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I'm a mom of three girls, have always considered myself health conscious but the last few years have seen my ideas about health evolving considerably. It all started for me with Weston A. Price and adding quality raw dairy into my previously near-vegan diet (if you don't count the poultry and fish we were eating ;-)). And then one night about a year ago, my husband heard Nora Gedgaudas (Primal Body Primal Mind) on the radio and came home and told me about it. That sort of started things for us both. We started reading more about the myth of the whole grain/low-fat/hi carb diet and realizing that a lot of what we've been doing was probably...wrong.

Add to that, my body is tired and carrying extra weight around from the last seven years of pregnancy, childbearing and nursing. I started out in January with about 35lbs to lose, I lost nearly 15 in Jan-March by lowering my carb intake and basically following The Gabriel Method (my favorite "non-diet" diet book). I fell of the wagon a bit though after some birthdays and special events and hit a point in April where I really realized I needed to do something more radical to shake off the sugar addiction and cleanse my body. And just at that time, my friend mentioned she was doing a Whole 30 and feeling amazing. I had heard of it in passing before but she just watered that seed that had been planted...the timing was right. So here I am.