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    I'm afraid to go out there!

    Hi Kaybee, Usually I stay pretty quiet on these forums but your post hit home, because I could have written it myself a few months ago! I had an amazing Whole30 experience back in July. I was compliant, motivated, and felt fantastic. Lost weight, slept well, just generally felt happy. It was fairly easy, too. I was still new to my city so my social life was nonexistent, my husband was on sea duty for that month, and there were so few temptations standing in my way. I was convinced I'd eat like that forever. And I had a little momentum for the first week. But then my husband came back, and while he's supportive, I found myself wanting to share beers and desserts. I started making more friends, which meant social events and happy hours. When a brand new friend invites you over to watch a movie and the only food is pizza- and you aren't explicitly on Whole30- it's just tough to turn it down and eat beef jerky from your purse, you know? Then slowly the little tastes here and there turned into "Well, I know I can do Whole30 if I ever start to feel crummy again, so why NOT have this panini?" I suddenly found myself craving, almost NEEDING things I once couldn't have cared less about (Tootsie Rolls, candy canes, Oreos, ick!). Snacks that used to make me feel virtuous, like soy crisps or PopChips or hummus, started to make me feel like a Whole30 failure, so I'd say "what the heck, why not buy a cookie at the bakery, I've already blown it." It's been hard for me to just do a "Whole7" or even a "Whole2" here and there to get back on track. I think it's my fault that I'm just a very black or white, all or nothing person. Either I do a Whole30 that I prep for and psych myself up for, or I can't do anything at all. So I guess my point is, don't reintroduce just for the sake of reintroducing. If you don't want something, keep it out of your diet! My reaction is pretty extreme, and I don't mean to scare you. I will say that I'm so glad I did the Whole30 and I'm thankful I have it "in my back pocket" whenever I need it. I think what I'm trying to say is keep it up if you feel good, but understand that you may eat non compliant stuff and love it and want more. Without the comforting confines of being "on" Whole30, it can be so hard to stay on track. It's really challenging to maintain perfect paleo and have an active life- but I wouldn't trade finally having friends and doing interesting things for those lonely nights with giant paleo salads any day. It's all about balance, clearly I'm struggling with it, but I've seen that is is absolutely attainable and I strive for that! I wish you the best of luck!
  2. alm613

    Whole Foods Buffet

    I appreciate that the salad bar is out even at 8am! So if I forget breakfast I can buy hard boiled eggs or pulled chicken or tuna. Recently, my WF in Seattle added a Whole30 compliant hot item to the buffet bar! I forget the name, something like vegetables marquez (?) and it's just zucchini, tomatoes, and other vegetables in this really savory tomato sauce. So nice to have a warm option at lunch!
  3. alm613

    So whats the scoop on tunafish?

    Trader Joe's sells inexpensive, soy-free tuna cans . One of my favorite lunches is mixing a can of tuna with some mustard, then throwing in whatever chopped veggies I have around, usually scallions, red pepper, carrots, cucumber, hearts of palm, and some olives. Like a salad nicoise, almost!
  4. alm613


    At first I was disappointed because all the flavor packs for my Soda Stream had cane sugar. Even the "natural" flavors have cane sugar! However, if you look hard enough (I had to dig a little at Bed Bath and Beyond), you will find that they have two basic all-natural flavors that come in three packs of little glass bottles. I've only seen raspberry and orange, and you pour just a 1/2 tsp into your liter of seltzer. It tastes a little syrupy to me, but maybe I just need to mix it better. Either way, those little glass bottles are the only flavor I've seen that is ok for Whole30! Made by the SodaStream brand.
  5. I experienced the same thing on my first whole30. About a week before my period was supposed to arrive, I started spotting. But heavier than spotting, almost like a regular period. Which was incredibly odd because I'm on hormonal birth control, and shouldn't that trump all dietary changes? A friend of mine on whole30 also experienced it. I've heard that the breakthrough bleeding could be caused by weight loss (if applicable, and it was for me), as well as a sudden flux in nutrients, like more fat and far fewer cabs. Either way, strange and annoying, but certainly not gross or abnormal!
  6. This is something I've been wondering as well as I struggle greatly with reintroduction and the slippery slope to carbtown. From ISWF I understand that contrary to popular belief, eating saturated fat isn't going to lead to heart disease as the government/mainstream media want us to believe, as long as we are eating no grain and stay generally paleo otherwise. My concern was what if on occasion (ok, maybe more frequently than that) I DO eat grains, as well as still eat a lot of saturated fat via delicious delicious grassfed ground beef? (I'm not too concerned with fats like avocados, just those high sat fats I've been warned about since I was a baby!) Am I headed from super health to horrible health because suddenly the saturated fat will interact with the carbs and go all lethal on me? Am I making sense? It makes sense to me but I'm not the best communicator It just seems like an all-or-nothing deal. No carbs and high sat fats or SAD and limited sat fats. And I'm not looking to change that! I love Whole30, felt amazing on Whole30, and know what good health feels like and how to get there. I just hoped here maybe to narrow down what cornelius was going for and see if anyone has any thoughts- maybe it's not so cut and dry?
  7. alm613

