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    For all of those new to Whole30, beware buying the Niulife brand of coconut aminos, it's loaded with sugar. Quite a lot of us got caught with this one on our first Whole30. I buy Coconut Secret from Prahran Health Foods, but there are some Aussie retailers selling it online.
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    Woo hoo, my local butcher does sugar free/ gluten free bacon. It has nitrates, but I can live with those for now. For any Canberra area people, Jordos Chop Shop has an online shop with deliveries. Grass fed beef (though he occasionally stocks grain fed, so just double check) and lamb, free range pork, cuts on the bone, beef fat etc. www.jordoschopshop.com
    Thanks [email protected]
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    praxisproject - I cackled when I saw your comment above. We do the exact same thing at our local Woolworths with coconut cream too!
    Bec PM - welcome to a wonderful club! Good luck with your Whole30 and touch base if you need any support. If you'd like any tea recommendations, feel free to PM me. I work for a Tasmanian tea company, and there are lots of options if you'd like something that's not water but still compliant.
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    Hi all,
    I just started a Whole30 today, and am excited to find this thread and other Aussies doing it this month too (I am from Canberra). I found out about Whole30 through Instagram (The Merrymaker Sisters) plus I have a friend who has completed a Whole30 previously.
    I just need to make sure my bacon is sugar free (or find an alternative), & find out whether I can continue having kombucha or not, and getting a handle on 'snacking'.
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    AussieMell - For bones, ones with joints, marrow and cartilage will make more jellyish bone broth (the best kind). If you have bones left over from dinners, pop them in a bag in the freezer and add them to a future both broth batch, cooked bones give extra flavour (I'm too lazy to roast them, I just add the dinner ones if I have any - raw ones work fine). Some places also sell "chicken frames" which make a lovely chicken bone broth for soups. If you have a slow cooker, it's really handy for bone broth. I have a giant one I got at a sale, all I use it for is bone broth, it's gigantic!
    For coconut oil, the brands can vary quite a lot. I buy the Melrose virgin coconut oil from Coles (they also have a refined one, but I don't like it at all). I also buy the Loving Earth coconut oil, but it's so sweet tasting I don't cook meat in it, it tastes funny. Ghee is another option if a dish doesn't seem like it will go well with coconut.
    I buy my Ayam Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk (avoid the Light one) from Coles. I wait until it's on special and then I buy as many cans as they have The Ayam ones are smaller can sizes, so the only pain is for recipes which use the larger size. I love thai curries made with Ayam, so good! If I can't get Ayam, I get TCC. American recipes which refer to it thickening in the fridge are using brands which have guar gum, which most of our brands do not have. Once opened, I keep it in a washed Moccona coffee jar (I buy the small sized ones), as I discovered these can go through the dishwasher. Plain Moccona coffee is made just with coffee beans, no fillers.
    Coconut Secret coconut aminos (never the Niulife - many of us wasted money buying the sugar-laden one) I use in place of soy sauce. It's not quite as salty, so taste to check if more salt is required. I don't use it that much, but I like having it as a lot of American recipes use it and soy sauce / coconut aminos is a hard ingredient to replace.
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    I had a coffee in Denmark, WA (ie. tiny town in the middle of nowhere!) with hazelnut milk and it was amazing. I'd never had hazelnut milk before, gave the coffee a great taste.
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    Not sure if this is just a local trend (Melbourne), but a lot of new fresh nut milks are appearing, some are activated, some not. Supply seems to be a bit flaky, but the quality seems to be excellent and none of the new ones I've seen have anything but nuts and water! \o/
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    Thanks for the reminder Robin!  As a veteran on my 4th W30, I often remind myself that there will be "problem meals" on occasion.  Instead of starving myself on a 6 hour flight (with no cooler in tow), it's okay to eat some compliant dried fruit/ Larabars/ dried nuts.  Even though I try to stay compliant on ingredients and meal template, life still happens and nothing is perfect.  The good news is that I did the best I could for the circumstances and am still doing better than 99% of the other people out there!
