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    Confused about eating meal one after workout

    So sardines are lean enough to be a proper post workout protein? Because since becoming a sushi lover I have a really hard time choking down tuna from a can or a pack. I don't like to discard the yolks from my precious farm fresh eggs but buying liquid egg whites is costly. Sardines would be a perfect solution for me.
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    4-6 eggs a day. Ok?

    I started out with three eggs but recently added a fourth (I'm 5'8", 130-135, very active). For the last couple of weeks I've been throwing them in the magic bullet with green onions and leafy greens before scrambling. They cook up nice and fluffy, shockingly green but I think it's kind of cool. It's been a great way to pack veggies into my breakfast.
  3. Stephanie Starkey

    Day 21 Setback: Energy Down, Appetite Up. Why?

    5/25/2013 Meals 08:08: Green eggs,1/2 Avocado 09:33: Bulletproof coffee 13:38: Meaty paleo chilli, 1/2 Avocado,Green salad 18:05: Jambalaya, Nori,Mixed nuts,Coconut butter 20:24: Boiled egg(pre/post workout) 21:24: Tuna(pre/post workout),Sweet potato(pre/post workout) 5/26/2013 Meals 07:37: Boiled egg(pre/post workout) 09:00: Egg white (pre/post workout),Sweet potato(pre/post workout) 10:24: Green eggs,Coconut milk 14:26: Jambalaya,Coconut milk,Mixed berries 16:46: Bulletproof coffee 19:42: Meaty paleo chilli,Green salad 5/27/2013 Meals 08:45: Green eggs,1/2 Avocado 09:45: Rooibos tea 11:33: Bulletproof coffee 14:29: Meaty paleo chilli,Green salad,Coconut milk,Pear 16:58: Tuna(pre/post workout),Butternut squash(pre/post workout) 19:26: Meaty paleo chilli,Nori,Coconut milk,1/2 Banana I'd say it was about Tuesday/Wednesdayish that I became noticeably more tired and hungry. Some FYI's: my "green eggs" are eggs whipped in the magic bullet with green onions and leafy greens before scrambling. The chilli and jambalaya recipes are strict paleo and vegetable rich. I drink from two to four liters of water daily. Bedtime is about 9:30pm on weekdays but can vary on weekends. I train in accordance with the basic CrossFit Endurance template. Regarding these days, the 26th was a 10-1 ladder of burpees and sit ups. The 27th was the "Murph" WOD. The 28th was a rest day. I expected to be tired and sore because of Murph, but did not feel that my energy was recovered following my rest day. Not to mention, this was the first rest day during which I felt I really suffered from not having the extra food for pre-and post-workout. I've been tired and hungrier ever since. A few days ago I added an extra egg to the morning scramble and have allowed a second cup of bulletproof coffee in the afternoons but neither is really picking me up. It has been unpleasant, even more so because I'm not sure I can trust myself to judge whether this is physical or psychological.
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    Day 21 Setback: Energy Down, Appetite Up. Why?

    I have logged each and every thing that I have eaten since beginning my Whole 40, though not all in precise amounts; I simply eyeball based on the template so I can only fully quantify things such as how many eggs, 1/2 or 1 avocado, 1 pear, etc. I can supply as many or as few days of food/activity as you think would be helpful.
  5. Things had been going along swimmingly with my Whole 40 (decision made based on the days in the Lenten season which is when I plan on doing this every year). But last week I began to notice a decline in my functioning. I started nodding off throughout the day again, a problem that had all but vanished during my first week, and my focus and productivity became poorer. It has gotten hard to get out of bed in the mornings even following 7-9 hours of sleep and I am feeling hungry much sooner after meals than I was before. I gave the benefit of the doubt that we all can have "down days," but it has been several days. Why after working so hard and doing so well do I suddenly feel as though I'm back where I started?
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    I'm a chronic victim of paralysis by analysis

    This is the key. We are all constantly bombarded with information and it is hard to resist the temptation to check for ways we can make our program "just a bit better." It is also hard not to be fixated on results but that is just what we have to do. The way not to constantly wonder how to reconcile the conflicting information is to simply shut it out. Adjust the focus to, "I want to see if I can complete this thing as prescribed for a full 30 days." Make the challenge itself the objective and your results will be what they will, good or bad. Tweak the program, and you'll never know. You can do this.
  7. Stephanie Starkey

    Rash. Incessant. Unbearable. Who Else Has It?

