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  1. anm54

    Bacon or Breakfast Sausage

    I know some of the Owen's brand sausage doesn't have added sugar to it. Be careful though! I found some that do!
  2. anm54

    Treating dining out as a treat

    Hi Tim, I have kind of experienced the same thing. My fiance and I are avid movie goers and ALWAYS get a bag of popcorn to share and a soda. Since starting our whole 30 we don't do that anymore. The first time we went to the movies and didn't get our normal snack it wasn't too bad. I put together little bags with nuts to help us out. The second time we went I felt DEPRESSED. The movie going experience didn't seem as fun and I never realized how much the popcorn and soda I got at the theater made me feel happy. It is an interesting thing to see how much things like going out for food or different activities that offer food really affect you.
  3. anm54

    Starting 1st Whole 30 Tomorrow

    Good luck!! My success has come from being prepared and going one meal at a time. This weekend was so hard for me but I perservered and made it! I like to cook big meals that way I always have leftovers for lunch the next day and I LIVE off of breakfast casseroles. Having these things ready ahead of time keeps my accountable and I have no excuses to not follow the plan. Just keep telling yourself thay you CAN do this. If you feel like going off course come to this forum for support! Everyone is very helpful
  4. anm54

    Muscle Fatigue

    Hi Steve, I'm no expert and couldn't tell you about the burning sensation you are feeling. I can tell you that two meals a day is not enough (which I'm sure you already know). I have a very busy lifestyle too and with this plan I find that planning ahead is crucial. This week I have cooked up a storm twice in preparation for the rest of the week. I live on breakfast casseroles and put separate portions in some tupperware to take with me to work. I also make bulk things like a stir-fry type meal so my other half and I have lunches already prepared to go! That way we don't have to skip out on meals and have something ready to go.
  5. anm54

    Baby food?

    karacooks, I'm sorry you feel so upset about this subject. I think the thing you need to look at here is the mods are here to help and give advice not ruin your life. I think they draw a very clear line between your post on true citrus and the post about baby food. It is clearly different and no one is accusing you of telling people to use true citrus. Just take a second and stop being so defensive. This is about changing you habits and your life. You are taking offense to when clearly there should be none taken. You can take their advice or not, its about changing YOU. Like Dallas and Mellisa discuss, there is not black and white here its about what habits affect you and your health.
  6. anm54

    Starting Sunday the 15th

    Good luck!
  7. anm54

    Day four and feeling much better.

    I'm not sure what it is about day four but I feel the same! I have been feeling really lazy and yesterday I felt queasy a couple of times, but today I woke up and felt awesome! It was hard to get up but as soon as I did I have felt better than any of the other days so far and it is quite the relief! Keep up the good work
  8. anm54

    New, and starting tomorrow!

    Good luck! I'm on day two
  9. anm54

    Wife and I started Whole30 TODAY!

    Best of luck Steve!!