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  1. I’m super impressed that you’re sticking with the plan despite the tooth thing! But I guess what else are you going to eat but soup, Whole30 or not! I sure hope it isn’t painful. Good luck at the dentist tomorrow.
  2. Brianna, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and are so exhausted. I can read your frustration in your posts. It looks like you’re doing a really great job, though, and hopefully if you can power through the rough first part you’ll start feeling better and seeing some benefits soon. I’m following your journey and am on your side. Ann
  3. Thanks, guys. I didn’t do it. Whew. And it is FINALLY stored away in the garage loft — need to drag out the ladder to reach it. And put the ladder behind some suitcases to make it a slight hassle to get to. I read something someone else posted that is exactly how I feel about this. I worked hard to lose 20# over the last 7 months or so, and would be heartbroken if I undid that. But my prior experience is losing about 8# with a W30, so I’m going to try hard to not worry too much and focus on the NSVs.
  4. REALLY strong urge to get on the scale this morning. Haven’t done it yet but haven’t quite talked myself out of it. Please talk me out of it. It seems like such a minor infraction.
  5. Day 4. Hungry today, even though I’m eating big meals. Otherwise feeling good. My intention today was to get on the treadmill, but I wasn’t able to motivate myself to do it. But I was fairly active, putting away Christmas (up and down ladder into garage loft to store boxes, hauling tree outside, etc). Treadmill will happen tomorrow. Sleep: 8.5 hours (broken into two parts - I was awake for an hour and a half 6-7:30 then fell back to sleep for another couple hours). 77 sleep score. Pretty darned good! Shoulder: Not too bad today. Also didn’t manage to get around to PT e
  6. Day 3. All in all, things are still going well. I did start having some cravings or pseudo-hunger issues today. I ate well at breakfast and at lunch, but was feeling like eating again about an hour or two after lunch. I was glad to have compliant snacks in my desk, but again, I wonder if maybe I had the munchies just because I knew those things were there. Or the sugar demon rearing its head finally after nearly three days without wine or other added sugars/processed food. Sleep: 6 hrs 13 minutes, 77 sleep score (fair) . Very little deep sleep (25 mins). I turned over at one
  7. I made the Potsticker Stir-Fry earlier this week and have been having it on a bed of spinach for lunch the last couple days. If I make this again, I'm going to increase the vegetables (cabbage, carrots & mushrooms), as it was very meat heavy (although delicious). Putting it on spinach helped a lot.
  8. Had a small sugar craving for the first time after lunch today. I had been in the habit for quite a while of having a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate right after lunch. My office keeps them stocked in our kitchen (doggone them!). It was more like a passing thought that "a piece of cholocate would sure be nice right now" ... I simply walked away. Something I haven't mentioned, which is I'm sure helping me a lot, is that I have Invisalign braces. When the trays are in, I can only have water, and they can only be out for 3 hours a day total. I've had them for six months, and I will be do
  9. Hi Catherine! I hope your first day went well! And don't stress too much -- know that if you slip, you can get back up and keep going, and know that you're doing your very best. I'm rooting for you! Ann
  10. It doesn’t seem there are enough vegetables in your meals. Which also may be while your meal 3 with all those zoodles was so satisfying. Remember, every single meal should ideally be: 2/3 of your plate veggies (lots of colors), one or two palm size servings of protein, a thumb or two of healthy fat, and a small portion of fruit (optional). It may help you with headaches and appetite stuff.
  11. Ann


    You’ll find great pointers all over the forums, and any questions you post will surely be answered quickly. If you’re up for it, set up a daily journal in the Community section (scroll down to find it), and folks can help you when you need it. Good luck! I’m excited for you. Heck, I’m excited for me, too! I’m just finishing day 2 and all is going well so far.
  12. Thar looks like an amazing dinner! I’m adding the cinnamon pears to my list. Mmmm. I have a pork tenderloin in the freezer, and I bet they’d make a perfect side dish. Re Mayo - do you have an immersion blender? There are lots of videos out there on making mayo with one. So super easy and quick, and makes nice thick & creamy mayo that lasts all week (assuming you don’t go thru it more quickly!). .