    The doctor today couldn't actually identify the rash but seemed to think that it is contact dermatitis. He also said that, under the circumstances it is unlikely that we will figure out exactly what I "got into." He insisted on the prednisone taper and also prescribed hydroxyzine to cool the itch. I was so grateful that I could have kissed him because the OTC stuff that the other doctor put me on was useless. Because it is so sedative, I have only taken half a pill so far but (knock on wood) the edge seems to have come off of the intensity. I'll be taking a full pill along with the prednisone at bedtime and I am cautiously hopeful that I will actually get some sleep tonight. Praying and praying that I will be better when I wake up. 19 1/2 hours of labor was way less torture than this has been. Thanks for your concern. Please send me some happy, non-itchy thoughts. I'd love to be able to fully experience the other benefits we are seeing from Whole 30. Such as that yesterday my husband woke up pain free for the first time in six years!
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    Rash. Incessant. Unbearable. Who Else Has It?

    Doesn't seem to fit well. I would chew up to a pack a day of Orbit but there were plenty of times that I would run out of it (or leave home without it) and have none. I also started drinking my coffee bulletproof right after Easter which just about eliminated the Splenda long before this. It seems unlikely that the difference is significant enough for such an excessive response. I am lactose intolerant and prone to carb bloat/carb coma but other than that I have no history of allergic response to any food or drug. I'm skipping work tomorrow and taking the long drive to walk in to my primary care doc. Or rather I'm going to have my husband drive me just in case I get dosed with something serious. I'll report back if I get any useful information. In the meantime, I would still welcome information from anyone else that might be useful to discuss with my doctor.
  9. I am on Day 11. My rash started on Day 3 and keeps getting worse and worse. It is all over my body from my neck to my ankles. It very much appears to be hives with one difference being that the goosebump textured rash on my arms seems permanent rather than intermittent. A trip to urgent care two days ago resulted in a steroid shot and a twice daily cocktail of oral antihistamines. Completely ineffective. I have not introduced any new foods, nor have I increased the amounts of the foods that I eat. As an avid CrossFitter, I have been transitioning to a primal eating style for several months now. My goal for the Whole 30 (aside from moral support to my fibromyalgia suffering, grains-dairy-beer-cupcake addicted husband) is to wean myself from Weekly Cheat Day, random snacking, Splenda, and pack-a-day sugarless gum chewing. So this is what I have done and I can't really wrap my head around the idea that I have some condition that the junk food was protecting me from. The ironic thing is that I am doing great otherwise. I experienced tiredness and mental fog for a few days but I have since hit two lifting PR's. I am less stiff and can feel some overuse injuries healing. I haven't been nodding off in the afternoon in spite of the sleep I have lost this week because of the discomfort. Most miraculous is my facial skin. I spent a year in Afghanistan and became afflicted with asphyxiated skin from the sun damage. It took a series of medical grade peels, prescription retinol, and regular deep exfoliation to get it under control. Then last week, my face was suddenly clear, smooth, and dewy. I can actually go without makeup! I wonder how great I would feel if I wasn't a big pile of itch? I have perused the forum and it seems that I am not the only one suffering (and I mean reeeeeally suffering) from a mystery rash. There have been mentions of rash from ketosis. The thing is, I have done intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and full on low carb (albeit with artificial sweeteners and processed reduced carb fare) with no side effects. With my side of fresh berries and my post workout sweet potato or pumpkin each day, the Whole 30 is much less restrictive on carbs than other diets I have tried. People have also mentioned something called candida die off, but that seems far fetched. I have had yeast problems before and they are years in the past, along with yeast-friendly eating. Emotional stress? Life is demanding, but I wouldn't say my stress has gone up. In fact, I'm feeling quite positive. My husband and I are enjoying the time we spend sourcing local foods, preparing our meals, and sharing peaceful suppers. Furthermore, feeding primal foods to our son is really improving his behavior. So far, none of the conventional ideas are making any sense. Is there anyone at all who knows something or can help? I am truly desperate. I have hardly slept in days, I can't focus on anything, and I am constantly clawing at myself. I would seriously consider cutting off a finger if it would make this go away. Please help!
  10. Stephanie Starkey

