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  1. TXN11

    Still Struggling with "Never Again"

    I'm in "never again" mode with pizza. I pizza'ed big time yesterday, and my gut feels horrible today. I can't even look at pizza without feeling sick.
  2. Also, if you react harshly to something you reintroduced, you might want to take an extra day of clean eating before reintroducing the next thing. After reintroducing gluten, I had to wait an extra day or 2 because my reaction to gluten.
  3. No condiments. Plain hamburger with bun. And the patties were homemade. I had 2 of those, plus a toast with ghee. I'll try again at some point, but I am pretty sure it is gluten. I won't necessarily eliminate it fully, but will keep it to a minimum.
  4. 2 days after eating gluten, finally had bowel movement and it was loose and runny. Sorry, TMI... definitely a sensitivity.
  5. And now there's constipation. Man, gluten. Stay away from that stuff as much as possible!
  6. TXN11

    Day 16: Where's my Tiger Blood?!

    I didn't get the tiger blood until Day 30. Then reintroducing gluten took all that away, lol
  7. Ughh. Woke up with a slight stomach ache and feeling bloated. Almost felt like I had gone on a drinking spree out on the town last night and the resulting hangover. Gluten is nasty stuff, and also sneaky. It took a while before I had a reaction, and my reaction is probably far, far lighter than one who has Celiac's or a high gluten sensitivity.
  8. I did feel a little bit of grumbling in my gut last night before going to bed. But I think I can safely rule out Celiac's
  9. Starting today, I had a hamburger for lunch and starting dinner with a toast with butter. No reactions so far. What if I have no apparent reaction to gluten? Should I limit that anyway? Can gluten cause silent damage with no symptoms?
  10. My max is around 200 (I'm 33). We apparently have fast tickers...
  11. We are going through the exact same thing! I have 2 theories about this. Of course I could be wrong... 1. When adapting our bodies to fat-burning, we are in short supply of carbs / glycogen. However, instead of favoring carb-burning and "bonking" (hitting the wall) when we run out of glycogen in intense efforts, our bodies are actually favoring fat-burning even in intense efforts. But to sustain the intensity, our hearts has to work a little harder than usual to supply the oxygen to our hard working muscles when going over our lactate threshold. Something about the Whole 30 makes our perceived effort lower for higher heart rates, and it could be that by eating a cleaner diet, we increased our true lactate threshold heart rate. Previously, I could not sustain an effort at a HR of 180 for more than 10 minutes. Now I did it for 25-30 minutes, no problem, and I wasn't feeling like I wanted to die. Maybe my new lactate threshold is at 185 or 188 or so. 2. Something else may be at work here, like the thyroid. I am wondering if certain foods are the same foods that promote leptin resistance and higher Reverse T3 levels that block active thyroid hormone (which controls your metabolism). By cleaning up our diet, we might reduce leptin resistance, reduce RT3 levels, and increase the activity of thyroid hormone, and thus increase our metabolism (tiger blood?). When this happens, your heart beats faster, particularly during exercise. So, for the same perceived effort, your heart is beating faster due to higher metabolism. I admit that I am reaching a little in both theories. Which makes more sense to you?
  12. TXN11

    About to reintroduce cheese

    Well, that step was easy. I'll just move on to the next thing to reintroduce: gluten. I have a feeling that I'm going to have problems there.
  13. TXN11

    About to reintroduce cheese

    I feel fine so far. No change in how I feel after eating dairy. Nice
  14. TXN11

    About to reintroduce cheese

    Just had some havarti cheese cubes a couple hours ago. Tastes glorious as always. Keep posted on how my body responds. No stomach upset thus far.
  15. Yeah, I don't really have a sugar dragon so as much I have a cheese/nacho dragon (I might add, my college fraternity nicknamed me "Nacho Man" to give you an idea on how big that dragon is). So an extra helping of fruit beyond the typical W30 template doesn't give me craving issues. For other people, it can the the other way around.