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    playing guitar, singing, reading books, film/television, being outdoors, spending time with my wonderful husband, and a gazillion other things. I'm interested in most everything really.
  1. kiwihoney

    Any other Australians?

    Is New Zealand close enough? I'm in Auckland, starting on Saturday.
  2. kiwihoney

    January 6 - Day 1

    My husband and I are starting on 6 Jan as well. It's our third go at W30 and we are really looking forward to feeling better! Melissa
  3. kiwihoney

    Ready to get started 6/24/13

    I've just started today. It would be great to share our journeys together. This is my second Whole30. I lost 16 pounds in my first one but fell off the wagon in a major way instead of introducing foods as I was supposed to do. I have about 45 pounds to go.
  4. Waynes, my husband has fibromyalgia, high cholesterol and some other health issues. I struggle with chronic neck and back pain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and chronic depression. I started feeling better at about day 4 of my Whole30, and have been mostly pain free since then. I'm still on my meds for the pain but they used to just lessen the pain, make it bearable. Now, as long as I take my meds - I generally have NO PAIN at all. I can't believe it. My cholesterol and blood pressure are both in the normal range again as well! My chronic depression also got significantly better. It took my husband 2-3 weeks to see any improvement, but he is now startingto feeling better. Still having bad flare days but not like it was before. There were days he couldn't get out of bed, and that's not happening now. I believe it may be a longer road for people with fibro, ME, or chronic fatigue types illnesses. We just finished a whole30 about a week ago and were lazy with our reintroduction... So we are starting again. I have every confidence that we will both feel even better this time around. Of course these are just our experiences, but I wanted to share it with you so you know that there are people here who understand and have some of the same struggles. We can do it. You can do it. I wish you and your wife success!
  5. My anxiety has decreased so much since starting the Whole30. I still have fears but they aren't nearly as debilitating as they were before. Good luck to you!
  6. kiwihoney

    Starting Whole30 today, 13/05/2013

    My husband and I started on the 13th as well. I'm feeling better already but my husband is still really struggling with energy, feeling flat, and cravings for fried orsweet foods. I'm excited at how well I feel already, and I'm looking forward to what the next 25 days brings!