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    It is not that diet eliminates allergies, but it does guide you to avoid the food that causes them. I did W30 years ago and it literary changed my life. I had terrible hay fever that made me sick all summer long. That May I finished W30 was followed by symptom-free summer, first time, well, ever. Apart from the allergies, it helped me get rid of bloating and stomach cramps I was suffering from. After I was finished and started reintroducing the food, I realised that I am allergic to milk and also lactose intolerant. I have mild wheat allergy as well. Over the years I forgot about this reset (still not drinking milk) and allergies came back. Summers became difficult once again. Probably thanks to all the sugary food and could be that my wheat allergy got more intensive. I am currently following keto diet, as my current priority is weight loss more than anything else, but I plan to do a reset before the next summer. I do basically eat like I would on W30, but allow myself hard cheese and butter (does not influence me) and some sweeteners like inulin syrup and xylitol. Just trust the program, it is hard and challenging, but so worth it in the end.