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    Had to chime in and agree wholeheartedly with Robin.
    One of the hardest things to do is to keep an otherwise smart person from overthinking. And when you assemble a whole bunch of smart people (like this community) then the temptation is to REALLY overthink things and even sometimes "co-overthink" things. (©co-overthink. New term. Thank you). which may explain 4 pages of forum posts on the relative merits of protein powder and bullet-proof coffee (not together). Not that I haven't enjoyed engaging in, and sometimes starting, those esoteric discussions.
    I read a book a few years ago called "Younger Next Year" in which the authors break down their exercise and eating program into the phrase: "Move every day, don't eat crap". While I probably could have used a few more particulars about the "crap" I was supposed to avoid, the "move every day" part got me to the gym at 6:30 a.m. nearly every day for a year. Keeping it simple was exactly what I needed.
    Michael Pollan's now famous prescription for healthy eating, "Eat food, not too much, mainly plants" is another reductionist, yet amazingly helpful mantra that helps me navigate through the often bewildering post-W30 world along with occasional re-reads of ISWF.
    In fact I sometimes REALLYREALLY crave the simplicity of Whole30 because it was so simple. Even though I'm 90% on plan even now, it's still harder out here.
    So to all newbies...enjoy the "freedom" of having a well-defined set of guidelines for 30 days. Try underthinking a little and just enjoy the not eating crap.
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    [email protected] reacted to Robin Strathdee in Don't over think this.   
    Welcome all newcomers, welcome back vets, and for those of you who never left...welcome to this post.
    I just wanted to pop in here and remind you all to take a deep breath before you dive into all the questions about what you can and can't have. The program guidelines are clear on what you can and can't have (grains, dairy, W30 muffins), but things get a little grey when people start talking about what you should and shouldn't have. Please don't over think think this. You don't have to address every food related issue you have, break every bad habit, and shun every food that gives you comfort to succeed with your Whole30. If you need to you can always extend or repeat the process, and things will get better each time you do. My advice to you is this:

    Stick to the rules like they are your port in a storm (really, they will become that).
    Take the Moderators responses seriously (we know what we're talking about).
    Take community members suggestions as advice from those who came before, but keep in mind they are not the rules and not the Mods. Everyone here is well-meaning, and everyone here wants to see you succeed, but everyone here is at a different place in this journey.
    And finally, take comfort in these words (from Melissa Hartwig, on another forum post):

    Here's the thing (and this is an interesting discussion)... there are Whole30 "rules," which are strict, clearly outlined, and very well defined. No grains - and here are all the things we consider grains. No dairy - and here are all the dairy items excluded. No Paleo-fied food choices, and here's what those look like.
    Then, there are Whole30 suggestions for success. They're not part of the official rules, but they're things that we've seen really help (or harm) people as they move through the program. Fruit smoothies for breakfast - not a good idea. Skipping breakfast - not a good idea. Eating every two hours, all day - not a good idea. These things won't necessarily affect your Whole30 results (although they might), but if we can give you additional suggestions that will make your transition and your program easier and more effective, we're going to give them to you.
    Keep Calm and Whole30 On.
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    So this is a bit old, but on Facebook look for Broth of Life. Its a very small company from northern Tas that use local (grass fed of course, can't get anything else in northern Tassie!) meat and veggies for their broth, then they dehydrate it. So you just dissolve in hot water and drink (or put it in your soup pot). It tastes pretty good too!
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    If I can find them in Hobart, you can probs find them in Perth :-D
    I did have to ask on Facebook to find out. There's a spice shop in the centre of the city that stocks them (most of the time?) and a modern grocer/cafe (the Aproneers) out in the suburbs that sometimes stocks them.
    They ended up being quite expensive so I only got them once. I wonder if you got green bananas at the correct point of unripe-ness whether they would work for the tostadas (I've pinned a recipe, probably the same one you're talking about)