  13. Day 2 in the books! Not much to report today, smooth sailing. Sleep: Really good night of sleep last night. Almost 8 hours and an 81 sleep score. Unheard of for me on a weeknight. I don’t think I can chalk it up to W30 yet, more likely just super tired from the night before and going to bed extra early. But I’ll take it! Shoulder: Pretty uncomfortable and sometimes painful throughout the day. Meal 1: 2-egg omelet with spinach and mushrooms, some avocado and sliced cucumber, and a blob of Romesco. And a V8 and black coffee. Meal 2: Leftover potsticker stir-f
  14. My first (very minor) mental struggle happened this morning. I had every intention of hiding the scale from myself yesterday, but somehow didn't get around to it. I've been weighing daily since last May (it's part of the Noom program), and I REALLY wanted to step on the scale this morning. Honestly, I had to talk myself out of it. Seems a little odd that, of all things, this is a challenge for me. I've lost 20 pounds in the last seven months (or so), and would be pretty sad if I undid any of that with my Whole30. I had to remind myself that I have lost weight each time I've done W30, so I
  15. Day 1 Sleep: I slept late this morning, but since I was up so late and had quite a bit of wine last night, my sleep quality was poor and just 6.5 hrs. So I was tired today. Glad that I had the day off to laze around the house. Shoulder: I’ve had calcific tendinitis for several years. Got my third cortisone shot a couple weeks ago, and this time it didn’t help. I will be doing some simple PT exercises this month Some days are better than others (can’t figure out why). It hurts quite a bit today. I may have fallen asleep hard and slept on it. Meal 1 - spinach,
  16. Hi Becky, Same! It's sure a tough habit to kick. My daughter is also doing a Dryuary, which will help, and my neighbors, who I have drinks with fairly regularly (we're on a trivia team at the local pub). Since better sleep is high on my list of NSV's I'm looking for, I plan to turn in earlier than my normal for the next 30 days. Maybe a longer bedtime routine, including some nice self-care (i.e., face mask, bubble bath, pedicure - not all on the same night !). And yes, herbal tea or Pellegrino with a slice of lime or cucumber are my go-to alternatives to wine. We got th
  17. Hi Brianna, If you scroll down a little way in the Forums, in the "Community" section there's a place for "Your Whole30 Log". It's my favorite part of the forums, reading through other folks' logs for inspiration and a sense of community. Hope that helps! Ann
  18. How is the nut pod creamer? It sure sounds good!
  19. @Madeline368 - I have not done the texts before, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m just surrounding myself with everything that might possibly help motivate me. This morning’s text was pretty generic, but just seeing a text from Melissa Urban pop up on my phone this morning was kind of fun.
  20. @LANTDN - there's a little planner-type book called Whole30 Day-to-Day which has a few pages for each day that include tips and words of encouragement, and also sections to track: What went well today What could have gone better What I'll do tomorrow Scale of 1-10 for energy, sleep quality, cravings, and includes space for notes in each category, and then an area below that to create your own categories to track What I ate today (Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3, Snacks) Day XX reflections I got mine on Amazon, but I bet you can find it lots of places. It's pret
  21. Beautiful picture! That must have been quite an adventure. I'm starting tomorrow, too. I've done all my prep work, and now I'm just excited to get going already!
  22. Hi Jess. Congratulations on getting started. Tomorrow is my Day 1, and I can't wait. You made me laugh at wanting to eat all the bad stuff so as to not waste it! I actually had an extra roll of refrigerator sweet rolls .. you know, the kind you pop from the tube? I had bought two of them for Christmas breakfast and we only made one. I didn't want to toss the second one, and didn't figure it was something that would freeze. So of course, I had to make it. And eat all of them on Sunday (with the help of my kids, thank goodness!). And really, they aren't very good. Why couldn't I ju
  23. Best of luck, Jess! I love journaling, too