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    Tom I get your perspective, but I'm gonig to go ahead and include V8 in my plan. I choose to do so for a few reasons: juices are not an issue for me; I don't have the mindset of drinking meal replacements; I don't drink them (as many people do) because I hate veggies and this is the only way for me to get in my veggie fix; and it's not an everyday thing for me.
    Honestly if the commercial V8 was out due to preservatives, I'd probably just make my own in the juicer and continue to enjoy it. I just enjoy tomato juice and the spiciness of the V8.
    Thanks for the rec on the pickle brands. I see that you're nearby, so I will look for them in my Publix or Kroger after I finish the jar of Claussen's that I have.
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    karacooks reacted to Adagio in Couple of items: pickles, V8   
    At my WF (Harry's Farmer's Market) Bubbie's is now in the produce section.
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    Regarding the pickles... The Whole30 rules only list 3 additives/preservatives to avoid - carageenan, MSG or sulfites. That means the Clausen's are not ruled out, although better pickles exist. Until cucumbers came into season and I began making my own, I was buying Bubbies brand pickles and sauerkraut. They're really good.
    The problem with the V8 is not so much the ingredients as that it is processed and a juice. During your Whole30, we want you to adjust to eating whole foods. And we do not encourage drinking your meals or snacks.
    Note: I wrote this before the boss posted her note saying the V8 was okay, but my opinion remains the same... V8 is not a good choice.
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    karacooks reacted to Melissa Hartwig in Couple of items: pickles, V8   
    Both the Clausen pickles and the V8 are fine. Those additives aren't encouraged, of course, but they're not one of the three (MSG, carrageenan, and sulfites) specifically prohibited on the Whole30.