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  1. Shelda17

    Going to start my Whole30 on June 10th

    Oh, isn't that the truth! It can be a hard line sometimes though, because you don't want to set yourself up for a failure. But it's easy to get stalled before you even begin. As easy as my Whole30 has been, I've been kicking myself a bit for not getting started months ago. But then I tell myself that everything has its time, and maybe I just waited until I was really ready.
  2. Shelda17

    Not liking the new quoting

    Well, foo. I see that this has all already been discussed in another topic. I guess I'm just late to the party. Putting the quoted text in italics seems perfect.
  3. Shelda17

    Not liking the new quoting

    Seems like the quote feature has changed the way it's displaying the quotted text. Only the bar at the top is shaded, with the quoted text appearing just like the rest of the text. Makes it really hard to tell where the quoted portion stops and the new reply beings. I liked it better the old way!
  4. Wow, fun posts from all the June Firsters! Sounds like a fun group, and it'll be great to have each other as resources. People here on this forum are so terrific and supportive! Look foward to hearing how you all do on this journey!
  5. Shelda17

    Question about oils for cooking

    Since I posted last I've been roasting veggies with avocado oil, and I like it pretty well. It's supposed to hold up to heat a lot better than olive oil, which is what I'd always used before. The avocado oil doesn't have much taste, but it seems to work well.
  6. Mmm, I have to try this! I can't quite imagine how the avocado is after being baked, but I happen to have come Chocolate Chili in the freezer, and a nearly ripe avocado to go with.
  7. If you like the taste of sweet potatoes, but just want them to be more savory, you might try something I've been doing for ages (I think I got this from Mollie Katzen originally). Roast the sweet potato, mash it up, add the juice of 1/2 a lime, and blend it all together. It's wonderfully fresh and very different.
  8. Shelda17

    Dried cherries

    They're good in kale too, with some balsamic vinegar. Yum! But yeah, I have to be careful not to get carried away and eat them for a snack. I used to have them and apricots in oatmeal.
  9. Shelda17

    Spinoff: pre-roasted vs raw

    I hear you about the roasted nuts, and this is doubtless good advice. When I'm using them in specific recipes, though, I seem to do okay if I roast just a few. I have a small roasting pan and roast a handful in my toaster oven. Enough for one serving, or possibly two, at a time. That seems to keep me out of them in no brakes mode. I do definitely prefer the taste of them roasted. I just recently made Monkey Salad with some cashews, and had it for breakfast two days in a row. But then I ran out of roasted nuts, and haven't roasted any more.
  10. Shelda17

    Sardine Virgin

    I've been hearing about sardines for years (all their health benefits, etc etc), but never actually eaten one! I just purchased a tin of them packed in oil, and one of my goals for the Whole30 is to try them. So... what's your favorite way to enjoy sardines? All inputs appreciated!
  11. Shelda17

    Baking sweet potatoes: what's with the ooze?

    Kabocha squash is the bomb! I can't wait until they're in season again.
  12. Shelda17

    Baking sweet potatoes: what's with the ooze?

    Oh, this is thrilling. I never thought to use my pizza stone for this. I was thinking it had met its end. Thanks for the idea!
  13. Shelda17


    Great to get all these ideas about sardines! I bought a can and have trying them on my list. So I did a search for sardines and enjoyed reading through this.
  14. Shelda17

    Tuna, Salsa, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Oil

    Oh, no kidding! I was in a local shop that has (mostly) organic stuff. I was expecting the things they carry to be "cleaner" somehow, but boy were there lots of skanky things in so many products. I kept picking things up, putting them back. Maddening!
  15. Shelda17

    Discouraged and Sad

    Dangerous indeed. A friend calls the whole place "Fivebucks" which helps remind me of the financial hit as well as the sugar one.