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    I can't see a picture  :(


    Edit: Spoke too soon, posted that and suddenly the pic was there.  Impatient!


    Edit 2: Very nice!  Go find it a nice home - I dropped $20 on my big jar and I'm happy I did it :)




    thank you!  I am going to go to Walmart after work and see what they have.

  2. Maybe that's the price of getting lovely fizzy kombucha? The occasional sacrifice of a dress?

    Since you're ordering a scoby, won't that mean you'll start brewing your first batch straight away? Will an applesauce jar be big enough?

    Heh, I found a Kombucha sub-reddit on and I've seen some pics of MONSTER scobies on there!

    I have the large jars from BJs .. I think 48oz. and I think its big enough? I guess I dont know.