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  1. Day 30-Not a single result..

    I don't know if this is the case with you, but on my first whole 30 I didn't lose any weight because I ate too much fruit, nut butter, and coconut everything!
  2. Coffee

    Yeah, I can't always get pastured eggs. When I can't I get them from whole foods. I do eat homemade mayo, but as I understand it, the lemon juice (or vinegar) chemically "cooks" the egg and kills the bacteria. I guess putting it into hot coffee would be okay though....
  3. Coffee

    "I will say that the homemade coconut creamer recipe in one of the most recent Whole 9 blog posts is great and has made a difference to me." After I read this I looked up that recipe for coconut creamer. It looks good but it has raw egg in it! Is this safe? It makes me a little squeamish.
  4. Starting over 10/3

    I'm starting over with you! (Today is my new day 1). I had a tummy bug and I had to drink some Pedialyte and eat some crackers. They were gluten-free crackers....but still.
  5. Whole26 and onward

    Fantastic! You should feel very proud. :-)
  6. Whole 30 - done and dusted!

    Yay! Great job! Is there anything better than having to go clothes shopping to get smaller clothes?
  7. Migraine during my Whole30

    I can sympathize. I also get migraines and they are awful. I'd say stay away from coffee. even decaf will set mine off. They say that if you avoid caffieme all together, you can use it to help aleviate when you do have a migraine. I also found sweet potatoes helpful. i don't know why but carbs make me feel better too. I think Tylenol is allowed on the w30. It's not an NSAID. It's ibuprofen that's not allowed. also, Intook my Maxalt twice during my w30. Not sure if that's allowed r not but I was in agony and I have to look after a 1 year old, so I kinda had to.
  8. Day 14- Charlie Horses Anyone?

    A magnesium supplement seemed to help me with my charlie horses. (They are awful, aren't they?)
  9. I'm still terrified of crossfit. Respect!
  10. So I finished my W30 on July 31st and I thought I'd add some dairy to see if I can tolerate it. No problems. I still think dairy is a bad idea, but I may have the occasional dairy cheat while I'm not Whole30ing. A few days later, and I thought I'd try some wheat. Here is a list of what happened: 1. First of all, I felt disgustingly full, bloated, and gassy. 2. A day later, and I have a big zit in the middle of my face. 3. I was getting a pedicure today, and I noticed my sandals had made marks on my feet where they were too tight. (They are not normally tight.) Did my feet swell up? 4. When I did my workout, my knees hurt a lot. They did not hurt the whole time I was working out during the whole30. (Same exact workout.) I'm pretty sure wheat causes inflammation in my body. Has anyone else had symptoms like this when they reintroduced wheat?
  11. Well... I did my first Whole 30....

    Thanks for the encouragement! The thing is, I think I would rather have lost 5 pounds than have all those things. Isn't that crazy? What's wrong with me? .....and Robin, you are SO right about the whole sleep thing. I haven't had a good night's sleep in......well, since my baby was born, really. I guess the best food in the world can't make-up for lack of sleep. I did exercise but not until the 3rd week. I just didn't have the energy before then. Also, the stress is about to go up because I'm going back to work on Monday after having been a stay-at-home-mom for the past year. I'm going to do the Whole30 again because now I have to learn how to do it while working and taking lunches on the go and having less time for cooking. Hope to see you all around. I have to say, I love this forum! Not sure I would've stayed on the program without it.
  12. Okay, I'm going to post this as a success even though I'm not happy with the results. There are some successes to be happy about. I'll start with the good stuff. What I'm Happy About: 1. I did the Whole 30 with no cheating! Yay! I usually don't stay on diets for very long. 2. I can now wear my wedding ring. 3. When I started, I wore a size 16 and now I wear a size 14. 4. I have fallen in love with my local farmer's market and have so much fun finding really good veggies, grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, etc. 5. We have gotten in the habit of eating dinner at the table with my 1 year old in her high chair. We used to eat in front of the TV. 6. The best thing is that I no longer get that "OMG, I gotta eat NOW" syndrome. I feel like I'm in control of my food rather than the other way around. 7. I can now get through a workout without feeling like I'm going to die. Also, my recovery is much faster. Things I'm Really Ticked Off About: 1. I didn't lose any frickin' weight! ...or inches! %$#@! I started at 170 and I'm still at 170. (I'm only 5'3".) Yes, I know we're not supposed to attach meaning to a number on a scale but it still really makes you feel like crap to do a diet like this and not lose even ONE pound. Also, my measurements are pretty much the same. I don't know how this is possible and for me to still go down a dress size. Maybe I didn't measure correctly to begin with. The thing that sucks is that my BMI is 30.1. Just on the wrong side of "obese". I REALLY wanted to go down to merely "overweight" but alas, I'm still in the "obese" range. Wah. 2. I still get tired in the afternoons. 3. I still get headaches. These are the 3 main reasons why I did the Whole30 in the first place. Maybe I just need more time? I'm going to take a break and then do another W30 in a week or so. I think I ate too much fruit this time. Looking back, I can see I had fruit at just about every meal and also some snacks. Also, I went a little cuckoo on the coconut! I need to not buy coconut manna or butter. Or coconut flakes. Or have berries with coconut milk. I think I need to see fruit and nut butter and coconut products as a "sometimes" food. Not an "everyday" food.
  13. Salted or Raw Nuts

    I would say raw is the healthiest option.
  14. Vitamix

    Oooh, what's buttered coffee? also, You can make good soups in the Vitamix. ...and mix frozen fruit and coconut milk to make a kind of ice- cream like thing. (...that's not w30 compliant, but when you are done you can do it.)
  15. Getting on the scales! I miss that much more than any food. Weird, right?