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  1. How is everyone doing? I started on Monday and I failed miserably On Monday morning I had a great breakfast potato hash with onions, bell peppers, ground turkey, spinach, and a fried egg (this is my breakfast for this week) for lunch I had planned to cook fish with a stir fry, but I ended up eating rice, ground turkey and baked fries (same as my kids) Tuesday was kind of a repeat from Monday, breakfast as planned. Lunch was not good I made spaghetti with tuna (don't ask me why but I really enjoy it) and no dinner, was too full from lunch. Today was better but still not go
  2. Are you planning on using the Whole30 log to track your meals? I am thinking it might be helpful to keep us accountable.
  3. Hi Lori, I am planning on starting next week. I am taking this week to prepare and ease myself into it. We can be W30 buddies if you are still looking for one