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  1. kaiser179

    The crazy things people say

    A lady at a social function was raving about how refreshing her beverage was. She was going on about how she trys to be healthy and is really into the "whole foods thing". "This drink was healthy because it didn't have aspartame in it." I didn't have the heart to suggest that her bright pink, "sugar free", "calorie free", sweetened drink in a plastic bottle probably wasn't that healthy.
  2. kaiser179

    The crazy things people say

    My DH has been somewhat interested in my W30 although he is not participating. Me: It has been tough getting used to not drinking soda, but it is worth it DH: Yeah ... I'm thinking of not drinking so much soda Me: That would be great! DH: Maybe I'll start drinking more milk Me: Okay ... DH: But could you buy the chocolate or strawberry syrup so it tastes better?