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    The crazy things people say

    My office is mostly women and there are maybe two of us who take a realistic approach to healthy eating and weight control. The other woman is a big fan of WW, but she's at least respectful of my choices and eats a balanced diet (ie, she doesn't use up all her points for a day by eating one meal of crap food). Anyway, the other women are dangerously skinny. The older ones all have serious health issues. They enjoy sitting around before most of our staff meetings one-upping each other with their latest fad diets or starvation techniques. I've never seen a group of people who get so much joy out of publicly bragging about their disordered eating. Recently, during one of their bonding sessions, they noticed I was sitting there and the worst of the lot of them said, "Oh Laura, we just don't know how you've managed to lose all that weight while eating as much as you do!" What I actually said in response, "I know! Must be some sort of black magic!" What I wanted to say in response, "It's amazing what can happen when your concern is health and happiness over what the ladies at the club might think if you aren't fitting into a size 0 anymore."