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    Constantly hungry

    Thanks so much! That's great advice. I appreciate it.
  2. You're not eating enough, and it doesn't look like you're adding fat to your meals. Make sure you have enough fat, and try to do a 3rd meal. You should also try adding in a starchy carb like sweet potato or potato.
  3. Elliottsmama

    Constantly hungry

    I've done whole 30 before, so it's not new to me. I'm day 4, and I'm always hungry. I don't think it's cravings, but it's possible. I just finished a breakfast of 4 thin slices of roasted sweet potato (less than 1/2 a potato), topped with a total of 1/2 an avocado, 4 eggs, and a cup of sauteed mushrooms. Fat, protein, starchy carb. Starving. I am breastfeeding, but I don't think it's that. How can I tell if I'm legitimately hungry, or craving? I thought I've been hungry because I've barely had any starchy carbs, so I started adding some. Still hungry. When I did AIP, I needed a sweet potato several times a day, so maybe I'm just not getting enough of those complex carbs?? What else is there besides potato and sweet potato that can fill that void? Thanks!