    The crazy things people say

    An acquaintance told me that if I'm so concerned about gut permeability and inflammation, I should just take this great liquid probiotic supplement she showed me. First ingredient- the FIRST ingredient- was sorbitol. Come on, people!
  8. alm613

    confused about carrageenan's even in toothpaste. Even Tom's!
  9. alm613

    Trader Joe's and Costco options

    ohmygoodness I could go on and on and on about what I buy for Whole30 at these places! Costco sells bulk packs of Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs. I am obsessed with these, they are compliant, and a great dip when salsa gets old and hummus isn't an option. Costco is also the only place I've found with compliant chicken stock. They sell it in packages of 6 quarts. It's great. If you like fruit snacks, they sell Stretch Island Fruit Co. fruit leather- only ingredient is fruit and can satisfy a candy craving. As for TJ's, well, I could do their marketing for them. Their organic produce is often only 50 cents to a dollar more than conventional, love their bagged salads and kale, and they now have a pack of Power Greens with chard that will be great to sautee. Their brand of roast beef is delish and compliant. The organic/conventional frozen vegetables are a real bargain (the Grilled Asparagus is my favorite), and if you go conventional with your meat, the bags of frozen chicken are great. Their Garlic Herb chicken sausages are their only flavor of sausage that is compliant, but they're yummy. Their packs of organic ground beef aren't grass fed but are a great value for organic. They now sell cage-free liquid egg whites, perfect for when I make egg casseroles to eat throughout the week. They sell fire-roasted red/yellow peppers that are great to nibble on (just avoid the pack of only red- they contain brown sugar), as well as compliant tomato sauces (previously mentioned). The nut/dried fruit aisle is overwhelming! I can go overboard with nuts, so I buy the single-serve packs of dry-roasted, unsalted, raw almonds. Perfect for when I'm on the go. A lot of their dried fruit is compliant as well, but of course read your labels. If you can handle it (and be wise- they taste like candy/gummy bears/heaven while on Whole30, so you might lose your mind), the New Zealand apple rings and Dried Flattened Banana are so good you'll cry. I love their Beet/Purple carrot juice, raw almond butter, bags of sweet potatoes, amazing prices on organic tomatoes, good variety of compliant tea (yes, tea often has soy lecithin in it!), salsas (again, read labels- soybean oil!), pure apple sauce, and spices. Their prices on spice can't be beat. Ok I did indeed go on and on, but these places are amazing for Whole30! I work across from a Whole Foods, which helps to fill in any gaps.
  10. alm613

    Just keep gaining weight...

