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    Starting January 9th

    Hi! I started my first AIP Whole 30 yesterday. I have a battery of autoimmune issues (arthritis, tendonitis, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis). I'm hoping that completing this will help me identify triggers for my skin, and primarily help with pain in my knee and shoulder. I've almost completed 2 days and it's truly been the HARDEST two days. Mostly due to all the limitations of the aip diet. I did food prep all day Saturday so have lunches, breakfast, and even AIP approved Whole 30 emergency snacks. I almost gave up today and threw in the towel to go to Weight Watchers. I then thought that overall I need to heal myself and get my relationship with food on track. This is going to be the most amount of soul searching I do..I'm sure of it. Good news is...I'm not alone! Thanks for having me! Jeannie
  2. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    I fell off the wagon.. for 2 years!

    Yup! I was looking and the last Whole 30 I completed was in 2012!!! YIKES! I have followed a pretty paleo style diet, and avoid most gluten. That being said I have been no where near perfect or where I was before when I started that first Whole 30. I, like you, felt that life is too short and I'm going to have the paleo treats and cheat meals as I please. I also have had 5 surgeries over the course of the 3 and a half years...I completed my first one in July of 2012. I definitely felt better, slept better, etc. Just didn't allow myself to continue the journey, because being social and "free" felt too good. I have a battery of autoimmune issues tendonitis, arthritis, and skin issues. This time not only did I jump in to Whole 30, I am doing the Autoimmune Protocol. To go from total freedom to the AIP protocol has been challenging. It's been 2 days and mentally I've wanted to quit a 1,000 times. I am a coffee lover and can't have it, I love pepper and can't have it. I keep telling myself it's 30-45 days and it's not the rest of my life. Hopefully I can reintroduce things that won't bother me. I'd honestly be happy with eggs and coffee. LOL! I think if you know the birthday dinner is going to side track you and that was your trigger before, maybe you should attempt to slay it. You're going to encounter that birthday every year. The key with Food Freedom, I'm currently reading, is that what IS worth it. Problem is you can't know what is worth it until you have some time away from those foods and reset. So maybe starting after with no interruptions may be better. Best of luck, Jeannie
  3. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    APOE 3/4 Gene and Recommended Low Fat Diet

    Thank you for all the advice. Lady M, I feel that I fall in to a similar braket like you. I have to watch my fat intake and do more hiit than the average person. I always tend to lose body fat if I am doing Hiit and eating well. I feel that when I did my previous whole30 I was eating too many fats and probably was a little too liberal. All the advice makes sense. Thank you for the feedback.
  4. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    APOE 3/4 Gene and Recommended Low Fat Diet

    Tina, Thanks for your advice. I'm aware of the autoimmune protocol, but was more interested in any advice on the APOE 3/4 and having to follow a low-fat and high cardio routine. Do you or anyone out there know of anyone who follows Paleo or has advice on this condition? Thank you, Laura Jeanne
  5. Good Afternoon, I had completed a Whole 30 a year and a half ago and became very frustrated while following a Paleo lifestyle. I had adopted the practices in the book, maybe having a few slip-ups here and there. I was doing Crossfit and eating in a Paleo fashion. I continued to increase in weight and finally gave up on Paleo. After I had thrown in the towel, I went for genetic testing. I was told that my blood panel showed great results. No high blood pressure, great cholesterol levels, so on and so on, BUT, and here's the big BUT my doctor stated based on my genotype of APOE 3/4 I was predisposed for Alzheimers and that I also was unable to process fats like other people. He stated I needed to follow a low-fat diet and needed to increase my cardio. Everything I've followed for the past year has been the opposite. I still have not adopted a low-fat lifestyle or increase cardio, but am at my wits end. I also suffer from excema and Endometriosis. But am more concerened with being told to eat low-fat since the paleo approach to eating is anything but low-fat. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I'm thinking of venturing on another Whole 30. Thanks again, Laura Jeanne Penrod
  6. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Great uplifting quote for the day

    Nice! Thank you for posting this.
  7. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Canned Tuna/Chicken?

    I know Whole Foods and Fresh and Easy have compliant tuna and chicken.
  8. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Insight from 30 days

    Thanks girls! I love your scale idea Maeva. I may put superstar above it. Or maybe Bad Ass!
  9. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Insight from 30 days

    Thanks guys! I have lots of plans to continue and think that measuring and pictures serves me better than a scale.
  10. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Insight from 30 days

