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  1. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    I had a busy week and decided to disconnect from the web. Congrats to all that stay on plan until the end and I hope everything goes well with reintroduction foods. I was glad I was able to stick to plan until the end! my plan now is to remain W30-ish for most of the time. So far I have reintroduced: milk and cheese - didn't notice any difference Chips, bread, and pasta- I got bloated, tired, heartburn, and I even had an asthma flare up
  2. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    This week has been hard...lots of cravings and food boredom, but I'm still on plan. I haven't exercise since last week and maybe that is why I'm feeling the way I do right now. I can't wait for my leg to be better. I went for 3 miles walk twice last week and the rest of the afternoon the leg was supper sore, so I started to listen to the doctor and I'm just resting the leg as much as possible. Yesterday, I made soup and salad for today and tomorrow's lunch and the fridge is stocked with lots of goodies for dinners this week.
  3. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    I'm feeling the same way...more productive. The menu looks delicious, how was the Pulled pork?
  4. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Day 17 M1- same as yesterday M2- Same as yesterday Snack- Mango and blueberries - I had lunch at 11:30am and at about 3pm got hungry so I had fruit M3- Pork chop with homemade plantain chips - I really didn't want to eat any veggies. It is that time of the month and I really needed something starchy. The leg is feeling better, but still not able to exercise.
  5. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Day 16 - Getting closer to the end! IT rained all day here, and even though I kept myself busy cleaning the house, all I wanted to do in the afternoon was to drink hot chocolate and eat homemade bread and lay in the bed or couch and watch movies M1- scramble egg with homemade cold brew coffee and a banana (didn't want to eat any veggies) M2- Potato and Yucca soup with left over baked chicken thigh and homemade Colombian coleslaw (so good ) M3- Pork chop with leftover coleslaw and patacones Workout : Does cleaning the house for 4hrs count?
  6. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    I been using coconut oil for a long time and lately I been having the same issue. I'm using a different brand so it could be that. When I started W30 I also bought avocado oil and I been using that most of the time now...no smell no flavor...you should give it a try Which book are you using, the cook book or the original book? I own It Starts with Food, but want to buy one with more recipes and not sure which one is better.
  7. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Did you tried brushing your teeth after dinner, that really worked for me. You can also drink tea and water. I really hope you can resolve that
  8. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Day 15 - Half way baby! I had another great day, not feeling tired of foggy and less allergies. However, I haven't noticed any difference with my knee arthritis pain/inflammation or my back pain. M1- 2 scramble eggs with green onions and tomatoes and homemade cold brew coffee (i didn't like the coffee, super strong, had to add some water to dilute it and I love strong coffee) M2- left over grilled veggies and baked chicken thighs M3- boiled carrots with 1tsp of homemade mayo, steam broccoli and baked chicken thighs. I also had a half of portion of roasted cashews Exercise- I walked 2.5miles. I pulled a muscle last week doing exercises, I had to go to the doctor today because the pain was very bad. Now I need stay away from any kind of exercise for 1 to 2 weeks to help it heal. This is going to be hard
  9. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    We left the house at 10am to take the little one to another b-day party, so we had lunch at Chipotle (carnitas, lettuce, pico, and half of DHs guacamole) I personally didn't like the carnitas and was not able to finish the salad. I did got hungry during the party, maybe because of the smell of the fresh garlic bread ;( we got home at 8pm but was glad I had food prep the day before, so I had a meal ready to devour.
  10. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Week 3 here we come! This weekend was good, I was worried about yesterday and the b-day parties I had to attend, but I survived. One of the parties they were cooking pasta and lots of garlic bread, it smell delicious. I was hopping they were going to have any fruit or raw veggies, but not, just sweets, carbs, chips, and lots of alcohol, so I just drank water for all 5hrs we were there.
  11. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Good luck this week with the training and staying W30! I hope you were able to make the right choice. I went to two b-day parties yesterday and I had to explain everyone why I was only drinking water.
  12. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Day 10, today I was really tired and hungry all day. I didn't sleep well last night and maybe that is why I was so tired today. M1- potato hash, peppers, onions, and kale with a fried egg. I also had some berries and black tea. M2- grilled chicken breast with sweet potato fries and guacamole. I also had half a portion of toasted cashews Snack- the rest of the cashews, 1 apple and 1tbs of shredded coconut. M3- grilled chicken breast with roasted cauliflower and 1 fried egg. 1tbs or shredded coconut and half 1/3 portion of blueberries. Exercise- Elliptical HIIT and arms Water: 110oz TOM should be here in a few days, I am not sure if this is the reason why I am so bloated, tired, and eating so many fruits. I will try to make a better meal choices so I can stay fuller and not eat as many fruits.
  13. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Day 9 is over and not cravings or headaches, in fact I have lots of energy I do feel and look bloated M1 - potato hash, onions, peppers, and kale with a fried egg, 1/2 a banana and 3 strawberries with black tea. M2 and M3- leftovers from yesterday Workout - Treadmill (c25K W3D1) Water- 110oz
  14. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    You can have leftovers from the night before, some sort of protein and veggies. Just treat breakfast as any meal of the day. A few days ago I had a dream that I was eating chicken nuggets and fries from McDonalds I hate McDonalds, I think last time I had some was about 13 years ago when I was pregnant.
  15. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    I survive the holiday, another win I noticed that my energy levels are over the roof, I no longer need or crave a cup or two of coffee at 3pm. Today was very busy, we didn't have many plans, in fact we stayed home, but I was busy cleaning, doing laundry, cooking with the husband and cleaning the bathrooms. We went to the gym and the boys to the pool for an hour in the morning. Then we came home, prepared a whole 30 approved rub for the ribs and we decided to cook them slow in the oven instead of the insta pot and grill. Those ribs took 5hrs I ended up having a fruit salad for lunch because I was starving. I was going to bake a sweet potato but since the ribs took longer than expected I wasn't prepared. We ended up having the ribs for dinner, which turn out delicious but super spicy, next time I will only use half of the chili and cayenne pepper. I hope everyone had a great Monday.