    Thanks Robin!!! I appreciated seeing that- a nice reality check. Every time I see that I need to cut down or eliminate fruit to lose weight, I go into panic mode. Fruit is not bad. The second we start viewing fruit as a bad food, it's because we're only seeing food as a conduit to weight gain or loss, and that's neglecting so much of the picture. I realize this is in a specific forum about weight loss, but I feel like there has to be another way to drop extra pounds. Avoiding fruit can't be the only way to successfully lose weight! I just can't accept that! The reason I love Whole30 is because I'm not dieting, just enjoying real whole foods. To me, fruit is happiness. It just seems mentally damaging for me to start viewing something natural, hydrating and full of nutrients as "bad." We as a community need to stop hating on the fruit! Obviously 12 apples a day, or 6 bananas, or 4 bowls of grapes aren't doing anyone any favors. But 12, 6, 4 of anything isn't conducive to weight loss, unless you're talking about glasses of water. I'd do almost anything to avoid giving up a refreshing, satisfying serving or two a day of fruit! A big part of my first Whole30 was realizing that nourishing my body and eating only what it needs is the best start to getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. On Whole30, even with no treats and booze, I wasn't even nearing the 115-pound twig I desire to be. But that's okay, because I WAS still at a healthy weight and FELT healthier. I had to come to terms with the fact that here I was, losing weight in the best and healthiest way possible, but 115 is just a pipe dream unless I want to become anorexic. This is not meant to anyone particular in this thread, but sometimes I wonder if we all just are too focused on what we want to weigh rather than what we can achieve and maintain while also living a full life.
  11. alm613

    Sugar in... GARLIC?!

    Isn't that so frustrating? After my first Whole30- when I found out about the horrors of cane syrup and corn starch in lunch meat- I really dove headfirst into label reading and thought I was in the clear now with everything I ate. Until I casually looked at my jar of roasted red peppers and saw brown sugar!! And a jar of olives with GLUCOSE! It's insane. I was able to find another type of roasted red pepper with no additives (I'm hooked on them, and it's a big nuisance for me to roast them myself and they're nowhere near as good) and now make sure to triple check all labels. But everything is a lesson learned, right?
  12. Just wanted to add that both me and a friend of mine are both on hormonal BC and both got our periods very early (1-2 wks) on Whole30. Periods that normally were like clockwork! I just don't get how dietary changes can override ingested hormones! I mean, hormonal BC has prevented me from "synching" up with roommates in the past, and if it can overcome that kind of pull, I just can't wrap my head around my food causing these changes. It's wild! Also, I would definitely recommend the copper IUD, Paraguard. It's being promoted for younger women (college age especially) who haven't had kids, so I think your doc is living in the past, when it was considered dangerous as the cervix wasn't naturally widened from childbirth. I'd get a second opinion!
  13. alm613

    Reintroduction question

    Absolutely, thanks Renee! I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't totally blowing the plan. I was planning on seeing how I react to bread eventually- I'm not 100% sure I want to bring it back, but I'd like to be able to say I tried it and it made me feel gross in case people get on my case about not eating it anymore. It's nice to know I can switch up the reintroduction as long as I keep to the rules. Now all I can do is hope and pray that I don't react badly to it while out to eat!
  14. alm613

    Reintroduction question

    Ok, I'm hoping one of the moderators can touch on this one- I was planning on doing the reintroduction by the book- dairy first, gluten grains next, etc. But I am going out to lunch with someone on the first day of my reintroduction, and the place she chose is a bakery that specializes in sandwiches. As in, you only go there for sandwiches. And don't order them in lettuce, or you look ridiculous. She is doing me a huge favor by meeting me for lunch (she is a potential job lead), so I feel it's only right to let her choose the venue, no complaints from me. My question is: Can day 1 be gluten grains? I can have a sandwich without cheese there but can't avoid the bread. Or is there a true reason that dairy comes first? Thanks so much!
  15. alm613

    Finished & Discouraged.

    We sound like the same person! I'm also 5'1" and about 130. I expected very different, more immediate results than I've seen (Day 26 now). But the truth is, at our size, we may weigh more than we want to, but we don't have a ton of weight to lose. It's much easier to drop weight quickly when you have a lot to lose- think of The Biggest Loser. But I keep reminding myself that building healthy habits is more important, SO much more important right now. The weight will come off eventually once this becomes a more automatic lifestyle for me. It took a long time to pack on my extra 10 pounds- I think 120 is where I should try to be- so I can't just assume that I will lose 10 pounds so quickly. I'm discouraged too, especially since my Whole30 buddies all lost a lot more weight. But they had more to lose, and needed to lose it more than I did. So I'm vowing to stay the course, because what's the worst that could happen? A lifetime of healthy, nutrient-dense eating?