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  1. praxisproject - I cackled when I saw your comment above. We do the exact same thing at our local Woolworths with coconut cream too! Bec PM - welcome to a wonderful club! Good luck with your Whole30 and touch base if you need any support. If you'd like any tea recommendations, feel free to PM me. I work for a Tasmanian tea company, and there are lots of options if you'd like something that's not water but still compliant.
  2. We have a new juice bar in Hobart that does nut milks too! Australia is getting cool you guys!
  3. I'd go back to Vanuatu. I went there for a holiday a few years ago and it was amazing! The food is compliant, that's just how the locals roll. The market in Port Vila is awesome, you could get all your food needs there easy. And getting a bit thirsty? Sweet talk a local into grabbing you a coconut from the tree you're standing under. Plus, its beach/tropical paradise, so you can swim and relax, and its easy to find lots of outdoor activities especially around Port Vila. And the volcanoes on other islands are a bit of fun too! My favourite thing would have to be the locals. Such a relaxed care free attitude, we could all learn from them. Its like Vanuatu was made for Whole30-ers...
  4. Cool, they actually have stockist near me, might have to have a look next time I'm in Kingston.
  5. So this is a bit old, but on Facebook look for Broth of Life. Its a very small company from northern Tas that use local (grass fed of course, can't get anything else in northern Tassie!) meat and veggies for their broth, then they dehydrate it. So you just dissolve in hot water and drink (or put it in your soup pot). It tastes pretty good too!