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  1. kaiser179

    The crazy things people say

    A lady at a social function was raving about how refreshing her beverage was. She was going on about how she trys to be healthy and is really into the "whole foods thing". "This drink was healthy because it didn't have aspartame in it." I didn't have the heart to suggest that her bright pink, "sugar free", "calorie free", sweetened drink in a plastic bottle probably wasn't that healthy.
  2. Someone makes a comment about canned sardines and you immediately wonder what brand they use (was it packed with olive oil?), and you completely miss the fact that the term 'canned sardines' was a METAPHOR for a crowded situation.
  3. kaiser179

    Bulletproof Coffee: Did anyone else see this article today?

    WOW that article is horribly under-researched <surprise!> The comments are interesting too ... some really good insightful ones and some that have no clue. I love how people describe Paleo as a "fad".
  4. kaiser179

    Getting enough Vege's

    I have some trouble getting enough veggies during breakfast, so I can relate. I used to eat cottage cheese and oatmeal pre W30, so the idea of eating veggies at breakfast was a little foreign to me. However I am working on it! I love to eat fried eggs with runny yolks over large handfuls of fresh spinach, and I have tried making meat crust quiches with kale in them. Yummy! I also like slices of tomato with a little salt as a side to scrambled eggs. That being said, I need to keep adding more veggies to breakfast ... a half an avocado is another easy add-on. For dinner, try sweet potatoes. They are super easy and can be made plain or add coconut milk or coconut butter for a little extra fat if needed. I also sautee kale all the time with ghee and love it!
  5. kaiser179

    Depression during/after Whole30?

    Hey gingerrox, glad to hear that eating more left you feeling a bit better! Might be worth a quick trip to your doctor for some blood tests to see if it could be something like a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Hugs!
  6. I live in the upper midwest and have found some healthier options, but no officially 100% compliant bratwurst. Gluten Free and less than 2% sugar (not corn syrup) http://gilbertssausages.com/sausages/gluten-free-beer-bratwurst Amazing chicken sausages - the apple sausage is compliant! http://www.bilinski.com/productsANC.cfm
  7. kaiser179

    Depression during/after Whole30?

    This was the previous post I was thinking of ... http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/9938-how-whole30-made-me-crazy-and-why/?hl=depression Not identical to your situation but it is another story about needing more carbs. Maybe try some slow reintroduction of single ingredients to pin point if adding a food back makes you feel better?
  8. kaiser179

    Depression during/after Whole30?

    Making a drastic change to the way you eat will have an impact on your hormones which could be having an impact on your emotions ... Hopefully things will level out if you continue to eat clean. I second Tom's mention of increasing carbs ... I remember seeing a post awhile back where someone mentioned their W30 was awful but the minute they added more carbs they felt so much better. Everyone is different ... but worth trying those starchy veggies! I hope you feel better. You are not alone!
  9. kaiser179

    My meal plan , hints and tips please?

    Happy to help! This forum is a wonderful place to find support. I understand on wanting to be prepared with snacks! I always keep a baggie of raw almonds in my purse just in case I need them. Once you stop grazing and get used to eating really good food 3x a day, you will be surprised at how big your meals will become!
  10. Awww 8 months is such a fun age! I hear ya about those teeth taking their sweet ole time I have not read BabyWise, but my understanding was that book focuses on creating routines and a schedule to help with napping and sleeping through the night. I don't think it focuses on letting them "cry it out", but others can comment on how the book addresses that subject. I personally would not let my daughter "cry it out" if I knew she was teething or something else was amiss; HOWEVER we certainly did go through rough spots when she simply did not want to go to bed. This issue is somewhat separate from creating a strong schedule. During those rough spots (when not teething) I did use the Ferber method which includes some "cry it out time". It was tough for a couple of days but did produce great results. Just wanted to clarify on schedule vs cry it out. Good luck!
  11. kaiser179

    My meal plan , hints and tips please?

    Congrats on planning ahead and thinking about your meal plan. I truly believe that preparation is the key to a successful Whole 30! Here are a couple of suggestions (just my opinion): - Consider how you are going to add fat at each meal (although you did mention salad dressings). What healthy cooking fats are you going to use? Maybe consider adding a half an avocado a day, etc. - Consider getting rid of the smoothie at breakfast. W30 focuses on eating whole foods. Smoothies are discouraged. Put more veggies on your plate or have a serving of fruit instead. - Snacks are okay if you need them, but see how you feel. The goal is to eat well enough at each meal so that you don't need to snack. However it is a good idea to plan for emergencies and have compliant snacks on hand. It is recommended that snacks actually be "mini meals" and include protein, fat, and veggies. - Make sure you get enough protein at each meal. The number of eggs should be equal to what can easily fit in the palm of your hand. I have small hands and can still hold 3 eggs. If I only eat 2 eggs, I make sure to add some sausage for more protein. - Feel free to add more veggies as needed. I add my protein to my plate and fill up the rest of the plate with veggies. Good luck!
  12. kaiser179

    Unsure....Day 30

    This thread is interesting, and I appreciate your willingness to put your story out there. Not everyone will experience the same results, and it is good for people who are considering the program to understand that their results may be less than stellar. I can appreciate that this lifestyle can be very expensive, especially depending on how you were eating before the W30. I admittedly have not been purchasing grassfed meats or much organic produce in an effort to save money. There are also a number of pantry items that I purchased that were costly, but now that I have a good supply, I can repurchase over time and spread out the future cost (ie: coconut aminos, varous oils, spices, etc.) I do think that this lifestyle can be achieved for reasonable cost but you have to plan your purchases, watch for sales, and buy in bulk/freeze when possible. You mention not liking nuts/avocados and having to search for alternative sources of fat. Did you try coconut oil? There are some very reasonably priced brands. Lard is also very inexpensive. How about coconut milk, tallow, etc? There are a lot of options which may be worth trying. You also mentioned headaches that seemed eased by eating toast and cereal. Perhaps there was a lack of starchy carbs in your W30? I saw in your sample meal that sweet potatoes were included, but if you were feeling ill, it might help to increase those starchy carbs a little more. Try squash, carrots, etc. I certainly don't want to be defensive of the program, but I think that if you are encountering an issue, it is worthwhile to try alternative compliant foods to see what works for you. Based on your statement that you plan to eat less processed food in the future, it sounds like it was life changing after all. Maybe not tiger's blood, but life changing nonetheless. Good luck and thanks for sharing!
  13. kaiser179

    Cauliflower Bad for us?

    Interesting ... I think you just have to use the rule of "moderation". I have been eating a ton of the veggies mentioned above (and cooked well) but I think the large increase of insoluble fiber is messing with my digestive system. I think you just have to be in-tune with your body and make adjustments as necessary. Overall, veggies are good for you! That article was probably sponsored by potato farmers
  14. kaiser179

    Sneak pic at my after pics on Day 24

    Congrats! Pictures can help us see what we don't always see in the mirror. Great job and nice work staying away from the scale!
  15. kaiser179

    How did you get past week #2

    This is very true! It is easy to give advice, but I think even people who have been doing this lifestyle for awhile have ups and downs. The good news is that the downturns do eventually melt away. Like thePaleoMom.com says "it's only effort until it's routine" and staying on the forum helps with motivation too!