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  1. I think all the information provided so far has been helpful. I have taken all other questions to Pinterest, Google, and Youtube. . I ordered a scoby kit from Etsy and will start my process next week. PS where is a cheap place to get glass bottles/jars from? I plan on hitting up the thrift store and have already asked my parents to put theirs to the side. PPS what if my scoby is too big to fit into my jar? Can i cut it?
  2. 2-3 weeks? I can't wait I might buy one online . But yes I think a FAQ would be great. ETA: I'm not sure how I feel about the fizz. I don't like soda or beer because of the carbonation and bubbles it leaves in my tummy. Are all of the teas like this?
  3. Ok so after reading this thread today I bought a bottle of GT ginger. Of course now I want to make my own. Where do I start? Do I save some of this tea and buy a scoby online? Help please?
  4. I just wanted to chime in .. people sell SCOBYs on etsy, either by itself of with a starter kit, like this: