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  1. TXN11

    The crazy things people say

    Yesterday... Friend: So you're on a diet now? Me: It's not a diet, just eliminating processed foods and eating meat and veggies. Friend: Cool....... what do you call this diet again? Me: Whole 30, but it's not a diet. Friend: Yeah, it's a diet Me: Not a diet Friend: It's a diet Me: It's not Friend: Ok, let's call it a "non-diet" diet. Me: And today: I'm eating leftover meatballs and curry for breakfast, er, I mean, Meal 1. Co-worker looks at my meal with a puzzled look on his face. "What's that?" Me: Meatballs with curry Co-worker: For breakfast? Me: Yeah. (as if it's the most normal thing) Co-worker: (still looking puzzled) Interesting... Me: It's great! Co-worker: *nods* Cool He's a cool guy.
  2. TXN11

    The crazy things people say

    That's what I used to think. I'd go out on 50+ mile bike rides and then devour a big dish of nachoes afterwards. Hmm.