, they had olive oil and balsamic that was compliant as a salad dressing. Veggies & lettuce were also obviously compliant, but that was about all from the buffet potion that was good. So if Texas de Brasil is similar, it may be a viable option. You would have to call and ask in advance though.
  2. angekfire

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    Some plants can be grown indoors and will produce fruit year round. Or herbs are super easy to grow on a windowsill, as are some types of lettuce, as examples.
  3. angekfire

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I try to grow fresh herbs myself. They are generally easy enough to grow and maintain and add a lot of flavour to the dishes I make. I signed up to receive a box of produce from a local organic farm that delivers year round. I will receive my first box tomorrow. If the quantity is good I will continue to get my produce this way, but if it is small or they send a lot of stuff I don't eat, then I will probably go back to just picking stuff up at grocery stores. Its $50 for a box for 2 people, which at first I thought was expensive, but then when I actually looked at it, it could last 1-2 weeks. If it lasts 2 weeks, that is $25 a week for fresh organic produce delivered to my door. Otherwise, $50 really isn't that much, last week we spent something like $120 on groceries (an expensive week but a lot more produce), so if we don't need to buy much other produce, our only other real expense for food will be meat.
  4. angekfire

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I am starting Wednesday and we have been buying stuff so we have things ready to go when we start (New spices, vinegars and oils that are compliant). It has been an expensive past couple of days, but the way we look at it, it is almost impossible for us to eat out when on the Whole30 (Or much more difficult to find something compliant, easier to just make it at home). This means that we will save money on eating out, which can then be put toward buying more fruits, veggies and meat, and in the end, I figure we will either break even or save money over when we were eating out a one or twice a week even.