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  1. Skiley

    Whole Foods

    Thanks for all the info. I'm starting to go to WF now. I was always scared away by it's whole paycheck reputation, but my priorities in life are in order now! Sara
  2. I have not made much of my food from recipes for my Whole30. For right now, I'm just trying to get the hang of this. I have the Well Fed cookbook as wall as some others, that I will be cooking from in the near future. I did make the mayo, and the cauliflower rice.(I made the rice, but didn't follow the recipe.
  3. Skiley

    A New Lease on Life!

    Great success story. Thanks for sharing!!
  4. Skiley

    Making Whole30 fun!

    I'm on day 19 and actually enjoying this ! Initially, I thought it would be stressful and daunting, but I'm making it fun. Last weekend I went to Crate and Barrel and got some nice clear glass food containers with white lids...when I got home I cooked up some proteins and vegetables, washed the fruits, and cleared an eye level space in my fridge. So now, my family is attracted to the good stuff when they open the fridge! One day, I chopped a bunch of onions and put them in the slow cooker with ghee...yum...and they can be mixed with my meat and vegetables. Yesterday, I made the mayo from the turned out great and was delicious on my steak and vegetables. I also went to the small Farmer's market they have at my workplace and got more veggies...eventually, I will have a full Paleo kitchen--with the best spices, gadgets, pantry, etc.--although I wish I had it all right now, I am enjoying the process of getting there one step at a time. I'm so happy that I've finally found the right way to eat and take care of myself and my family....Sara
  5. Skiley

    Reintroduction question

    I'm on day 18 and have the same question. Also, I'm wondering when to re-introduce small amounts of alcohol (mainly red wine) and dark chocolate. I have missed those two things the most, but honestly, it has felt great to get away from those bad habits. Sara
  6. Renee...thanks so much for the info...very encouraging! Sara
  7. I'm in the middle of my first Whole30. I have no medical conditions but my husband has CKD. Just wondering if anyone knows if there are beneficial aspects of Paleo for him. I haven't thoroughly researched the topic, but he says he needs to stay away from all meat (protein). Any info or tips would be appreciated!
  8. I have not been doing recipes at all...keeping it simple for now. I think it's good to get the basics down first anyway. I'll probably get more into cooking different things in the fall....not much of a summer cook. Too much going on all the time!
  9. Skiley

    Afternoon Crash

    I am starting to feel less sleepy (day 13) but I think the sweet potato idea is a good one! I'm also trying to cut down on my coffee consumption..for me, it's always been a reason to get up in the morning. I love my morning coffee! I'd like to be less dependent on it for a mood booster.....
  10. Skiley


    Thanks you guys! I'll check the labels!
  11. Skiley


    I love raisins on my salad but am not sure if they are Whole30 approved....
  12. Skiley

    New, and starting tomorrow!

    I'm on day 11 already. It's gone fast...still feeling tired but I've been working an irregular schedule and have not been getting enough rest. The hardest part for me has been giving up alcohol...I was always one to "wind down" with a glass of wine and a piece of dark chocolate, but then I didn't sleep well. And some nights, one glass of wine became a whole bottle of wine....not good. I'm feeling much better without it. And I've discovered I can have fun at a social event without drinking like everyone else! I feel like my life is being changed by doing this Whole30...good luck and let us know how you're doing! Sara
  13. Skiley


    I'm glad there are some Aidell's that are compliant. Thanks for the information!
  14. Skiley


    I just bought and ate some of those Aidell mango-jalapeño. Sugar was listed . I guess I should have read the label before I bought them. Oh well, I'm not starting over!