    Day 35 Whole30 and itching like crazy (no rash)

    Day 11 and I am having the exact same problem. Ironic because the skin on my face hasn't looked this good in about 10 years. And I also did not introduce any new foods or increase the amounts of my foods. The itching and the rash are constant and all over from my neck to my ankles. It has been eight days. Claritin did not help. I went to urgent care the other day and was administered a shot and prescribed an antihistamine cocktail. It isn't helping and I have hardly gotten any sleep for the last four nights because of the discomfort. Please respond with whatever you find out at the dermatologist!
  11. Stephanie Starkey

    Bulletproof coffee??

    I have found that a magic bullet works better and is much less of a hassle to keep clean than a regular countertop blender. My hubby is on his way to the market. I called him and told him to grab some cocoa powder!
  12. Stephanie Starkey

    "Snacking" for Athletes

    Thank you so much! I've just muddled through Day 3 and am still troubleshooting. Today my evening workout was at 6pm. Lunch had been at about 1pm, and I had my pre-workout snack at around 5:20pm. Post workout meal was immediately following training (about 7pm) and dinner was an hour later. This puts the final meal about 1.5 hours before bedtime. Is that too close? Would it be better on days like this to have my dinner meal in lieu of the pre-workout snack and make the post workout meal the final feeding of the day?
  13. Stephanie Starkey

    How much fruit is everybody eating?

    I'm on Day 3 (complete with a peeling face, rash on my arms and legs, and a crappy run in the morning!). I actually didn't have any fruit yesterday. I had about a cup of berries with my lunch on Day 1, which is what I plan to do today. I will probably limit my fruit to an approved serving with lunch and perhaps also with dinner on the days that I have a second training session in the evening. The grocery store across the street from my house did some major renovations last year and put in a giant organic section. I have been unable to resist the cartons of strawberries and blueberries (sometimes they are as big as grapes!) and I had never even liked fresh blueberries before! As ideal as these fruits are (along with some blackberries for extra fiber) I intend to mix it up a bit with my fruit choices to get out of my comfort zone. Luckily, I got a fruit share along with my Summer CSA, so I'll just quit shopping for fruit and stick to whatever the farm gives me. If things are going well over the next few weeks, I may take a chance on a bit of unsweetened dried fruit.
  14. Stephanie Starkey

    "Snacking" for Athletes

    I am glad I found this post because I had a similar question. I adhere to the CrossFit Endurance protocol; CrossFit 6x week (3 days on, 1 day off) plus 2-3 interval runs. The exception being that, whenever a training day falls on a Sunday, I will do a long run in lieu of a WOD. On running days, I do my runs first thing in the morning before work (about 5AM) and do CrossFit at about 5 or 6PM, and when Saturday is a training day, I will always do a 12PM Hero WOD with my friends. So I was wondering about the pre/post workout protocol on double training days. I got the impression from the previous reply that adding a post workout meal to the second training session is appropriate. Is this correct? On double days, my workouts must be a minimum of 3 hours apart, but with my schedule they will almost always be about 12 hours apart. Any specific recommendations?
  15. Stephanie Starkey

    Time between post WO and next meal?

    I'm glad to have stumbled upon this topic (this is my day 1). I don't recall the book specifying that the post workout meal needed to be low to no fat. If this is really essential, could someone share a few details with me? I guess that when I leave work I'll be stopping at the store for some tuna packs!