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  1. I fell ill shortly after starting and ended up on medication. Back now though and restarted yesterday!
  2. Ok, ready to start again! Still having chiropractic and massage therapy, but I'm off the medications. Yay! Now I need this even more than before! Restarted yesterday, and remembered to eat breakfast today, so I'm off to a good start.
  3. Mine is part of my Post-viral Syndrome (ME), and flares up, usually when I come down with a sinus/ears-related virus. This one's been a really long haul!
  4. The vertigo persists. Wow, I'm really going to need that W30 to give my poor body a break when all this is over!
  5. Well, that certainly went sideways. The cold triggered my vertigo, so bedrest and meds cancelled my W30. Once the vertigo subsides again, I'll restart.
  6. Thank you! I know that the cold meds set me back, but I guess I need them, if only so I can sleep. I'm carrying on with eating for a W30 despite taking them, if only to get into the routine.
  7. Yesterday lunch: fruit and nuts Yesterday dinner: steak and salad, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar So, although it was a good first day, food-wise, by mid-afternoon it was clear that I'd caught the head-cold that's doing the rounds. I am sick, which is going to make things very difficult, especially with the sore throat. Trying not to take anything might be a fail. Still, I did manage breakfast this morning. Breakfast: my go-to If the cold gets too hard to deal with, I may have to restart this W30 in a few days.
  8. 2019 Was a huge year for transitions in our family. Although it was mostly in good ways, I got to the point where I was using too many "spoons" per day and not stopping to even try to recover. I had an ME crash in early November. In addition to all the usual symptoms of my chronic illness flaring madly, I gained 10 pounds in about 10 weeks and my digestive system has slowed to a crawl. Now it's time to care for my body properly again. Breakfast: 2 eggs, fried in coconut oil, with a mound of spinach - quick, easy, and I can make myself eat it when I don't want to eat. 1 cup coffee, straigh
  9. I did the Whole 30 in 2013, with great success. I've been living with a chronic illness for nearly 16 years, and gaining control of my digestive issues really helped me manage and cope with my illness. This past November I crashed. Doing too much and not looking after myself properly. I'm starting to come out of that severe symptom flare-up now, and I'm hopeful that another Whole 30 will help me regain my "balance" and settle down my digestive system once again. My body needs a break, and today I have started that break by starting a Whole 30.