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  1. thats crazy! i cant wait any longer. I will just drink it sour lol.
  2. Ah, okay, that makes sense. Unfortunately I had already put my mixings in it and did the 2nd fermentation. I will keep an eye on the gallon brewing now.
  3. Ok kombucha is super sour. Does that mean I let it marinate for too long? My scoby does have multiple layers but I still let it sit for 10 days, and then another 2 for the second fermentation. Help?
  4. I fermented for 10 days, and then an extra 2-3 with fruit .. maybe I will limit my first ferment to 7.
  5. ok so how much alcohol is in a glass of kombucha? I drink at least 12-16oz a day (one bottle) at work in the afternoon. i swear I feel a little tipsy as I sip it. I feel like a minor! lol. I have been drinking it at the same time every day as well, if that matters.
  6. Ok so once I'm done with the second ferment, do I strain the fruit out of it? It has the little stringies attached and I don't want to drink that b
  7. I wish I had more fruit at the time so I could try new flavors. I think that is the best part of this whole process. Next round will include pineapple, mangos, and strawberries I was also thinking coconut-lime. percy - thanks!!
  8. Nadia I popped the seed out with my mouth and then put the whole cherry in. And my scoby now has like, 3 layers. Can I leave them intact? I dont have another gallon jar to store the extras.
  9. Yes, I collected my bottles from friends off of FB, and my mom . One still has a strong odor of soy sauce, which I have boiled and washed plenty of times. Next step is a bleach/vinegar wash, but I'm afraid that will ruin the kombucha if I put it in.
  10. here is my second batch - this picture was taken as soon as I bottled them. Today, they are so much more vibrant in color, especially the cherry ones. I have watermelon-lemon, 2 watermelon-cherry, cherry, and lemon-ginger. cant wait to drink!
  11. brought my kombucha into work today, in an old marina jar. Co-workers thought it was sangria, or wine, or some type of nasty drink. Didnt believe me when I said tea.
  12. Ok so I just brewed a batch of tea and added the sugar. When do I add the scoby and tea from first batch? Once it has cooled, right?
  13. Argh it always rotates my photos. On to start my second batch!
  14. Ok here is my first brews. 2 mango-ginger, 2 strawberry-rhubarb, and one mango-blueberry. Yay!
  15. Ok I am being impatient .. tomorrow is Day 7. How much longer do I have to wait? i also just found out my co-worker also brews his own kombucha. I told me he could have gave me a scoby! anyways, he said he lets it sit for 2 weeks before drinking. blah.
  16. Yeah I've read a lot that people use store bought kombucha as a starter liquid so I was intrigued when the directions said to use the vinegar. It did save me $4
  17. Susan I can't find my instructions but it said boil water, steep the tea, add sugar, let it cool. Add 1/4cup apple cider vinegar and scoby which was in about 1/2 cup of liquid which I also added to tea.
  18. Sorry! Didn't know it was going to upload like that. I didn't grow it, I bought the scoby off of etsy. My instructions told me to put in apple cider vinegar, so I assumed that was why it smelled that way. Yes it's a glass jar that I scored at Walmart for $5!
  19. Ok here is my set up. I brewed it on Friday so this is Day 5. Does it look okay? Smells a little sweet, a little vinegar-y. Am I doing it right?
  20. thank you! I am going to go to Walmart after work and see what they have.
  21. Here is my scoby I have received in the mail yesterday, ordered from Etsy. It also came with black tea bags and instructions. I am still searching for a 1 gallon container. The biggest pickle jar I can find is only half a gallon. I guess I will have to suck it up and buy a $20 jar from Target.
  22. Ok so I should be receving my SCOBY tomorrow - excited and nervous! I still need to find a gallon jar. Also, I have lots of different fabrics - should it be covered with 100% cotton, or I have cotton muslin as well?
  23. 48ounces is a little less than half a gallon. I will try to find a bigger jar before the scoby get here.
  24. I have the large jars from BJs .. I think 48oz. and I think its big enough? I guess I dont know.
  25. Okay, I just see these very large scobys and cant imagine fitting it into my applesauce jar. PS I posted on FB for glass bottles/jars with lids and had a great response. I've picked up 7 so far