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  1. Annika

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Things have been going great! I’ve had good energy, good moods, good sleep, and cravings have been very manageable. One exciting moment: I have a self-imposed ban on almond butter (unless it’s an ingredient in something else) because it’s such a food-with-no-brakes for me. I was making a sauce with almond butter for dinner tomorrow, and decided it would be ok to lick the spoon. Whoa - it was AMAZING, felt like hitting a crack pipe. Huge rush of dopamine, I guess? Anyway, I licked the spoon clean, but did not get another bite from the almond butter jar. Normally I would have a few bites, so I call that a win!
  2. Annika

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    I had one of those infamous Whole30 dreams last night, this one involving a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Not craving during the day, though! And energy has been good!
  3. Annika

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Um, that would be FRESH fish, not greasy fish (thanks, autocorrect). Why can’t I find the edit button?
  4. Annika

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    @JanineCammarata that fish & veggie dinner looks fantastic! I love fish, but am kind of intimidated when it comes to cooking it. I eat a lot of canned salmon and sardines, but I will try cooking some greasy fish next week - thanks for the inspiration! Just finished day 4 here. I’ve been eating somewhat repetitively, but I don’t mind I love leftovers because they save so much time! Breakfast: 2 prosciutto egg cups Lunch: same as yesterday: chicken drumsticks with homemade mayo, salad, avocado Snack: kombucha Dinner: same as yesterday, LOL! Leftover beef curry. I put it over raw spinach and had lots of fresh basil and cilantro. Yum!
  5. Annika

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    I started today, March 17th! I wrote a long intro post (“Annika eats & muses”) in the “Your Whole30 Log” section, where I plan to log most days to keep me motivated and on track. I’ve bern mostly paleo/primal for several years, but still struggle with my sugar dragon and have control issues around tempting food. I’d love to be part of this group even though I’m a couple of days early!