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  1. TBinSD

    Coconut sugar

    I just ran across something I hadn't seen before and I was wondering if any of the experienced folks here have any opinions on Coconut Sugar? It's organic, non-gmo, and from the same company that I get my maca powder from -- Natvias. Now I know full well that this is not compliant under the whole 30, but I'm curious as to thoughts on this product/food. Is it as bad as any other sugar? Not that I add sugar to anything really, but should something call for sugar, is this a good option? Thanks!
  2. TBinSD

    Where to get Coconut Aminos?

    We have a store called Sprout's here and that's where I found mine. Expensive though. . . $7 for a bottle.
  3. TBinSD

    Lara Bars

    I'm seeing a common theme here on the W30 Forum. . . there are a few members who think they just know it all. To those folks (and you should know who you are): Some of us are on our first W30 and would like to try it again and hopefully do it better the second time around so try not to turn us off any more than you already have. And some of us just have questions that may require some thought -- not a knee-jerk response of your (unscientific) opinions. To those who have offered their sincere advice -- thanks! I'm on day 22 and I'd give myself a B+ for my efforts so far. I've been 100% compliant as far as food goes but I could have done some things better for sure. I may have used the forum more if I wasn't sure I'd be pounced on by the peanut gallery. We'll see how it goes next time.
  4. TBinSD

    Favorite coconut milk?

    Yes, Trader Joes is best if you have one nearby? I just bought 6 cans yesterday -- $.99 each!
  5. TBinSD

    Paleo Bread??

    The weighing post didn't come from me -- I'm not a scientist, just a fan of science. That I could care less about anyway. I don't even own a scale nor do I even think that it's an issue one way or another. In fact I just let my doctor weigh me at my annual physical this week -- I know, so naughty! But they had to do it.
  6. TBinSD

    Paleo Bread??

    Yes, hypocrisy. Rules are rules (as has been pounded by many here) and your body doesn't understand values -- there are no physiological responses to someone's values. If you consume alcohol, you consume alcohol period. In my opinion, if you choose to take the sacrament, you made a poor W30 choice. Don't confuse the physical with the metaphysical missmary.
  7. I just spent the last weekend at a party . . . the whole weekend. I'll admit I was a bit concerned about the pressure, but I can't pass up a good time. From Friday until Sunday I was surrounded by sugar, alcohol, grains, and everything else you could think of that's not on the W30 list. Here's how it went: Out to eat for lunch and dinner on Friday. Just my luck too -- two seared ahi salads. That was about the only compliant thing on both menus, but I can definitely live with those choices. Back at the pool party/bbq, I made some executive decisions. I did the shopping! I went out and bought the food so I can control my own intake and not end up eating something off W30. So the food part was pretty easy. The only issue was all of the homemade desserts and snacks that people brought. . . that was a test of will for sure. The next issue was all of the cocktailing! I've been pretty much alcohol free since Jan, but a party is always a challenge. I spent most of the day sucking down water with lime, lemon, or orange slices. I didn't miss a beat. And most people didn't even notice I wasn't drinking. Overall I was pretty impressed with my will power and my resolve to finish my 30 days. I'm on Day 19 now and without a doubt, the hardest part is behind me. Just thought I'd share a small victory.
  8. TBinSD

    Paleo Bread??

    Hey guys, can we all simmer down? __________________________________________________________________ There are a few people on this site who are experts in their own minds on this program for sure. If the W30 has evolved over the last 5-years, then the rules aren't quite 100% yet. I get where nksl is coming from because there are a few people who will pounce on you if you do something they consider not compliant.
  9. TBinSD

    Paleo Bread??

    These aren't the only contradictions of logic I've seen in ISWF and the whole30. I'm a scientist, and I have to say that some of the rules have a very weak or nonexistent basis in scientific research (case in point is the no weighing yourself rule---research has shown that weighing yourself daily is a good idea). _____________________________________________________________________________________________ I had the same feelings about why smoothies are 'frowned upon'. All the input is compliant, yet the end result isn't. My biggest issue so far -- in terms of the scientific side of things -- has been the 'free pass' given to those religious folks who take the sacrament. Your body is agnostic -- it doesn't know, nor does it care about your religion -- so why would it be okay to have a little wine and little bread for those folks when it's off limits for everyone else. That screams hypocrisy in my book. I'm on Day 19 and I've been as compliant as possible and I don't think I've consumed anything off list, but I know I could've been better at meal prep and there are days I didn't get 3-full meals. But for the first run, I don't think I've done too bad. My take at this point is that you have to find the balance of what works for you within the program and not take everything these mods and members have to say as gospel -- it's more of an opinion in most cases. I think the goal is to learn and and grow from the experience and to do it better next time. Good luck!
  10. My post today was pretty much the same question. However, while the smoothies are frowned upon, they can be compliant. Maybe it's not the true W30 way, but if you're busy and don't have the time to prep 3 meals (or more) a day, then its better than skipping a meal or falling off the program.
  11. TBinSD

    Bee Pollen & Almond Milk

    That will be my next mission -- homemade almond milk. It appears I still have some work to do to get my meals a bit more up to par, but I'm not going to start over. However, I will likely make this a Whole 35. . . just for good measure.
  12. TBinSD

    Bee Pollen & Almond Milk

    Thanks missmary. For my first run at the Whole 30 I'm going to keep fruit in my diet. In fact I may never change that. I get the concept, but it's going to be very difficult to convince me that eating fruit everyday is somehow bad. It seems the fruit/smoothie issue is more about how full people feel and the possible cravings, neither of which affect me. Like I've said earlier, I'll stay compliant, but I have to do what works for me on a regular basis. And at this time smoothies are a once-a-day thing for me.
  13. TBinSD

    Bee Pollen & Almond Milk

    Tom, I read that on WebMD too. I've been taking the stuff for a bit, so I don't have any allergy issues at all. I stopped taking it soley because honey was on the don't list. I wasn't sure, so I kept it out. I can deal with that for 30 days for sure. As far as getting enough food in my belly . . . the smoothies work fine and are very satisfying for me. 3/4 cup of strawberries and 3/4 cup blueberries or raspberries, 1 cup almond milk or 1/4 cup of coconut milk with 3/4 filtered water, and one small banana. That's my smoothie. I'll throw raw almonds in from time to time too. I don't feel hungry at all after and like I said, I eat solid meals the rest of the day. Getting to 2000 calories and above has been a challenge, but I haven't felt hungry (which is probably good). I workout at least 5 x a week and burn about 500-700 cals during each workout, so my weight loss has been substantial and my energy levels sustained, so I think I'm heading in the right direction. The weight loss isn't a goal as much as a side effect. Again, thanks for your input. I'll apply what I've learned here today to the next 20 days! TB
  14. TBinSD

    Bee Pollen & Almond Milk

    Tom -- thanks! I went to your site, so I'll grab some recipes from there for sure. And Mulov, I'm already using coconut milk in a bunch of stuff (the canned kind) -- I even tried some in my coffee . . . and I'll stick to black.
  15. TBinSD

    Bee Pollen & Almond Milk

    I just want to be compliant with the program, so I really appreciate everyone's input. I probably should have started here first, but I thought I had things under control until a couple of questions popped up. I'm trying to use the guildlines to create a plan that works for me, so if some choices aren't the best, well that's okay. Maybe on my next run I'll try to be a bit more disciplined with regard to the smoothies, but I just don't have the patience to re-start from this point.