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  1. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    Half way there everyone. So far so good, a roller coaster of moods though! I have to say I have felt really good past couple of days, got my energy back. Still fighting cravings... Yesterday after supper my wife was eating what I thought was pudding, it scared me cause she is the tough one of us with the W30, turned out it was a crushed up banana with some unsweetened cocoa powder. I tasted it, too tempting for me! She is on track though! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
  2. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    Day 9! I almost gave up today! I am on jury duty all week and it has been a tremendous challenge eating compliant. I have been settling for hard boiled eggs, but today for lunch we got to leave and I had a tortilla-less fajitas, very good! This trial will last at least this week, been stressful... Oh yeah, the bags of candy and boxes of donuts in the jurors chamber does not help much! Luckily they had some fruit ( and I had my own almonds). Hope everyone is doing well!
  3. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    Day 7! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! Justin
  4. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    Happy day 6! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I had an egg scramble at work this morning, avoiding yet another pancake breakfast, and although they looked and smelled good, I really don't miss them...well at least I don't miss how they make me feel. I just have to remember that pancakes was one of many reasons why I am in as bad a shape as I am now. Sailorlawrence, my wife and I are planning on compliant fajitas this Sunday! We love them! So far so good!
  5. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    Happy day 5 everyone!!
  6. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    End of day 4, first day I have felt good enough to work out and enjoy it. No headaches, no cravings, everything seems great! Now just making sure we keep up the food prep in advance so there are no hiccups! MMF3759, I don't think you are doing it wrong. Everyone's W30 journey is different, we each had different starting points, different lifestyles, some have health issues, some do not. It could be as you have said your diet was not the best but not too bad before starting this round of W30. Keep up the good work and don't sweat that you are not experiencing symptoms like some of us. Feeling good is awesome! Now for some sleep, goodnight everyone!
  7. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    Chati, I am going to try to eat more veggies. I have been avoiding almonds, last W30 I had issues with them! CrisBryan, hopefully after we adjust to this our systems will normalize! I Had m2 - pulled pork and beans with a cucumber. I have to admit I am struggling today. Very tired and a little bit nauseous. Not too bad, just not a desirable feeling. I did forget to bring my mineral water for lunch today, I will see if that helps with dinner. Although I am struggling, I am still committed. And thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. It is great to read your comments! Oh yes! The W30 roadmap is great, let's me know what to expect!
  8. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    This morning I had an egg scramble with veggies and a cup of coffee for breakfast. I had to go into work early, so up at 2AM and in at 3, I ate breakfast at 5, usually I eat at 7. Not sure how these early call ins are going to affect my meal planning. I feel good today, well rested. One thing I do notice is I have a feeling of fullness/heaviness in my stomach. Does not feel like my digestive system is working at normal regularity. I have some digestive enzymes I will start taking and ordered some probiotics as well. I guess I will eat some sauerkraut with my evening meal to try to help things move along. Has anyone else experienced this? My wife is doing fine and does not seem to have any digestive issues. Hope everyone has a great day!
  9. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    Wow Heatherglick, that would be tough not being able to bring meat for lunch, that would be a challenge! I am doing great today except caffeine withdraw headache. I went ahead and had a small cup this morning. Going to have to ween myself off slowly, I will try to go without tomorrow. My intentions were to quit coffee a couple of weeks prior to W30, but this did not pan out. My coworkers are doing their best to sabotage me today. There is a pie in the fridge and donuts on the table. I will not mention the rest...they are upset because I usually make most of the breakfasts here, and now I am not. They do not like my compliant egg scrambles. Does anyone here get support from their coworkers? Now I am ready for a couple of hard boiled eggs and veggies for breakfast. Stay strong everyone!
  10. Justin91

    Starting April 6th

    My wife and I are starting today as well, we have been planning for awhile. This will be our second time. We fell away slowly into our old habits and need to get back on track! Our pantry and fridge are purged and well stocked - we ready to go! We always feel better when we eat clean, I can not wait to feel that way again!
  11. Justin91

    Monday April 6 start!

    My wife and I are starting today as well. This is our second whole30, but it has been over a year since our last one. Getting back on track this year!
  12. Justin91

    completely fell off the wagon

    I feel for you! I had to go to a family members funeral which took me away from home for 4 days. It was hard. First day it was a good breakfast, Lara bar for snack, then another snack of canned sardines. By the time dinner hit, we ate at the house and there was nothing but junk food. For the next few days I ate out a lot, not sticking strictly to the guidelines, but trying to as much as possible. I have found, when I eat high carb foods I am continually hungry!! I was hungry the whole time I was gone. It has been a few days now back on plan, hunger has subsided and I feel in control...it was a struggle though. Purge your home of temptations and stock up and prepare, after a couple of days your hunger might subside as well. Good luck!!
  13. I too have had constipation issues in the past. Mostly whenever I ate a high protein diet was a biggie for me. Whole 30 was about the same results. I started taking the probiotics and enzymes around day 18, this was after only having a BM every other day or so, and it was not very substantial. And I was eating a lot of food. A lot of veggies. The probiotics and enzymes did not help too much. I then started taking Magnesium and it helped get things moving a little bit. Then, for a couple of days I ate some sourkrout with my dinner, and it was like a miracle. I still take the supplements, and every couple of days I eat some some and it helps tremendously. Good luck and hang in there! I know how it is to not be regular! Many folks do not understand!!
  14. Justin91


    How did it go? Red lobster was always a regular stop for my wife and I before whole 30, we have been wondering how compliant it is.
  15. Justin91

    How much fruit is everybody eating?

    Never for breakfast, 1 serving with lunch daily and once or twice a week at supper. Sometimes I do have a small snack after a workout of a small handful of grapes with six or seven almond - I did this probably every day my first week of whole 30, now maybe twice a week.