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  1. I also credit my first WHole30 for my second pregnancy That baby is now 7.5 months old. I didn't do a W30 during pregnancy (was way too nauseous for the first 15 weeks or so) but after I nearly failed my glucose tolerance test, cut out all grains and sugar and it worked wonders for my blood sugar. (The doctor was impressed, too.) It didn't help with the swelling, unfortunately, but I never did get elevated blood pressure or pre-eclampsia, thankfully, despite having ridiculous swollen calves and feet. (Think the people in the movie WALL-E.)
  2. Anandi

    High protein diet and fertility

    Total anecdata here, but I got pregnant 2 months after finishing my first Whole30 with no fertility treatments at all. For my first pregnancy, we tried unsuccessfully for 3.5 years, then finally had to get treatments, so it was quite a surprise
  3. I know this is an older thread, but I've been dealing with similar issues. In our case, at first, it was my daughter's dairy allergy. Somehow my parents seemed to think that "just a little" would be ok, or dairy as an ingredient would be fine. Then my daughter would throw up 8 hours later and we'd have no idea why. For us it just took lots of flat-out explanations on how things made her feel, how her skin reacted, and the late vomiting (which they were never around to see). We also had to be aggressive around other family members during parties and gatherings because people were always trying to feed my daughter without asking first. (Allergies are extremely uncommon in my family.) I definitely agree with the others that you need to let your parents' own eating habits go, but focus on your kids. Talk about it in terms of behavior and health issues - ie "we're finding that sugar causes him to act xxx" or "her eczema disappears when we're strict about not giving her dairy". I think your parents want what's best for your kids and just need to understand what that means. I do think it makes sense to pack snacks, and be very clear and firm about what they can and can't have. Since you and your mom are close, I think she'll want to do right by you. Explain to her that you appreciate that she wants to give them treats, but tell her it just doesn't agree with them. Or, the other option is to tell her she can give them *one* treat only per visit. And then have that be their only treat for the rest of the week or whatever. But this is coming from someone who isn't doing W30 with the whole family - they'll eat what I cook, but I'm not "making" them conform when they're out of the house.
  4. Anandi

    Really, really tired of cooking

    I like to make soup or chili on a weekend and it'll get us one dinner, maybe two, PLUS a few lunches. If you don't mind eating the same thing a bunch of times, it makes life a lot easier. Throw a few portions into the freezer and then you can save yourself some time in the future, too (esp if you're getting sick of it during the week you cooked it.)
  5. I'm glad someone posted about this because I'm on Day 3 of my Whole30 and the baby has been acting like she's hungry and nursing FOREVER. So maybe my supply is dropping. Since the baby is 7 months old, I can't really tell by "feel" if my supply is down as I don't feel much usually anyway. When I was pumping at work for my 1st, drinking Mother's Milk tea and taking fenugreek pills (2 pills 3x a day) really helped keep my supply up. I haven't needed that this time since I'm not working, but may try the tea again to see if I can combat the drop from the new diet (if that's what's happening...) Another option is to also add a pumping session when you know your baby isn't going to eat and that'll condition your body to make more milk in general. This works well for me once we've established a routine - I still feed on demand, but now she only asks about 4x a day.
  6. Anandi

    Whole30 bloggers

    Ooh, awesome. I blog about all sorts of stuff (in my signature) but my Whole30 specific posts are here:
  7. Anandi

    homemade mayo - yeah or nay?

    I didn't have easy access to good fresh eggs, so I skipped the homemade mayo while pregnant (and was very sad about it!). IIRC I found an olive oil mayo at Whole Foods (very $$$, though) that I figured was an OK substitute.
  8. Anandi

    I can't get started...

    I have been trying to get back to this way of eating for over a year and it is SO hard to get started. There are two opposite approaches that work for me, depending on mood: 1. Give up one of the "forbidden" foods for a whole week, then add another the next week, etc until you're on track. IE, I started with wheat, then rice, then oats, then all grains, then diet soda, dairy, etc. 2. JUST DO IT. I kept waiting for the "right time" or "inspiration" to strike me, and it just hasn't. So last week I just decided. I signed up for the email program and decided I just had to start the next day. I had enough compliant food to make it through breakfast and lunch then hubby went shopping today. For some reason, this approach is working - I didn't have time to convince myself it was too hard to start over. Thanks for the book recommendation, guys!