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  1. Valmomy

    Low blood sugar

    I have struggled with Hypoglycemia my whole adult life, and my lows can take HOURS to recover from. I made up snack bags when I started the plan, which include raw shredded coconut, raisins, sunflower seeds. In the beginning, I had a few episodes, and eating some snack helped a LOT. I hide them everywhere! I am now on Day 18 of my Whole30, and I definitely do NOT need to snack every day anymore. It is incredible! I do not put myself in the danger zone, but attempting to fight through the sick feeling of a low...that is not safe.But, those sick and dizzy feelings are less and less! I did some heavy gardening yesterday, and when I came back inside, I had a few bites of turkey (plain) with a few bites of cucumber. I then had the strength to make a Whole30 compliant dinner without getting sick! That NEVER happens! I end up eating before my husband comes home because I am so woozy. I usually struggle in the mornings BIG, I just spread my breakfast out over a few hours, rather than all at once, and it helps a LOT. I also eat slower. My system definitely likes this way of eating much more than previous.
  2. Valmomy

    VERY bloated

    Can someone explain digestive enzymes, for dummies (LOL) Can you be specific about what I need to purchase?
  3. Today is day one for me! I have to say, I was in the kitchen for 12 hours almost, prepping, cleaning the frig, cooking in advance, things like that. By the end of the day my fibromyalgia was so bad I was weeping-- which then propelled me right back to the fact that this may improve over time, on the Whole 30! Sadly, I am starting this two days before my period hits me, and at my age (49) it hits HARD. Sadly, I am already PMSing, and emotional, so not sure how I am going to tell the difference as I track my physical responses. My fear--knowing I cannot use Advil for the pain, as it is an NSAID. Tylenol is like water for me lol But, I am determined!! I am wondering what this will do to my hypoglycemia, and knowing I am a little afraid of low blood sugars, I do have raw coconut and some dried fruit for snax, just in case. So, here we GOOOOO!
  4. Thank you SOOOO much! What a great and encouraging response! I will go ahead and mention here, although not necessarily just to you, tat I have had a tumor in my adrenal gland, and had it, and the gland adrenals are messed with. Thyroid removed. Gall Bladder removed. And I have neurofibromatosis. (NF1) I think the fibromyalgia actually began with that major surgery 21 years ago, and then kicked up a notch with the stress of all the strange and challenging symptoms I have had all these years, with the other diseases and surgery. The vertigo thing started 7 years ago, from one day to the next. Long story short, the thought of being able to significantly give myself some relief, within my own power of choosing healthy foods, is very exciting. I am going to sit here for the rest of the afternoon and make my shopping lists and plan the meals. I am really so glad to "meet" you! Your story has given me hope!
  5. This is all so encouraging to me. I am Val, and I am determined to start my Whole30 on Wednesday May 1. I will admit, I am scared. I have so many health problems, and food allergies, and I feel overwhelmed by all the information. My issues are medium to bad fibromyalgia, low blood sugar, high bp, bad IBS, food allergies, thyroid replacement, and weight gain. I also have chronic vertigo. After all the reading, I can see that it really is so much about the food, and gut health. And yet I feel scared. I am mostly afraid of low blood sugar problems. I need something in my purse at all times, or else. I am not really sure what to put IN my purse. I was told to try raisins, all natural shredded coconut, and sunflower seeds. I am intending to go to the food store Monday, prep on Tuesday, and then start on Wednesday. I will do more research tomorrow. My cousins have had GREAT success with this. And my fibromyalgia is so bad it is crippling me, so SOMETHING has to give. I am excited, in spite of my nervousness, but could use support. I think I will find it here :-)