    Wow! I can't believe that I made it 30 days with no sugar! Well here is my story. I am conflicted in the way I feel, but throughout the day I've tried to think of more of the positives than the negatives. I was a little discouraged with my weight loss, so I think it immediately made my mood towards the Whole 30 not as enthusiast. I then tought to myself that the scale is NOT everything, because the Whole 30 is so much more than the number on the scale, and in turn so am I. Today I realized that for too many years I have based my self worth on a scale and that number on it. If I wasn't a certain weight, or didn't reach my goal weight, I wasn't worthy of being happy that day. That old behavior crept in this morning because I expected it to read one number and it read something I didn't want to see. Immediately I was angry, cried, and felt like a failure. I then realized that this is not healthy, and these 30 days have been about being healthy. I then felt like I wanted to kick that scales ass and prove it differently. which is exactly what I have decided to do, I am having a trial separation with it. I am strictly going to use it as a gauge from time to time, but I have decided that I am not going to let it rule how I feel about myself or that I am not worthy of being happy because that number isn't what I expected. I am currently in Temecula for a few days and am going to try the reintroduction to the best of my ability. Regardless I am no longer using the scale, I am taking pictures and measurements. Tuesday when I get home I'll do just that, then monthly I will then do the same routine. So, for the successes of the Whole 30: 1. I did lose 6lbs according to the last weight I knew pre-whole 30. I did not weigh myself that first day, so who knows maybe I lost more. at this point I don't care 2. I had boundless energy everyday. Felt motivated and empowered the more I continued on my Whole 30. 3. I cooked new foods, took risks in the kitchen, and came up with great recipes. I was very impressed and looking forward to making new recipes 4. I learned to not fear fat and how to recognize my hunger levels. I don't just eat a snack to have a snack, I have one only if I'm hungry. 5. I got back in to an exercise routine again and am feeling stronger than ever. I feel like I'm finally getting back in to doing working out that I enjoy again. 6. I'm sleeping great. I used to have bad insomnia and with the exception of a few nights, I mostly sleep like a log. 7. I learned today after reintroducing some sweetener in my coffee that the Whole 30 taught me that I like to actually taste the coffee now and not the sweetner. 8. I recognize how sweet things really are now. Even some fruits almost seem too sweet. 9. I have become super aware of what I am eating. From reading labels, to asking questions at restaurants, and the differences in all the oils that are not healthy for me. 10. My husband and I did this together and it changed our relationship. At first he had a tough time, but he now is considering keeping up Paleo more than he originally planned. 11. I learned how to say NO again. I had gotten to to complacent and would give in to temptation all the time. I had become ok with eating junk. I now have gotten ok with saying No thank you again or bringing my own foods. 12. I recognized today that the Whole 30 made me realize this is a lifestyle and not just a diet. I also have decided the scale no longer determines my happiness or self worth any longer. It's about my health and this way of living by far is healthier than anything I've ever done. My plan now is to be as compliant as possible, but there might be some things I need to adjust to reach my body composition goals. I may need to eliminate more carbs, like sweet potatoes and fruits. I felt I really didn't over do fruits too much during the Whole 30, but I may do some adjusting to help with my weightloss and fitness goals. I plan on reintroducing maybe some Stevia here and there and maybe some full fat dairy. I plan on using the "off-roading" maps to help me decide what's worth it. I know I won't be perfect 100% of the time, but I plan on being compliant as much as possible and definitely am taking on a Paleo lifestyle. I will probably do another Whole 30 in a few months or a Whole 7, etc. from time to time. I think it's healthy to reset. I know that a lot of people have had a lot of success with Paleo and I plan on being one of those stories. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can achieve my goals please let me know what you think I can do. I'm not sure if I should cut portions down, limit carbs, or etc. Any suggestions are gladly and greatly welcomed.
  11. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Ann's Success Story!

    Congrats on the weightloss and all the extra benefits of the program. So proud of you!
  12. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Safe condiments?

    It Starts With Food. Just the acronym for the book.
  13. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Safe condiments?

    Yes, pretty much. Most mustards are safe, but double check. If you have a whole foods get their organic Dijon or brown mustard. Those are safe. Most hot sauces like cholula and salsa are generally ok. Make sure you read the label though, some add sugar and unapproved soybean or seed oils. Basic lesson here, don't trust marketing that it's healthy because it says it is, read the label and if you recognize the ingredients it is usually safe, if you don't it probably isn't good for you. Also making your own mayo is the best!!! Follow Wel Fed's recipe that is in ISWF and you'll be golden! She also has a recipe for sunshine sauce that is on veggies and with meats. Oh! Before I forget balsalmic can also be dangerous make sure sulfites are naturally occurring, best best is to buy organic in that department too. Hope this helps.
  14. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Help me make a good choice?

    I question a lot when I go out. I also play the allergy card and say no dairy, seed oils, gluten, or soy. So far most people are pretty accommodating.
  15. Laura Jeanne Penrod

    Bacon or Breakfast Sausage

    Aidells sausage chicken and apple has no added sugar, just fruit juice which is Whole 30 approved. I grill it and slice it in to medallions. Yummy and gets my meat craving satisfied. Whole foods has a few others, read ingredients not sugar grams because they sneak stuff in. It can only be sweetened w/fruit juice. Bacon is a lot harder than sausage to find. I suggest visiting the butcher case at Whole Foods and read the ingredients. I have only found one by chance at Whole Foods, every other one has some type of sugar.