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    I am just wondering if preservative 202 is allowed? Most of the dried fruit in Australia has this ingredient listed with the only other ingredient, that particular fruit. I don't want to use the dried fruit long term, i am just looking to make a larabar type thing, to show a friend living this way (whole30, then a paleo lifestyle) can still allow a few natural sweet treats.
  2. Ahhhh ok, thanks for that, haven't seen it in Australia. But maybe from an Asian Supermarket, i'll check it out
  3. Excuse my ignorance but what is coconut aminos???? I am celiac and lactose intolerant. And i know coconut oil is ok for me, but coconut cream is out which is a shame, cos i like it. But i don't like the way it makes me feel...... i guess thats the beauty of this program, i'm learning more and more about what feels good, and what doesn't...........