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  1. OK, time to brag...

    I've been on the 2nd phase, approx 60 days. 26 lbs off. My pants are really lose. Actually tucking my shirts in and wearing a belt. That's the best part. Everyone is asking what I am doing...'what diet are you on'?...That's always the fun lead in to a great topic. I'm 57, and no meds(Dr took me off my blood pressure pills)...relaxed BP has been as low as 116/65. Now it has helped that I have started commuting on my bike so that helps, but overall I feel great and the comments are encouraging. Finally my only vice continues to be my love of coffee and I'm not sure I will ever give that up. Sugar and bread no longer appeals to me...on a scale of 1-10 for the lifestyle change...10+...Thanks ISWF and Whole9.
  2. Whole 30 - Peace!

    Today is my 31st day. Weighed this morning and was down 12 lbs. The strange thing about it and it is echoed from others, you always feel like you have lost more. Perhaps that is the body cleansing itself. I have lost about an inch on my waist, but chest and hips are more noticeable areas of weight loss. This is an ongoing project for me. I have always been sugar addicted and now that urge is gone. My wife has been on the program with me but has not lost any weight so she has gotten frustrated...But I appreciate her, because she continues to cook us wonderful meals. Overall it's been a great 30 days and I'll continue with the program....Thank you ISWF.
  3. Where do you buy ghee?

    Not sure what town you are in, but it should be a fairly common item in most large least it is here in Portland OR
  4. My Breakfast...

    I go to the market on Saturday..get two large bunches of bright green chard. Come back home and saute them in a skillet with onions, tomatos, peppers, season..and put in a bowl in the frig. During the week I take out a little and place two to three over easy eggs on top, with a little bacon and I'm good to go.
  5. Day 27 and feel fat and discouraged.....

    Lanee, chill. This is an ongoing lifestyle. I'm convinced this way of eating will bring results. We each define results. For me, it's just knowing I eat better. I have convinced myself that I can take all the other garbage out of the frig and pantry. I enjoy shopping and trying new meals. I understand that quality is better for me, instead of quantity. This is my third week and there has already been huge changes in my body and'll get there, enjoy the process.
  6. Opinions on Grass-fed Beef

    Ok, my experience so far with GrassFed Beef. Know the variety of the cattle. Understand where the cattle are grazing. I experienced a gentleman that had a diary farm and he was slaughtering his Holstein male cows, not a good choice for beef. My preference is to find a ranch that raises start to finish. They breed their own cattle on the ranch. Some ranches just finish the cows on the ranch, in other words buy the calf from another farm. Also some of the best meat I have had, the rancher hung the meat for 45 days, a little longer than most, but the meat was incredible. Back to the grass. We have succulent, beautiful grass here in Oregon and the better ranchers are grazing the cattle and relocating them to other areas every few days. Other areas of the country don't have this luxury. I visited a local farm this weekend thinking that I had found the source for my meat and left realizing I needed to keep looking. Under no circumstances would I purchase a large portion without trying 3-4 cuts of meat. My favorite two cuts are hamburger and ribeyes...Don't over cook grass fed beef!!!
  7. Love Shopping..

    check out for Oregon farms....
  8. A Great Web Site

    Check out fun with this site. 2nd tab on the left will allow you to look at your state or region...
  9. Recs for grass-fed beef in Chicago/Milwaukee area

    Yes, check out the markets...try the beef before you buy a 1/4 or 1/2. Also try different cuts of the meat...Also cook them on low heat, and don't overcook. Something else I've found, make sure it's good beef cows. Some of the beef in this area is a product coming off of diary farms...they slaughter the males for obvious reason, but I find the quality is not as good as a true beef cow.
  10. Love Shopping..

    In Portland Or we have incredible markets. This Sat my wife and I spent the early morning at the market and picked up all our fresh veggies and fruit. After we left we drove out into the country about 25 miles away and visited a farm that does all grass fed beef, lamb, and hogs. Picked up about 75 lbs and headed back to the house. Of course we had to de-frost the freezer but what a great day. I've been eating better for 14 days...Feel great and clothes are feeling more loose....kills me not to be able to step on the scales but staying with the program....