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    There's a recipe for "BBQ sauce" in ISWF (Appendix pg.278). Being in North Carolina, I can assure you this is not BBQ sauce, but it makes a great stand in for ketchup (kind of a spicy, grown-up version of ketchup) and I really like it.
  2. I'm two weeks into my first whole30, and I'm realizing now how deeply imbedded those "low fat" thoughts were in my brain and daily habits. I originally started whole30 because I saw a coworker have such amazing success with it, and because I knew I had an addiction to sugar that I needed to do something about. So for these two weeks, my main focus has been on purging my sugar demons and I have probably been too sparing with the fats these last 15 days. (I too have done the WW thing again and again and that low fat mantra hasn't quite been silenced yet.) I bought ghee on the first shopping trip, but it has sat in my cupboard until today (my brain just kept telling me that olive oil was enough/healthy/etc). I busted out that ghee on my green beans this morning and almost had a foodgasm at the kitchen table. My stomach ache of the last two days is gone, and I'm feeling way better - my poor body was probably begging for that fat. Thanks for this topic - it's really made me rethink what my body needs.