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  1. PaleoBubbleGum

    Ideas for non-refrigerated lunch/snacks?

    This blog has a lot of paleo kids lunchboxes (but for a preschooler), take a look around and see if anything would work in your situation. I bring a thermos with a broth soup, and it stays very hot until lunchtime when I'm working outdoors in our freezing cold winters. Once I eat it it's still almost too hot to eat. I'm in the north east, it should work even better for you for keeping soup hot, since you're in florida. I leave at 7am and eat at noon. My thermos also does a great job keeping food cold in the summer. I would recommend you buy a Miss Bento lunchbox thermos, it will keep food cold or hot, and I bet that thermos lunchbox will be useful to your daughter until way after she graduates high school ;-) How about 3 and a half chicken thighs, with [the same or] less vegetables? It looks like a decent amount of food for a growing pre-teen, I just think a growing pre-teen would need a lot more fat and protein (which the chicken thighs will provide).
  2. PaleoBubbleGum

    Received Dr. note for food intolerances. Yay!

    Wonderful! How did you phrase it when you asked? I don't know your/your kids situation, but wouldn't it be great if parents could that a Dr note so kids with ADHD or autistic symptoms don't have to eat sugar or grains? It would make these kids situation so much better.
  3. PaleoBubbleGum

    Is there a W30 graphic for kids to check off throughout the day??

    What do you want on the chart? How do you envision this chart will work?
  4. PaleoBubbleGum

    hair loss

    No problem so long as I eat a looot more calories than I think I need (more calories than my body tells me it needs). It started getting thicker once I did that.
  5. PaleoBubbleGum

    Food Budget

    Atleast 25% for groceries. We don't buy fancy stuff like nuts or fruits, or baking flours. Nothing organic. Everything is conventional. Definitely nothing from farmers. (Beef liver from a farmer here costs $5 per pound, ground beef costs $8 per pound, a cabbage the size of a small woman's fist costs $3 ... not gonna happen!) (Eating paleo is actually much cheaper than SAD. We used to spend double that amount on food). 30% for housing, and then a little more for utilities. We don't have fancy stuff like TV, not even the digital antenna. Husband's cell phone plan which he needs for work is very expensive and costs way more than all of our other utilities combined. If he got a Net10 plan we could use a lot of that money for more food. Almost 20% for gas to get to work(!) Other money goes for specialist visits and physical therapy every week, since he hurt his leg. This takes any leftover money not spent on the above. His insurance is pretty cheap, but doesn't cover a lot so we pay most stuff out of pocket. I keep bugging my husband to call and ask for a payment plan that could give us a little more leeway. Leftover money, if any, gets spent on car maintenance and repairs (almost 15 year old second hand car). When we die we won't be able to afford a coffin in the cemetery, so we'll just give a college kid $25 and a six pack of beer to dump us into a ditch somewhere. I hope he enjoys the beer, we certainly didn't get to enjoy any :-P Maybe they could throw us in the compost, we would probably decompose in one week and no one would be the wiser. Better than being a organ donor.
  6. PaleoBubbleGum

    Prep, Prep and more Prep!

    I'm a huuuuuge breakfast person so I don't like to do leftovers. I like something fancy I don't exactly do prep work every day, but also not every week. So while I don't have a set routine or way to go about it, each time I'm doing prep work or cooking I always try to figure out ways to reduce the amount of work I'll have to do in the next few days. I'm given chicken bones on Friday's, so I grab all my other bones from the freezer and start a pot of chicken stock. I like to add celery, carrot, and onion to my stock, so I prep some of those vegetables for the weekend, and add the peels and trimmings to the pot. I also like to roast the bones before I put them in the pot of water (it makes it easier to extract the gelatin if you put hot bones in cold water, like when you make Jello). So I warm the bones in the oven for 30 minutes at 350. Since I know I'm going to be using the oven, I defrost a beef roast and (if I found a good deal) a pork picnic roast. The beef will be used for stir frys saturday, and with pot roast vegetables sunday, and the picnic roast for pulled pork during the work/week days. Now I have those prepared vegetables for the weekend, so I make two stir frys with that. ( If I have pulled pork: ) I freeze individual pint mason jars with pulled pork, with some room at the top to add vegetables later. That will be lunch for Monday-Friday. Then when I make dinner each night, I reserve some cooked vegetables to go with the pulled pork the next day. ( If I don't have pulled pork ) I have the chicken stock so I prepare some vegetables and some marinated beef to make breakfast soup. The soup doesn't even take 5 minutes to make in the morning. I literally bring the stock to a boil, add vegetables and marinated meat, cover and turn off the (electric) burner. Sometimes, when I'm using the oven, I wrap 4 sweet potatoes in foil. Then stick them in the fridge for later. They're good warm or cold. I hate leftovers, and my system works out in a way that each meal doesn't feel like leftovers
  7. PaleoBubbleGum

    Constantly hungry.

    Do you buy whole chicken or individual chicken breasts? I would eat at least 3 chicken thighs for lunch, preferably 4. I season them and bake in the oven at 350 for 30-40 minutes. Very easy. Then with that I would make a stir fry with some carrot, broccoli, onion and maybe mushrooms cooked with 3 spoons of lard. I don't ever eat chicken breast, it's not worth it, no matter how many I eat I'm still hungry. The only way I would eat it is if I cook it into a curry, like one breast and one can of cononut milk and 3 spoons of coconut oil. As for more protein and more fat, no... not more protein, just more fat. One chicken breast has 16g protein and 1g of fat. One chicken thigh has 8g protein and 3g of fat. 4 chicken thighs are very filling to me, but with 4 chicken breasts I feel hungry.
  8. PaleoBubbleGum

    Newly Preggo...and nauseous! I'm supposed to be getting dressed to go to work, that's all for now, bye :-)
  9. PaleoBubbleGum

    HELP! Other Breakfast Ideas - non-eggs

    5 Minute Soup: I always have chicken or beef stock in the fridge. Bring one cup to a boil, slice carrot, shallots, and mushrooms and add it to the boiling stock, then add leftover shredded meat or (I try to keep this in the fridge for breakfast) small pieces of marinated beef. The soup is light enough that you can have it even now that the weather is warming up. B-L-T salad with sliced strawberries, sliced boiled eggs, and (now that I can have it again) cottage cheese. Good with or without lettuce.This is my favorite salad in the summer and it takes less than 5 minutes to make. Honestly I think salads are for rabbits, but this is chunky and satisfying enough that even I will eat it and love it (without lettuce). Heat some coconut oil in a pan, fry some shrimp, sliced onions, and sliced red peppers with salt, pepper, and some chili paste and basil. Then pour a little coconut milk over it to make a sauce. It's a 5 minute shrimp curry breakfast. Slice some apples and stir fry them in coconut oil (or ghee, if you don't like coconut oil). Two big apples and 4 or 5 large spoons of oil, per person. It's good warm or cold. Wardolf salad (I like to add raisins or cranberries) Sweet potato tater tots fried in beef tallow with slices of sausage. If cubed potatoes take too long to cook, you could shred them in a cheese grater instead. As an alternative, why not just eat more at lunch and dinner and stop eating breakfast?