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    Started reading through this thread thinking woo-hoo! I can eat at Chipotle! Then I saw that there was some doubts, and my heart sank...but then I kept reading and finally made it over to the actual website ingredients. Woo-hoo! I can eat at Chipotle! Except I won't, at least not today, because of this: I haven't bought or eaten beef in a long time because of how expensive it's gotten but I ate some recently and my body's response to it was about as close to orgasmic as I get with food. Now I'm wondering: How much grass-fed beef could I buy with that one Chipotle carnitas salad? Thanks for the info,'s good to know there's an option there.
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    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    Yeah, those of you wlho live in major cities should count your blessings. There's only one Trader Joe's and it's in Des Moines (two hours west of me). As for Whole Foods...yeah right... That said, Iowa City being a relatively decent-sized college town (compared to the rest of Iowa), there are several different grocery stores that allow you to buy or assemble Whole 30-friendly meals. I have done the Subway option (salad with extra meat) when driving out in the countryside.
  3. This is actually pre-Whole 30, but...I too had major sinus issues a few years back, and it got to the point where I had surgery (which I paid for mostly out of my own pocket). Later that year some angel of mercy steered me towards gluten-free/wheat-free eating, and the difference it made was enormous. Of course I fell off the wagon, with painful results (e.g., on descending planes) but since doing the Whole 30 I have avoided wheat and gluten completely. I don't think I'll be falling off the wagon this time...the very thought of eating a baked good causes a twinge in my sinuses...