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    Low blood sugar

    I have struggled with Hypoglycemia my whole adult life, and my lows can take HOURS to recover from. I made up snack bags when I started the plan, which include raw shredded coconut, raisins, sunflower seeds. In the beginning, I had a few episodes, and eating some snack helped a LOT. I hide them everywhere! I am now on Day 18 of my Whole30, and I definitely do NOT need to snack every day anymore. It is incredible! I do not put myself in the danger zone, but attempting to fight through the sick feeling of a low...that is not safe.But, those sick and dizzy feelings are less and less! I did some heavy gardening yesterday, and when I came back inside, I had a few bites of turkey (plain) with a few bites of cucumber. I then had the strength to make a Whole30 compliant dinner without getting sick! That NEVER happens! I end up eating before my husband comes home because I am so woozy. I usually struggle in the mornings BIG, I just spread my breakfast out over a few hours, rather than all at once, and it helps a LOT. I also eat slower. My system definitely likes this way of eating much more than previous.